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  1. Racing Of The United States Variety

    If the rumors about Scott Speed and Red Bull to IndyCar are true...
  2. Btcc '11

    I believe that's the 2012 Focus and Team AON will be sticking with last year's for 2011. I may be wrong. I remember reading somewhere that would be the basis for an NGTC Focus in 2012.
  3. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    My eyebrows aren't much better. I guess that means I identify with Alonso, and as a bigot who only likes people with prominent eyebrows (plural, though, I discriminate against mono-, uni-, and omnibrowed people) that are a different color than one's hair, I guess I have a driver to support. Should have done this years ago...
  4. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Ilmor build and lease the current Honda engine, but the next generation will be a works effort I believe. Though they could build two different engines if they really wanted to. Cosworth's building the Lotus for 2012, and may build a different one for Alfa, albeit for 2013. I do hope someone builds an I4. I'll take three 2.4L V6s, which we have now, but with the rules so open, I'd hate to see someone not try to take advantage. If anyone, it would be Mazda beefing up their AER-built (formerly Judd; wonder if they'll partner with anyone) ALMS I4 and making it run on E85 Ethanol (currently it uses isobutanol). Which is another thing to note; E98 is dead and E85 is on for 2012. I wish they'd do something different or, better yet, let manufactures decide, but whatever. They have big-time sponsorships from Sunoco and Apex-Brasil, so I understand the reasoning for using that stuff (whether it will be corn like Sunoco or sugarcane like Apex is beyond me; and Chevrolet use the more logical cellulosic Ethanol in their Corvettes, so now we have a big fight). Of note, Simona de Silvestro attended the Chevrolet announcement. I wonder if that means anything... With Chevrolet's return comes Robby Gordon, NASCAR, off-road, CART, and sports car ace. He's certainly entertaining (see below) and nearly a champion of the 500, though getting on in years. He'll run in 2011 and 2012 Indy-only; obviously with Honda next season and Chevrolet in the future. And then there's a rumor Tony Stewart might be a car owner in 2012 with Chevrolet. I wonder if he'd hire F1 rejects or sprint car drivers...
  5. Interesting. For all the crap I give him and his fans, I really would like to see him in F1 again, and with new tires, it's not a bad time to re-enter. I am having a hard time thinking of what team he'd be talking to, though, unless Mercedes or Red Bull are looking to lose Michael and Mark. Hmm. I suppose all this speculation of contracts being broken for Nico and Kimi is all reality TV manufacturing drama stuff when you already know there's no chance whomever isn't getting voted out or isn't winning, but then again, it's fun. Come on, Kimi, if the puck's in your rink and Rick DiPietro's in goal, you may as well shoot...
  6. Todt Puts Out A Hit On Tilke?

    I don't think Todt really said anything to offensive about Tilke. He did mention that the FIA's regulations and processes are part of the problem (in my opinion, the bigger one; I've seen good races at awful tracks when the cars and rules are fit for such racing, like ALMS at that Detroit street circuit in 2008. However, with bad cars, it doesn't matter if you put them out on the best tracks; you'll get a snoozer). I'll be interested to see what Todt has in mind for the spectacle, because that really has to be the priority right now. It takes too much explanation and effort to sell "well, this is exciting because of that strategy, and this F-duct, etc, etc." You'll find a niche with that, but the attention-span of the normal viewer isn't high enough. You have one shot to show them a good race, give them a good story, and develop personalities (including commentators; the same exact race with Ben Edwards or Murray Walker compared to the Jonathan Legard version may not make a difference to the passionate fans, but the regular viewers will find the former to be more exciting to watch, even if nothing different is happening. The commentators let new viewers know they should get excited and that this is fun, not stuffy). Action makes good TV and helps justify ticket prices. Max Mosley, in my opinion, really understood this problem. Unfortunately, he was unable to find the right ways to solve it. Let's see where Todt goes with it...
  7. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Well, Ilmor are building the Chevrolet engines, which will power Penske. I don't think they're at a huge disadvantage, even if they have a little less time than Honda. Lotus is being built by Cosworth, so they might turn out alright, too, though their "main team" will be KV, which is a questionable choice. Red Target Loti would have made me happy, and Dario, too.
  8. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    Maure, if you're over 13 years old, you're absolutely embarrassing. Grow up. You're trolling and I no longer have any tolerance for you now that you're only goal is to take a dump on the forum. You were impossible to deal with in the beginning and now you're just being an attention whore. It's a shame; you had a nice blog there for a while. And now it's time to find out how well the "Manage Ignored Users" function works. Hopefully well...
  9. Bang Quiet One

