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  1. I agree, consider this inane line of rhetoric discontinued on my behalf.
  2. What can a girl say to that? thank god England is a long way away from Australia The theory of attraction to person before body perhaps has some merit, however I ask to what is the original attraction? What makes person A notice person B and then want to make contact with B? These two strangers cannot converse until they make contact,therefore there must be some underlying factor that causes them to seek to make contact. This making of contact is caused by an attraction to the physical attributes of the other. This attraction is solely physical. I suggest a little experiment, when next you are out take notice to which ppl your eyes go to first (in a good way not the OMG what is that way?), this is the initial physical attraction. In conclusion, whilst the theory is well articulated I feel that is needs a little more research. My theory is that if there was not an initial physical attraction causing the parties to want to meet then an attraction to the personality and character of a person cannot be fostered because no meeting will occur. Unless the meeting is one forced upon the individuals in which instance the initial attraction is not needed because conversation has been facilitated through other means. My mum has better things to do with her time, but she thanks you greatly.
  3. ahhhh let me ahhh think ahhhhh well I suppose I ahhhhh have to be, (fuel caps always open ahhhhhh I get it so bad ahhhhh grumble grumble ahhhh grumble) If you had to match F1 drivers to animals MW would be a crow, for sure. Nah, I ain't a fan, well not really, but I'd like to see him do well especially if it stopped the grumbling.
  4. Yeah, and maybe even a good driver in F1
  5. Welcome Julie I too share your love of Mr Raikkonen! Although present circumstances have me leaning towards the other Finn. (maybe) I hope you enjoy the forum, I am so far (I'm only new myself so we will see) Ciao
  6. G'DAY, G'DAY, G'DAY. Yes, I am an Aussie. And yes, we do, do it better! I am a Kimi fan. Solely as a driver mind you. Still prefer the McLarens over the Ferraris but a girl has to follow her driver, right? Or is there room on the Hamilton band wagon?? Hope I don't tick anyone off here too badly and get myself excommunicated! Seeya round, like a rissole! Jmelee
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