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  1. Happy Birthday Elgo

    Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! <Still waiting for the presents next to my postbox> <Cash/presents with devolution tickets are accepted> Thanks!I didn't know you spoke Spanish!sure,not as good as Eric but still good. I'm trying,I'm just too busy/lazy these last months haha great stuff Thanks friend,I did!!
  2. China Gp Thread Got Blocked?

  3. Driver Of The Day China 2011

    hmmm doesn't sound unreasonable...esp on races where there's a lot of degradation...of course it's riskier than anything else...and you can get stuck in traffic sometimes if you're not fast enough...
  4. Most Beautiful Men

    Yeah,he has something...
  5. Driver Of The Day China 2011

    Hamilton,.Webber was spectacular,but Hamilton was the one that got my attention during the whole race,superb drive and great win!!
  6. This is one of those weekends when I can't watch the race till monday,so please everybody stop commenting about F1 and let's focus on...errr cricket.or chess. Thank you very mucho.
  7. Michael Schumacher Passed Away !

    wtf I thought that he actually passed away!I've been in shock for a couple of seconds! silly me oh and I agree wITH DRIBS.
  8. D O D Malaysiyaaaaa

    Button,Heidfeld and Massa in no particular order.Well maybe Massa first,he was one of the ones that made the race 'exciting'.
  9. Happy Birthday Daveybaby

    Happy birthday!!
  10. The Comedy Club

    http://www.megavideo.com/?s=seriesyonkis&v=M8FQFDYD&confirmed=1 from minute 2 onwards...loved that scene!!
  11. Motogp 2011

    haha did you watch it on rtve? Dennis Noyes when Spies falls: 'I was going to say that there were 3 americans in the top 5,I didn't,so i wouldn't jinx it...then on the same lap spies falls' A couple of laps later it's Edwards who falls and someone tells him...'alright, Hayden's turn!'
  12. Motogp 2011

    And Pedrosa to be operated again after next race....it's a shame because he (and his fans) always have that excuse. 'Oh,he's not at his max yet cause his arm/elbow/shoulder/nose still hurts.' 'No,he'll be back stronger,he has yet to recover.' 'Oh,he didn't win X championship because of his injuries.' 'Life is so unfair to Pedrosa,I want to kill myself.' I don't hate the guy, I just never considered him as a serious title contender, even Stoner with a dog of a Ducati had brighter races. Is it a coincidence that just this season,when Stoner goes to Honda the Hondas look a lot faster? I mean, Pedrosa was 3rd in Quatar,usual position for him,and were Rossi still in Yamaha,he would've been 4h. Great move by Honda getting Stoner,they finally have the chance to win!
  13. Race Control In Charge Of Racing?

    ZOMG!!!!! http://totalf1.com/full_story/view/371607/Green_Ferrari_livery_An_ecomessage_too_far/
  14. Most Beautiful Men

    for example! Totally agreed!!!
  15. Some Very Funny Comments

    agreed shhh don't mention the war!