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  1. Driver Of The Day - Indy

    anyone but Hamilton Kova got my vote
  2. Predict The Champions

    50 points behind and driving a 3 wheeled shopping trolley!
  3. Jokes

  4. F1 Themed Playlist

    Vettel - You couldn't be cuter - Ella Fitzgerald - I was only 19 - Red Gum Ralf - You've had your chance - Behind Crimson Eyes - pleading to Toyota- 2 more years - Bloc Party - Why don't you get a job - The Offspring Ferrari to Kimi 2006 - You could have it so much better - Franz Ferdinand Honda/Spyker - Going Nowhere - Oasis Alonso - Can't you see I got the blues - Sammy Davis Jnr Super Aguri - Movin' on up - The Jefferson theme song Hamilton - Silver Dream Machine - David Essex - Ego (is not a dirty word) - Skyhooks Kovalainen - Blame it on my youth - Jamie Cullen Heidfeld - Pretty Fly (for a white guy - The Offspring - Big Hair Revolution - The Exploders Couthard - I remember when I was young - Matt Taylor [/u]McLaren - (There's gonna be a) Showdown - The Johnny's
  5. Predict The Champions

    I voted Raikkonen - McLaren I have been a Kimi fan too long to desert him now (even if reality calls for it) + I am hoping beyond hope that these 'improvements' McLaren have to come are going to 'improve' those silverfish to the point of unreliability. It wouldn't be the first time. Alas, to be on the safe side I am going to vote for McLaren to wrap up the CC (diametrically opposed predictions, I know) 'Tis the way of the woman
  6. Red Bull F1 - Faces For Charity

  7. Hakkinen's Warning

    I don't know that Kimi really cares whether it works out or not, he has never intended to be in F1 a long time, he wanted a WDC and it didn't happen with McLaren so he went to Ferrari, if he doesn't get it there then he will retire. If he can get a reliable and fast Ferrari he will succeed, then his decision will be lauded and if not it will be the big mistake he made that Hakkinen warned against. But the fan in me says that he is adapting and Montreal will be his chance to prove it. Forza Kimi
  8. Lewis Hamilton : Petulant Child

    Are ppl still going on about this? LH didn't get a fair go! Yes he did. No he didn't. FA is better. No he isn't. Ladies, handbags at 20 paces please. Or put ur heels back on and walk away!
  9. Who Is Best Suited To Help Toyota Regain Credibility?

    OTHER and definitely anybody but JT RS, both spectacularly average drivers. Toyota needs a MSesque team builder I suggest young master Briscoe he is a likely lad and able to adapt to any car at a moments notice and is currrently, well not unemployed but lets just say that he could be better'ployed. He has even tested with Toyota, so going there to race wouldn't exactly be new to him. Either way F1 needs more down to earth, hard working and honest drivers, in short F1 needs more Aussies.
  10. Monaco: The Race

    Are you going to watch the tv coverage?
  11. Monaco: The Race

    God I hope so and while he's at it can he please take Alonso out with himself.
  12. Is Philanthropy Good Or Bad?

    When a familly member went to an Asian country early this year he said he felt that he had to give $$$ to the underpaid and poorly treated people he met. But in reality even giving every person he met $$$ is not going to change a thing as it is the political and socio-economic structure of the country that needs to be changed, developed and or supported by larger, democratic and economically successful countries. This will often not happen because the government in poor countries either does not want foreign support(which they see as interference) or are willing to accept it but then use it for their own benefit. Also there is often no economic benefit to the 1st world countries in helping poor nations, such as many African nations that do not have the mineral/agricultural resources that other nations could benefit from, therefore these countries receive little real and substantial assistance. The provision of aid workers, food packages and the odd well are not going to help the people in the long term if major political and economic changes/development are not undertaken at the same time. You may thank the US for providing the largest amount of maize and grain to aid programmes, but it is only willing and able to do so because it subsidises it's farmers so handsomely that they produce more maize/grain than there is demand (by countries able to afford it). In a nutshell I believe that all the aid/$$$ given to poor nations will not change a thing if more substantial assistance is not given to the ruling government to make the necessary policy changes OR if they fail to do so then support should be given to opposition parties who are campaigning for similar changes. This is a very complex and contentious issue which involves innumerate stakeholders, political structures, policy considerations, ideologies and agendas, so imho, if you can provide a little relief to the people who suffer and die every day whilst the rest of the world argues about what to do and who should do it, then you should!
  13. Friday Practice

    Ahh now that makes sense! But I must admit I liked the booze and hookers reasoning. Thanks
  14. Friday Practice

    I always wondered but never bothered to search for answers. I guess that is just the way it is and we have to live with it. Thanks everyone for the ideas and info. @Mika maybe this should be moved - how do I do this?
  15. Takuma Sato Brings His Mini To Media Day At Monaco

    He lives in Monaco right?? SO ... this is what really happened; he was going down town to get his supply of booze and hookers before the roads got closed and stumbled across a media event, whose reporters, for some reason, wanted to talk to him. He still can't figure out Y.