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  1. haha, you should be able to distinguish between "nathan"'s though... mine is with an "e".... quite unusual if i do say so myself. nathen and i dont really follow football that much anymore, but i still dabble... ive always supported Newcastle though. and as for MLS, i occasionally check up on it, just from going to NY and LA and stuff and hearing buzz i kinda got interested... it isnt that big over here so it kinda fascinates me... different kinda game over there... i do however enjoy baseball!
  2. Hey guys, I'm Nathen.. not really a fan of these threads as it doesn't really get you noticed or anything, but I guess thats what postings for hey! I'm 18, and just moved from Penrith, in the Lake District (just outside technically) to Manchester. I've been watching F1 since I was roughly 3 or 4 years old (or so I'm told). I was born in '88. The first race weekend I can actually remember watching was Imola '94 though. And I'm sure I don't have to say anything more about that. Some great memories over my lifespan of watching F1... just wish I was a little older to have seen some more of the finer times. Nowadays I don't really support anyone specifically. I don't like getting accused of jumping on bandwagons etc.. but of course I support the Brits! Before Schumi retired I was always an avid fan of his, so I guess I have a little soft spot for Ferrari still... but I enjoy the fact that McLaren have made a comeback of sorts. When Ferrari and McLaren were sparring constantly (Schumi and Hakkinen days), I always loved Ferrari and hated McLaren.. but I guess thats changed now. Always loved Jordan and Jaguar and other British teams... not really a fan of Williams though. Theres a load of other little things I love and hate though. I guess I'm just a bit eccentric! Anyway! I'm sure thats a long enough introduction! I just had a sudden urge to merge my geek habits and my F1 habits last night after the Silverstone highlights, so I thought I'd find a F1 forum and here I am!
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