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  1. Im Interested In Attending A Gp But...

    You should budget about
  2. Webber of course will not finish in 2nd place. I am tipping Kimi to be 2nd or even win the race. I like more than half the members on this forum would definitely love to see Kovy outperform Lewis in the race, which would definitely be helped by Kimi sandwiched in between them.
  3. What happened to the Great Brit who by the British media is tipped to beat Schumacher's records?
  4. Driver Of The Day

    How can someone actually vote for Alonso??? I always thought no one in the world could be such an ar*e licker but this proves me wrong.
  5. Hamilton Bashing???

    This makes it clear doesn't it? Lewis will be considered over rated until he becomes a champion.
  6. Hamilton Bashing???

    Well said but one should not forget his choice of women.
  7. Hamilton Bashing???

    I have a feeling this Alan333 is abbas-gear in disguise.
  8. Idiot Of The Race

    Funny how people can not differentiate between hitting a stationary car that has stopped on a red light and hitting a car when yours is out of control at a very high speed. If you have a driver's lisence you'll know that the penalities are different even on the road anywhere around the world. Try hitting a car stopped on a red light in front of you.
  9. Idiot Of The Race

    You are not the only one.
  10. Idiot Of The Race

    I was expecting a poll for this thread
  11. Canadian Gp - Race

    My take three but I still like the theory that he deliberately took Kimi out because it enrages the Hamy worshippers on the forum.
  12. Canadian Gp - Race

    It was absolutely Hamy's fault for dangerous driving in such conditions but his fans won't see it. Every neutral person I talked to said he was too hard on the brakes to try and get an advantage for the restart.
  13. Canadian Gp - Race

    Hamy penalized is something I am desperately waiting for. Poor Vettel was penalized 5 places because of Hamilton's recless driving in Fuji. This one is purely his fault and it should be a 10 place grid penalty in France.
  14. Canadian Gp - Race

    Aren't boobs supposed to be good
  15. Poll: Robert Kubica