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  1. Kimi To Ferrari

    I agree he's not scared, but he also knows that a quality driver will sometimes have the upper hand. Even if 75% of the time Alonso is ahead of the other driver in quali and the race, the other 25% of the time he'll have his teammate in the way. Qualifying ahead of him, blocking him into turn 1, getting preferential pitting, holding him up in the race, etc. He'd of course prefer a clear #2 and the team saying 'Alonso gets preferential treatment 100% of the time, best pit strat, free overtakes, hell, we'll have your teammate TOW you in qualifying.' It seems like the rumor is now that Kimi has his deal signed with Ferrari and they are announcing on Wednesday. I just can't understand why they would do this... two great drivers in one team which does not have the best car is not going to allow them to challenge for the WDC. Maybe they've decided WCC is all they're gonna be able to get for now. Unless Alonso is openly shopping other teams, this seems crazy. After all, they moved Kimi out to make room for Alonso, this is the man who wasn't keeping up with Massa in 2008... and they PAID him eight figures in 2009 NOT to drive their car.. I had really felt Kimi was going to McLaren. Macca needs a top driver or they're gonna risk going the way of Williams. Button is swell, but top tier is Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen. It makes sense for each of them to be captaining a top team. It just feels right that way, and makes for great racing. Edit: Oh yeah, and Kubica. He'll always be top tier in my book
  2. Mclaren And Raikonen -- Champions 2014

    LOL poor spelling in my subject line. Apologies for that.
  3. Thought I'd drop in and mention a crazy idea I've had brewing all year. Okay, first off: McLaren's crummy performance McLaren ended the 2012 season with arguably the fastest car. Suddenly they come out of the gate with a complete redesign that barely makes it into the points in the first third of the season. Why? Well, with Hamilton gone, they have no fantasy about challenging for the championship in 2013 with Button and Perez. So they are using this entire year as development/test for their 2014 car because of the major shakeup in regulations coming. With 2014 as the last year with the Mercedes engine, they also realize they are going to have to be very strong in that season and in 2015 with Honda or likely feel a financial pinch in sponsorships and prize money that could hurt them for a decade. McLaren are going to need a strong driver to realize these ambitions next year. But who is on the market with that kind of talent? Kimi's Silly Season Tapdance What's really happening with Kimi is a three-way negotiation with Ferrari and McLaren that has been playing out over the past several months. The press is being used, as always, as a tool in this negotiation. McLaren want Raikkonen. Ferrari want Button. Ferrari and Kimi are both floating stories that they are interested in making a deal as a bargaining position with McLaren. Raikkonen will be wearing ORANGE in 2014, and McLaren will be challenging for the championship. Maybe this is all just in my imagination. But if not... you heard it here first!
  4. Today In F1

  5. Very Enjoyable Season.

    Maure, who are the goons? I could be a goon, I'm not sure. I heard mention of something interesting on the Beeb -- Vettel never led in the points standings at any point during the season except after the final race. Is that correct? If so, it's pretty incredible that he managed to pull it out in the end, and that he stayed as the 'man to beat' all season.
  6. Blue Flags... Keep Them Or Get Rid Of Them?

    This might have been more reasonable a proposal a few years ago, when even Honda could keep a pace within 1s of the leaders. Nowadays it would just cause trouble. My suggestion is that they run a separate, smaller track for the new teams around the inside of the GP track. This KInetic Differential Interior Equalisation track, or "KIDIE Track" would be the perfect solution for the new teams.
  7. Prediction: If Kubica Heads To A Top Team

    I agree it seems somewhat unlikely for 2011. But if it doesn't happen in time for the 2012 season, it's just a travesty. To see such talent squandered for so many years...
  8. More rumors of Kubica heading to Ferrari Let me start by saying that Kubica is my favorite driver. He's often been linked to a move to one of the top teams, and I think his talent was being squandered at BMW and now Renault. He's as fast as any of the top tier of drivers. My prediction: If Kubica goes to Ferrari he will eat Fernando's lunch. He'll even eat the snack pack that Fernando's mom packed him for snack time. If he goes to Mercedes, he'll make Nico look like he's driving the wrong way on the track. If he goes to McLaren or Red Bull, he would end up very close in the championship to Vettel or Hamilton, probably lose by a few points to LH and take it by a few points on Vettel. I'd like to see him at a top team in 2011, and maybe Renault could even evolve that way.... it doesn't seem likely to happen unless it's going to be Ferrari. However in 2012, I think he'll be in with one of the best teams and he'll be a rock star. You heard it here first folks: 2012 is going to be the year of the Kubica.
  9. Vettel For Rehab?

