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  1. British Gp 2009: Practice, Qualifying & Race

    No idea what to expect this weekend. One can only hope for a good race and no matter what happens off track, F1 needs to continue to thrill and excite in whatever form for the next sixty years. I think it will.
  2. 2010 Entry List

    The question is how to make F1 sustainable in the long term and I'm not sure that it is such a massive problem. Drivers and teams come and go as do rules and given that F1 has been around for sixty years, I'm not convinced that it will all of a sudden stop. Whilst we may have to look at costs, fans will always watch the sport. Here's to another sixty years.
  3. 2010 Entry List

    And a decent one at that.
  4. Cost Of Going To The Track

    Yep, big screen, radio and you don't miss a trick. I never think it actually looks that fast in the flesh but it is.
  5. Any Ideas For The New F1 Series

    As has been pointed out many times, F1 fans just want to see racing and whilst it may be not totally ethical, they don't actually care how much it costs to go racing.
  6. Bugger

    I like this idea. It gives teams time to work out just how to cut costs.
  7. 2010 Entry List

    Sounds good to me.
  8. F1 Manufacturers Break The Law?

    It was subtle.
  9. Just Do It

    It will take some doing for Vettel to catch up but anything can indeed happen in F1. He need to make up about ten points in the next two races in my book to stand a chance.
  10. German Race Tickets

    I would try the official F1 or circuit website for tickets.
  11. Any Ideas For The New F1 Series

    Any series, where results are done on track is good by me.
  12. F1 Manufacturers Break The Law?

    The FIA will not act though, as any legal action by them will make the sport look stupid.
  13. Cost Of Going To The Track

    Silverstone has a few tickets left but is a virtual sell out so people will go. How do these prices compare with elsewhere.
  14. 2009 24 Hours Of Le Mans

    These ex F1 drivers seem pretty decent at it eh.