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  1. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    for diver, i'd have to say fernando alonso. while i'm still undecided on a favourite team, i've been getting behind BMW a bit lately. i think they can and should ace it. ..but i do love fernando's brows... what woman wouldn't?? i'm definitely open to suggestion and discussion!
  2. The Offical Welcome Thread...

  3. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    marginally i named it Buttons... i like his facial fluff.
  4. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Well friends, i guess this is hello! A former motor sports unenthusiast, i have recently been introduced to the art, sport, and politics of Formula 1 and thoroughly look forward to the remaining 6 races of the season. i was taken to the Melbourne GP kicking and screaming, and left regretting the fact I hadn't gotten amongst it a little more. so here's to it!! regards, thursday's child. p.s. i recently bought myself a '86 Honda Accord - it's faster than Barrichello's...