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  1. Mafia-like Ferrari

    Little Jean Todt in short skirt.....
  2. Mafia-like Ferrari

    Sensibly, Stepney will need at least 4 bodyguards from now on. Whenever Ferrari senses any kind of threat, his life will be in danger.
  3. Massa!!!

    PUNT ALONSO OFF THE ROAD NEXT RACE, just like Schumi did to others in the past. Massa is getting closer to Schumi's dirty styles. Congrat him!
  4. Mafia-like Ferrari

    Stepney to hit back at Mafia-like Ferrari Posted 16 July 2007 at 20:33 GMT The so-called Stepney-gate saga has continued to worsen, with Michael Schumacher's sacked former mechanic now threatening to sue Ferrari for mafia-like behaviour. Nigel Stepney, who triggered Formula One's espionage scandal by allegedly tampering with fuel tanks and sending reams of secret material to a rival, told the Observer newspaper earlier this month that he had to flee Italy because he feared for his family's life. "There have been high-speed car chases," claimed the beleaguered Briton, who has a one-year-old child with his partner Ash. Stepney, facing criminal charges, also said Ash had been "stalked at (our) house" and had identified "tracking gear" on their car. His lawyer Sonia Bartolini told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Monday: "Obviously, if it is confirmed that Ferrari are behind this, it would be very serious. "If that was the case, the Maranello (Ferrari) people will be called to answer for it in court." ---------------------------------------------------------- Just forget about the content and ....... focus on the excellent description of "Mafia-like Ferrari". I wonder whether there are guns in Ferrari c#ckpits. (Kimi - the revolver, and Masa - sniper rifle) Perhaps we may see Jean Todt running around with a "sniper M-16" in the upcoming races. Just kidding.
  5. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

    Lastest development as follows: Stepney considers action over car chases By Jonathan Noble and Michele LostiaMonday, July 16th 2007, 09:36 GMT Nigel Stepney's legal team are investigating whether Ferrari had anything to do with the high-speed car chases that the Briton said forced him to leave Italy. While Ferrari's own legal investigation into Stepney's alleged espionage and sabotage activities continues, the man himself is pondering taking action after saying he had been followed by unidentified individuals. The incident first came to a light in an interview Stepney did with The Sunday Times earlier this month. "There have been high-speed car chases," he said. "We've been followed by more than one car, with Italian plates, and when we cornered one of them last Thursday evening the men in it refused to speak. "I don't believe they were journalists. [Girlfriend] Ash has been stalked at the house. There was tracking gear on my car. Someone was going to get hurt. I had no option but to get out of Italy." Stepney's lawyer Sonia Bartolini said they were investigating the matter and, should they find that Ferrari had an involvement in spying on her client, then they will take the matter to court. "At the right time we'll draw our conclusions," she told La Repubblica newspaper. "At the moment we're trying to trace the car plates to the subjects that followed Stepney, and then we'll file a complaint. "Obviously, if it is confirmed that Ferrari are behind this, it would be very serious. It's one thing to keep an employee under control at the workplace, but it's quite another to spy on him at his home and to follow him at night while he comes back from his vacation. "If that was the case, the Maranello people will be called to answer for it in court." Meanwhile, Gazzetta dello Sport quoted her as saying: "The evidence in our possession shows there will be other people involved. Some heavy revelations." The Modena police looking into the matter are expected to start opening some of the confiscated files they took from Stepney's house during their investigation. Salvatore Calabrese, chief of the Postal Police in Modena, told Gazzetta dello Sport: "We have already seen some documents, and at the moment there's nothing relevant. "We'll soon start working on the three computers, the palmtops, the mobile phones, the video cameras, the CDs and the hard disks. "We are also considering the bank transactions, both the ones Stepney's done and the ones that could be linked to him. At the moment the only person we are concentrating on is him, and no one else." --------------------- Things are getting more exciting. According to Stepney lawyer, there will be other people involved and some heavy revelations. Lets hope the poison winds blowing back to Ferrari camp.
  6. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

    You are right. It is extremely hard to match Ferrari+Schumi unsporting records!
  7. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

    They love people giving them extra finger too.
  8. What Will Happen To The Mclaren Drivers?

