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  1. Hello TGLeungd Forever. Do you want to be my friend?
  2. R.I.P Betty.I hope someday you resurrect like that guy in Andr
  3. Who's Betty Boop? Whoever you are,you're my hero! This is even better than Jocasta or Kutty K.
  4. Yep,Ankit, another missed member. (Not that kind of member, Eric, you'll learn about that in some years...) Ok,ok,I'll stop it. Ankit,come back,leave your studies about rupees aside for a moment and join us!
  5. Welcome back,my beloved burro! You've been missed around these parts! (No,young man,not those parts. First finish high school and then we'll talk)
  6. Welcome everyone,including Chris,Tanita,Superkimi and that annoying yank.
  7. I'm quite busy lately.Class,practicals,languages...

    As I sometimes say: 'I don't even have time to fart' lol but i'll try to post more often!

  8. Oi, lady - get your bum back lol, where you at?!

  9. Meanioni!Please!We're talking about Ferrari drivers!I meant Felipe!How do you dare to spam us with your favourite driver even when we're not talking about him?
  10. Welcome Fernando (if you're still around) and glowabmwfan!
  11. Bem-vindo,Erico! Good choices have fun on the forums!
  12. Welcome,Aimee!It's good to have another Buttonite
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