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  1. For Our Dribbling Dribbler

    And not forgetting the ability to earn millions of dollars and drive exotic cars. Not a bad job at all. There was another video is saw which was an extension of this. In that Michael almost makes the car run off the road trying to push it to the limit
  2. Michael Schumacher In F2007

    What does AMPIONIdelMondo means? Don't know italian
  3. I Cant Get To My Car

    Hehe ya i guess so. Something to keep us jogging along. Now we can say that there's a friend of us who killed the worlds most poisonous or 2nd poisonous snake. Good on you mate. By the way where does he live? In a jungle with all sorts of snakes...just kidding mate
  4. Kimis New Bike

    That's a killer bike. Nice pics. FERRARI ICEMAN
  5. New F1 Regulation To Facilitate Overtaking

    TC ban will give us more opportunities to overtake - Raikkonen During the 2008 Formula One season, a couple of new regulations will be introduced or reintroduced in the pinnacle of motorsport. One of the biggest changes is the banning of traction control. According to World Champion Kimi Raikkonen, F1 will see more overtaking because of this. Kimi Raikkonen said about the new regulations: "When I came to Formula One we didn't have traction control. There are so many things coming up. I think it'll be good fun and more challenging, too. And taking the traction control away will give us more opportunities to overtake." The ban of traction control and a general reduction of driver aids thanks to a standard ECU system will leave more room for errors to the driver and allow others to profit from that. Up until now it was virtually possible to push the throttle all the way down without spinning the wheels. Doing so in the future will seriously reduce acceleration performance and could enable competitors to pass.
  6. New F1 Regulation To Facilitate Overtaking

    R slick going to be back in 2010 or 2011?
  7. Will The 2008 Season Be One Way Traffic?

    He had to adapt to the whole process (car, team, tyres). Infact many predicted that he'll dominate the 2nd half of the season which he did. Bridgestone tyres caused the poor 2005 season for ferrari. Its just a one off thing. It won't happen again now that all are usuing bridgestones
  8. Hamilton Dj

    Another 2 ENJOY
  9. Hamilton Dj In this he says "2008 is ours" LOL.
  10. Hamilton Dj

    Yep i saw it a few days ago. Here's another clip
  11. Ferrari: Raikkonen At Schumacher's Level

    To my knowledge he already has a fantastic inlap and outlap. He showed it this year in brazil and china to name a few. In the last race he did the fastest 1st sector of anybody on his inlap and did the 3 fastest laps of the race back to back when massa pitted. But i do agree that michael has the fastest inlap and outlap. We know this from rubens barrichello as well. He once told that he is able to match michael's pace but not his inlap and outlap
  12. Michael Schumacher In F2007

    Schumi's outfit looks good as well. Kimi is like bon jovi there with his hair style isn't he? They are the ferrari boy band
  13. Michael Schumacher In F2007

    Yep the gorilla suit would have been ideal
  14. Ferrari: Raikkonen At Schumacher's Level

    Yep this has been a special feature of michael. Key word, the strategic mind. He has the ability to think strategically during a race and turn the result upside down. That is where he has excelled most and won a lot of races. He tend to discuss his strategy with ross brawn and make it work. Even if he didn't have the fastest car he'll make it look like by his strategy.
  15. Ferrari: Raikkonen At Schumacher's Level

    I'm not sure whether he is higher but what i certainly know is his doing his job like the silent assassin. Yep i can agree with you on many points. In the next few seasons we can really see the true level of kimi