    By the way, speaking of people banging you, you look like Melvin, and I imagine Maure's a bit like Jeff, and if Graham isn't just like Frank, and I know all of you bigots will say I identify with BBQ Lou, and we all had a professor like David (who evidently posts here as Persevere)... There's no solution but to BAN US ALL.
  10. Bang Quiet One

    You know, I would, but I tried this new Latin American dating site called and met this guy with this real good pick-up line about putting his Renault in parc fermé after a long day of racing. He likes F1, can you believe it? And he says he's 18, and just can't stop talking about his flowing locks of hair, and is paying for me to come visit him in Argentina when he gets $10,000,000 from this Nigerian prince he's friends with. So, I'm sorry, but I have to be loyal. Wait a minute...
  11. Racing Of The United States Variety

    Both on the same track on the same day! Grassroots open-wheel meets the big-time at the 1.058-mile oval in Loudon August 2011. 90 minutes from my house. I think I need to go. What an awesome pairing and great way to bring a New England tradition to the New England's newest race. Respecting the roots is the way to go if you want to bring in fans, develop popular talents, and remind everyone that just because the budgets have an extra zero or two doesn't mean these drivers and team members are any different from the ones we can meet with a $5 garage pass at the local bullring. NASCAR, take notice. Speaking of good stuff, as you may or may not know: USAC overall champion (midgets, sprints, and big midgets) gets a fully-funded Indy Lights ride for the ovals. That's the right way to get USAC and Indy back together; splitting into a separate series wasn't. Chevrolet confirmed for engines and aerokit in 2012. Lotus confirmed for engines (yes, engines) and aerokit in 2012. Alfa Romeo likely for 2013. Dallara will supply an aerokit and Honda an engine as well. Good news, all of it!
  12. I Checked First, Alright?

    Oh, how you misinterpret, Craig! I was the one wearing the glitter nappies dress. (Well, I suppose even that would have been better to say to the parents than "I don't know.") Great post, indeed. You must be doing that there book-learnin' stuff them Aussies do.
  13. Hulkenberg Out Of Williams

    Not sure about this whole "Williams have fallen, pay drivers are bad" stuff. They've always been there and Kaz was baggage for engines that were probably baggage themselves, so this isn't Williams' first. They have no money and I'd rather see them out there with Pastor Maldonado (who could end up winning the WDC; you never know) than not at all. Still a classy organization as far as I'm concerned.
  14. A1 Ring = Red Bull Ring?

    I'd love to see the track return, though I only know it from those terrible EA Sports PS2 games where you just hold the X button and bounce off the other cars until you "steer" Alonso's gorgeous Minardi to ultimate victory and unlock a brand new song straight out of the Brookstone store. You have no idea what I'm talking about. Fair enough. I was more of an Animal Crossing and Sonic the Hedgehog kind of guy in my youth anyway. They own more than two racing teams, son. To be honest, Red Bull have less money than you think. You don't need to have actual money to spend money. Likewise, having money doesn't mean you want to spend it. That said, the concept of selling a $0.02, 8.3 oz can of urine with trace amounts of cocaine for $4.00 is a lucrative one.
  15. Pirelli

    Pardon my lack of knowledge. I was wondering if they're still doing the two compounds/teams must run both stuff with Pirelli or if that's gone with Bridgestone? Thanks. Too true. On the other hand, it's a good thing Goodyear Rubber's main job is tires and not condoms. I'd rather have a bunch of p**sy NASCAR drivers than a bunch of p**sy children. [if you find the hidden message, you win this joke: Who is the main character of the Greek tragedy The Testead? Testicles, of course (get it? Like Sophocles...Test-ih-cleeeeeees. Yes/no? No. Alright, your loss)]. That's true, but competition isn't always realistic. Sometimes, suppliers can only find racing financially logical if they have exclusivity. If you can't sell to enough teams, you won't get a return, and you'll get less advertising than you do with the whole grid. It is what it is. I just want a good race, one supplier per sport or one supplier per team.