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  1. Motogp

    what a result for Ducati. Capirossi taking a well deserved win and Stoner winning the Title. I can't help but think about what might have happened if only West didn't Jump the start and Vermeulen didnt stall. maybe just maybe a podium for one of them or stronger points? I thought that Valentino's ride was courageous though because he made 2 stops and was clearly unhappy with the bike but still he beat Edwards home. I love Colin but that ride was just like comparing Rosberg with Wurz. World's apart.
  2. F1 Calender 2008

    Simple solution. Get rid of the Street tracks and put the formula one cars on Ovals! you see I can fix anything. Thanks Elgo for the clip. looks like a really slow track to me. If they wanted a track in Spain why dont they just goto that brillant track called Jerez?
  3. Who Would You Like To Replace Alonso?

    why dosent Frank and Ron swap? Trade in Wurz in exchange for Fernando? Ron could use a driver of his experience and Fernando could do very well in a privateer team on the come back. Lewis could benefit greatly from Wurz's experience and Wurz wouldn't really make much of an Impression in terms of pace and wurz would make a gr8 no2 And Fernando and Rosberg in the same team? well thats too tasty too consider... or Alonso and DC swap? wouldn't that be gr8 we could see the Webber Alonso friendship detoriate infront of our eyes as Webber does another demolishion job of a Team Mate!
  4. Webber's Pass On Kovalainen

    Yeah I do admit Mark's biggest/strongest/hardest stiffy came From Heidfeld and what shiela out there would blame him? his younger than Coulthard. Oh yes your right about the lower category business It dosen't count for that much by the time your in Formula One but Heidfeld was helped into Formula One by Mercedes Benz don't forget. If he didn't have that support when Mercedes loanded him out to Prost and then Sauber you do wonder if he would have reached this FAR in formula one? so in MY opinion your Success in the lower categories quite possibly limits how much success you can possibly have in f1. Lewis is a Fantastic example. So is Robert Kubica, IF he didn't impress in that Renault test that he had back in the end of 2005, you do have to wonder if he would be Racing this year for BMW? BTW i disagree with your Final comment on How Heidfeld is Keeping Kubica honest. Heidfeld has been the better BMW racer this season so really its Kubica keeping Heidfeld Honest.
  5. F1 Calender 2008

    Thanks Christiano BTW it's good to see that the track is safe but you also want to see a track with fast sweepers and massive braking zones for decent overtaking. Oi could someone Post up the Track map for me please? I havent seen the track yet ukno.
  6. Webber's Pass On Kovalainen

    Oh yeah Nick has plenty of Talent, he nearly threw away his formula one career though in his first Season at Prost. When he started His Career after carving them all up in F3000 in 99 there was a lot of people sayin to watch this kid and now he is really, quietly is showing that now. How close was he to Montoya in F3000 in 98 when they were Team Mates?
  7. Webber's Pass On Kovalainen

    Comparing Webber's Points to Heidfeld's is pointless because Heidfeld missed the last 5 races of 2005 for (that Looser) Pizzonia. But nevertheness Mark's Showed his was in qualifying in 2005 he was the Best qualifyer in F1 for the first 8 or 9 races until the car's development tailed off. His racing in 2005 was his worst in formula one I thought, because when he was racing to me he wasn't using his brain sometimes, like at the Nurburgring when he threw away a possible 2nd place he raced with too much pressure inside his head in 2005 and that computed to the track. But correct me if I'm wrong but in 100 Grand Prix's Mark has only been out qualifyed 13 times for a Grand Prix I think. Webber V Yoong=15-0 Webber v Davidson 2-0 Webber v Pizzonia 16-2 Webber v Klien 15 -3 Webber vDC 13 -1 Webber v Heidfeld 7-7 Webber v Wilson 5-0 I may be wrong I think Thats over the top off my Head but its somethin like that. I remember Webber sayin on RPM in 2005 that Mario theisson asked him if he would like too join BMW for 2006. But Mark wanted to stay at Williams which only prooves his loyality I wonder what would have happened if Mark went to BMW? I wonder if Kubica would have is race seat for 2007? And I wonder how close Heidfeld and Webber would have been if they were still there?
  8. Webber's Pass On Kovalainen

    Its gotta be said that webber was is and always will be the more entertaining driver than Heidfeld.
  9. F1 Calender 2008

    Is Valencia a Street Race? or is it that Dud track which occupies winter Testing?
  10. Robert Kubica's Unlucky Season

    Not too many people on this forum say that Hamilton is still learning, and he has even less Formula one Experience than Kubica!
  11. Lewis Vs Alonso: Driving Styles

    Lewis Straightenes the car up earlier than Fernando does, but Lewis's car was more looser at the Rear I think. but it's hard to pin point exactly because your tryin to look at two things at once.
  12. Robert Kubica's Unlucky Season

    Kubica is aModern day version of Stefan Bellof. He is the first Pole in F1, just as Bellof was the most promising German Driver for a while. Both Had Plenty of POTENTIAL in f1. Both had unique facial looks both were blindly quick too Both were brave. not just that but theres something about him that reminds me of Bellof, there are many more factors but curiously I cant put it into words.
  13. Your Favorite Laugh So Far This Season

    Its so crap now its turned into a joke!
  14. Alonso To Ferrari

    yeah But Massa does alot of work behind the scenes to fix the cars up. you can't just judge how well the do on track but its also behind the scenes too don't forget. he plays a very influencial part in Ferrari's weekend.