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  1. I know that a lot of people have said a lot about not wanting this race to go ahead... I for one was very Happy to be sitting in my seat watching the cars race around...... and on the question on the amount of people in the stands during fp1.... it's because they were too busy waiting in line for autographs and sleeping on the cushions provided
  2. grrrr red flag.... guess that was bound to happen. hope it starts soon....
  3. hookedon-f1


    The media has been the biggest problem with the situation in Bahrain escalating and falsifying events and happenings in the country. Some of the things done yes not handled the best way in the beginning but the reason the country went into a state of emergency was because these supposed "peaceful protestors" as everyone is so quick to label them became violent and started violating the basic human rights of expatriates in the country and targeting them. As for the reports on the nurses and doctors YES they are being imprisoned but not for the reason everyone thinks..... They were REFUSING to treat the "non-protestors" that got injured basically anyone who they deemed not worth treatment. They were hiding people and weapons not only within the hospital but using the ambulances to transport these weapons. They were also "creating" many wounded people. IE doing some special effects makeup scars and wounds..... So yes they are standing trial but for these reasons.
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    This has been changed and simply advises citizens to be on alert when in the country.... which could be said for many countries in the world in general
  5. hookedon-f1


    Treatment of protestors?? You mean putting them in jail for running over policeman? You mean for attacking the armed forces? Blocking roads? Setting a police car on fire? Staging people getting shot... the list goes on.... People are not being shot at with rubber bullets or otherwise... are you able to state a source for this? Martial Law? The country was never under martial law, they were under a state of emergency...
  6. Hmmmmm.... once again IGNORANT and MISINFORMED...... Bahrain's population stands at more than 1.2 million....... So YES over 300000 protesters is correct I never said anything about them being all local........
  7. I will miss it ... I at least got a chance to watch F1... as boring as it may seem to most the drivers and teams do like the track.....
  8. Well I am about a 10 min drive from the actual protesting, and lets be honest it is confined mainly to that one area that has been shown incorrectly called Pearl Square. It is actually a round -about. So the correct name is Pearl Roundabout. And then the Salmaniya medical complex which is very near to there. That's pretty much where the action is. We have had HUGE rallies for the pro government near to us about 300000 + people. Most people are not even aware of the troubles in that particular area and like myself have continued with normal daily movements simply avoiding that particular area. My sister has to drive past that area in the mornings and has actually said it is very quite not that many people down there..... So yes the media has reported it to make it seem like there are more areas affected but that's untrue
  9. Well I for one am really sad that the GP is going to be cancelled. I happen to live here in Bahrain and it is really upsetting what is going on. Although I am more saddened by the way the media has reported on everything going on here. They have been very biased and one sided, yes sure violence is not condoned but neither should be attacking the police force with knives and swords and then claiming peaceful protesting...... I think people would be really surprised... the protestors don't even know what they really want...
  10. <br /><br /><br />Well said, have to agree with you here. I do feel sorry for Massa the win meant a lot to him considering that it's the 1 year anniversary of the crash. Well done Massa
  11. Yeah they should stop playing by the rules and just cheat like Hamilton
  12. Erm....girls????? Why would I want girls in the pool??? Sexy men yes
  13. Guaranteed if Ferrari tried that Hamilton move it would have been more severe..... Their race is ruined.... *decides to rather go lie in the pool* hehehe
  14. WOW Webber, very very lucky.... Why are the Ferrari so far behind they lost out on the SC???? Don't have english commentary
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