  10. Some Statistics - Average Racing Position

    Been saying this for years
  11. German Gp Of Deutschlandenhausen

    I agree it was a great dice there when Massa got held up by traffic. Quality driving from his part to fend Alonso off. Then FA made a slight mistake going for the inside of a turn that he shouldn't have, and Massa closed the door. that was FA's only legit opportunity to pass the whole race. Honorary race victory all the way. Honestly if I was in the place of Ferrari's decision makers, and I wasn't able to get Felipe to 'fake it' in a plausible way on track, I would have just let Massa take this one home, then take him to task in the back room and make sure he's straightened out for the rest of his contract from here on out. He knows his duty was to let Alonso pass in circumstances that look plausible -- like getting held up in traffic, a bad turn into a long straightaway, or in the pits -- and he didn't do his duty. So Ferrari should take their lumps instead of trying to force the issue at the last minute like they did. Unwise...
  12. The Look On Vettel'S Face Was Priceless

    Totally agree. We all know what kind of contract Massa signed. 1) It was in the papers a while back, 2) Alonso makes every team that has him go insane and frothy at the mouth trying to get him victories, 3) If there was any doubt: from points 1 and 2, I offer a paraphrasing of that radio message from Sunday as proof: "Alonso... Is.. Faster.. Than... You... That's our code word, mate, I'm sorry, but... now... acknowledge... that.. you.. will... comply... like... we... agreed... when... we... gave... you... all.. that... money..." Look at what happened on Sunday. Ferrari's contract with Massa has been laid bare by their actions. I may be cynical about this, but F1 is a cynical sport. To believe that Massa isn't the #2 at Ferrari is either delusional or naive. They're ruthless and they have Alonso. Nuff said.
  13. German Gp Of Deutschlandenhausen

    I agree, Vettel is a great driver but he doesn't handle traffic well. He wins by getting pole and then making out of turn 1 in the lead, and otherwise he starts to fall apart. There are some skills he does not yet have in his repertoire -- the kind that come with maturity and further experience in the top flight. Vettel seems like he's been running ppl off the road a lot so far in the mid-season, the moves are drastic and seem uncalled for. He also goes for bold opening moves that don't work as well in F1 as they did in the lesser formulae. I was at his first race in Indy 2007 and he went wide in turn 1 because he was getting too aggressive and expecting people to respect his moves like they probably did when he was karting. His frustration is surely getting to him, and it is costing him points as well as the respect of his peers and the fans. If he had stuck to his line during this race, he would only have lost 1 place to Alonso, and not 2 places, and he would likely have brought it all the way home in second place. That's a championship mentality...
  14. German Gp Of Deutschlandenhausen

    On a tangential note: It's funny how teams resort to desperate underhanded tactics when they get Alonso.. there's something about him that compels a team into desperate action to do whatever they can to support him. It's probably because Alonso is acquired when a team has become desperate to do whatever they can to win. Stepney-gate with McLaren, Fix-Gate with Renault and now swap-gate with Ferrari. They gots the Alonso Fever!!!
  15. German Gp Of Deutschlandenhausen

    I agree. There were so many ways that the swap could have happened without creating this ruckus. The reason this has become an FIA and media circus is because it was handled so poorly on track and on radio. This happened because Massa did not want to do it, resisted reasonable efforts, then made it obvious when he finally did give the position up. Then he and his engineer were obvious about sulking about it to the public and on the radio. If Massa didn't want to do it, he should never have agreed to be a #2 driver at Ferrari which he obviously has done. He made the deal with the devil and then doesn't want to part with his soul when ole' Scratch comes collecting.