    I hope Stepney do have Mclaren confidential documents with him and let Ferrari and Mclaren both dropped out of the competition. ....and let BMW, Renault, etc wins...
  9. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

    Could you please include the quotes while you are replying? I don't know which one you are replying, thanks!
  10. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

    Please don't manipulate the quotes. Please include this: According to Briatore, rivals Ferrari were unable to make the device work due to the characteristics of the Bridgestone front tyres. This, the Italian claims, has led to chain of events that ended with the FIA banning the system altogether.
  11. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

  12. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

  13. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

    "Secondly Ferrari has not been the only team filing in complaints...what did McLaren do regarding the floor of Ferrari (and also other teams)? They complained and got their way! Pretty similiar to the situation with mass dampers eh? Yes it is." I only respect those who dare to lodge complaints and admit their actions. Like the Michelin tyre saga in 2003 and mass damper in 2006, Ferrari did not reveal their actions coupled with FIA assistance to protect Ferrari. "I agree Ferrari has done wrong by not sticking to the agreements on test-limits and so on, but your stand on this new scandal is simply unbelievable. I can't figure how you think McLaren got the documents, if they were not (at least one person working for and representing the team) involved. Stepney forced him to take the documents? Stepney brainwashed him? Secretly slipped the documents to Coughlans wife and told her to copy them? Come on, the man is the Chief designer of McLaren!" Don't you find it suspicious that making copies of confidential documents so carelessly? "What??? McLaren has no control over Stepney, but they should have had control over Coughlan! Ferrari on the other hand pretty much knew Stepney might leave them, Stepney wasn't happy, but who would think he'd do something like that, he was moved to another job in hopes that he might be more satisfied." You as well agree McLaren has no control over Stepney. "What we know for sure is that Stepney and Coughlan are involved somehow. What we don't know for sure is how involved the management of McLaren is and how much they know...but we know you can't put blame on Ferrari as a team for this! Simply ridiculous! I wouldn't be surprised if FIA punished McLaren, as their Chief designer is involved. He would just hold the documents for fun? "I like looking at them, but I surely will not use them, I like stolen documents". Sure. I would be happier if Ferrari has all Mclaren documents in Ferrari camp simply the two cars won't resemble each other. This will just screw up Ferrari development and could have suffered from allegation as Mclaren suffers currently. "Your points do not make sense." Sorry for expressing my own agrument, but hope someone could view the whole situation from other angles rather than following the press.
  14. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

    It looks like you cannot recall the situation. However, you can recall via the following link. ttp:// Happy reading!
  15. Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

    2007 ----- I believe the Spy Scandal is large enough to cause worries/distractions at Mclaren camp that hindering the team performance. And this is caused by Ferrari's ex-employee in which Mclaren has no control over the situation but Ferrari has. Ferrari should have refrained Stepney from accessing highly confidential when he expressed his discontent in Ferrari camp early this year. However, Ferrari let Stepney to cause misfortune to others. In addition to that, this year, Ferrari is already enjoying a closer relationship with Bridgestone than the others. 2006 ----- In 2006 winter testing, Flavio Briatore pointed out that Ferrari was the one who made the complaint that led to the mass damper being dropped by FIA. 2005 ----- Ferrari did not honour the Gentleman Agreement of 30 test days. Ferrari tested more than 70 days in 2005 while others only tested 30 days or less. Sensibly, Ferrari's development was almost 100% more than their rivals and this benefited their future development. 2004 ----- Mchelin-shoed teams continued to suffer from the sudden change of ruling in tyre specs. 2003 ----- Mchelin-shoed teams suffered from the sudden change of ruling in tyre specs after Ferrari logged a complaint to FIA. 2000 - 2002 ------------ After complaining about other teams using launch-devise in Suzuka 1999, apparently and subsequently, FIA allowed to use launch-device which saw most of the teams stalled on the grip except Ferrari.