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  1. 2009 Prediction Thread

    for next season I see a handful of penalties for Hamilton and Mclaren and Kimi and Ferrari will take the titles, unless Renault can get there act together(fingers crossed) then it's Alonso all the way!
  2. Ecclestone Wants To Medal Around

    with bernies new idea id would make come-from-behind WDC victories less likely. Not that it happens often, I just fell the current system makes it more exciting than the pruposed change.
  3. Mark Webber Seriously Injured

    Mark is one of the tougher, more rugged drivers on the grid. I don't think his injuries will be the problem getting used to the changes the team makes in his absence should be his only obstacle.... I hope
  4. Ecclestone Wants To Medal Around

    it would be interesting to see, but that's not why i watch f1.
  5. Bmwtf??

    maybe he just had an itchy butt and was mad because he shouldn't scratch it.
  6. Ecclestone Wants To Medal Around

    This will make Mclaren's penalties even worse.
  7. Ecclestone Wants To Medal Around

    Bernie's off his meds again
  8. The Return Of The Samurai!

    I want to see him get the seat and do well just to see the kind of reaction it causes.
  9. Countdown To The 2009 Season

    robert and alonso at ferrari could probably be an amazing team
  10. Bmwtf??

    not to mention new rules forced it to look like this
  11. Bmwtf??

    um i don't know about you guys but i think that looks a lot better than what bmw is testing.
  12. The Return Of The Samurai!

    It would be nice to see him earn some points next season
  13. Bmwtf??

    I love the cars from the past few seasons. i think all the curves and small details give them a better look and more character than the early to mid 90's cars. or maybe I have a problem
  14. Is Bernie Greedy?

    we need bernie's email. give him a piece of our minds!
  15. Your 2009 Honda Line Uo

    in that case they should offer villeneuve a seat afterall once they hit rock bottom there's nowhere to go but up right?