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  1. Help With Roc

    Hey guys, I live in Australia and the Race of Champions isn't being broadcast down here. I've heard you can watch it live streamed on Eurosport on the net, but I can't find the link anywhere on the site. Can anybody help me out? I'm pretty keen to watch this. Cheers.
  2. Lewis On Top Gear This Weekend.

    Maybe he thinks Rory Bremner isn't funny and that, in interviews, Ian McKellan should talk about acting - the thing that made him famous - a little more than his sexuality. Wait, that's me.
  3. Button's Comments On Lewis

    I think it's just sound advice from an experienced bloke. We all remember Jenson, BAR, 2004. He knows only too well what can happen.
  4. Mosley Admits Fiarrari Is Special For The Fia

    I'm with you on the overtaking thing, but I didn't get my point across about Ferrari being dominated by money correctly I don't think. It seems to me a lot of car manufacturers enter the sport thinking of achieving glory, failing miserably and then skulking off as quickly as possible (Ford with Jag etc). Or, worse, they're just woeful at it for reasons quite beyond anybody (Honda, Toyota). Ferrari seem to be beyond all that. I think that the team realises - more than any other works team - that the sport itself isn't going to make you money. But what Ferrari have managed to do is allow image and reputation born from racing to create business opportunities which drive their brand. Of course they're after making a buck, but it doesn't seem to be the last word for them - they've managed to stay in the sport for sixty years, even when they were losing money, even when they were losing. And I think that deserves some kind of kudos. Maybe I should send them a cake.
  5. Nakajima Is Williams Race Driver For 2008

    It's not because they're Asian and don't have "enough stamina" - that's looney science. It's a culture thing. Europe is the home of Formula One, more European drivers get the opportunity to drive, more get the chance to show themselves. There have been more than enough rubbish, inconsistent caucasians.
  6. Lewis On Top Gear This Weekend.

    omg, lewis is like... sooo hot. srlsy.
  7. Mosley Admits Fiarrari Is Special For The Fia

    Ferrari are awesome. They just care so much, and sometimes that makes them look a little bit ridiculous, but when you stand back and look at it in the context of the results they deliver and the passion they inspire in the team, fans and drivers and it's no wonder they've got a huge following. And they're a works team that's not dominated by profit margins and investors. They're in it for the racing - to dominate - and everybody knows it.
  8. A New Renclarrir? Let The Games Begin.......

    Yeah, it was strange how that diappeared. In Monza I remember when Ron Dennis was in all sorts of trouble he came out and accused Renault of similar activity. Flava Flav then threatened mightily destructive legal action on anybody who made unfounded statements about the legality of his team. I guess they weren't so unfounded after all. It's good that this is coming to light. If the FIA decide this is how they're going to play the intellectual property thing, I'd far rather consistency be upheld and have to endure another freakin scandal than the FIA give people more ammunition to think McLaren are needlessly persecuted.
  9. Alonso To Renault!!!

    Oh christ, now it seems Lonsy's manager has met with Mateschitz, the Red Bull magnate.
  10. Lewis On Top Gear This Weekend.

    Oh, also, has anybody else noticed how Top Gear is not so much about cars anymore but about those guys just doing dumb stuff for viewers? We've got every season of Top Gear at home and in the earlier ones - even as far up as to 2005 - the show was definitely a car nut's best friend. Not only did they have the occasional mad challenge, but full road tests and reviews of both screaming supercars and also hot road models that people could actually aspire to. Now, though, it seems to be all about the viewers after Hammond's crash, and I'm getting really sick of it. If there's one more "Ultra Super Challenge Roadtrip Bigger than We've Ever Done!" I'm going to Fifth Gear. They're not funny, but at least they actually talk about cars.
  11. Lewis On Top Gear This Weekend.

    I just think it's fascinating to see what pro drivers do with an ordinary road car. Like Button, for example, coming in and taking a whole new line to the first corner which they thought was crap but which turned out to give him a few tenths. Anybody who's seen that video of Schumi in a Maserati spyder knows what I'm talking about - F1 drivers in a road car (even the Liana) are cool to watch. That said, I hope Hamilton gets a wet lap and Webbo beats him hugely.
  12. Nakajima Is Williams Race Driver For 2008

    Let's hope the pit crew all wear shin pads.
  13. Alonso To Prodrive?

    Prodrive are dead for 2008. The FIA just shot down their proposal to enter mid-season.
  14. Alonso To Renault!!!

    F1-Live are reporting Nando is very close to signing to Renault, with an option of leaving after 2008 if performance is not delivered.
  15. Queensland's F1 Bid

    Wasn't saying that - just saying it's no surprise Tasmanians get more into V8 Supercars than the citizens of Bahrain. A Tassie Grand Prix on the Targa circuit would be awesome, though.