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  1. F1 Torrents

    Anybody know of a tracker that specialises in F1 torrents? Present and/or past? Doesn't have to be a public tracker, just one that I can get invited to if its private! Thanks guys! x EDIT: Whoops! I just looked in a thread I did for a search about this as soon as I posted it and saw that Wes didn't want anyhting posted, so fair enough! Feel free if you want to lock/delete this! If anyone wants to message me them privately, I can't see that being a problem? Sorry again! x
  2. Ferrari Wheel Covers

    does anyone have any close up photos of this from the race weekend? sorry to be asking, but i really dont have a clue where i would look!
  3. Ferrari Wheel Covers

    did anyone else see the covers over the wheel nut jack thing (i cant for the life of me figure out the name of it.. my brain is dead right now) during the pitstops at Silverstone? i unfortunately missed all but the highlights of the race on sunday night, so brundle & co might have explained it during the coverage.. i havnt seen it at any race previously this season and havnt seen any other teams using it.. it looks like a protective cover to stop the mechanic getting his tangled in it and also it looked like they put a cover on the wheel like i used to have on my bike when i was about 8 years old. that kinda thing.. sorry if im being very stupid.. i think i need to go sleep, but any info would be appreciated! x
  4. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    haha, you should be able to distinguish between "nathan"'s though... mine is with an "e".... quite unusual if i do say so myself. nathen and i dont really follow football that much anymore, but i still dabble... ive always supported Newcastle though. and as for MLS, i occasionally check up on it, just from going to NY and LA and stuff and hearing buzz i kinda got interested... it isnt that big over here so it kinda fascinates me... different kinda game over there... i do however enjoy baseball!
  5. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Hey guys, I'm Nathen.. not really a fan of these threads as it doesn't really get you noticed or anything, but I guess thats what postings for hey! I'm 18, and just moved from Penrith, in the Lake District (just outside technically) to Manchester. I've been watching F1 since I was roughly 3 or 4 years old (or so I'm told). I was born in '88. The first race weekend I can actually remember watching was Imola '94 though. And I'm sure I don't have to say anything more about that. Some great memories over my lifespan of watching F1... just wish I was a little older to have seen some more of the finer times. Nowadays I don't really support anyone specifically. I don't like getting accused of jumping on bandwagons etc.. but of course I support the Brits! Before Schumi retired I was always an avid fan of his, so I guess I have a little soft spot for Ferrari still... but I enjoy the fact that McLaren have made a comeback of sorts. When Ferrari and McLaren were sparring constantly (Schumi and Hakkinen days), I always loved Ferrari and hated McLaren.. but I guess thats changed now. Always loved Jordan and Jaguar and other British teams... not really a fan of Williams though. Theres a load of other little things I love and hate though. I guess I'm just a bit eccentric! Anyway! I'm sure thats a long enough introduction! I just had a sudden urge to merge my geek habits and my F1 habits last night after the Silverstone highlights, so I thought I'd find a F1 forum and here I am!