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  1. Today In F1

    Would've been interesting to see indeed if it only weren't for that b#tch April.
  2. The Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix 2012

    Perez made a mistake because of the team telling him to bring the car home, that was unneccesary imo, but still an amazing race!
  3. Monaco

    Guess Vettel has the WDC. Gratz.
  4. Brazil Gp

    They actually had a rule like that, I wonder who came up with that brilliant idea to throw away such a rule...
  5. F1 Caption #3

    "Nice boat"
  6. Turkish Gp Race

    I wonder if he is unhappy that the team didn't let Button to fight with him on the track. Anyway best race of the season!
  7. Monaco Gp

    Alonso passing under yellow. http://i274.photobuc...onso-yellow.jpg
  8. Monaco Gp

    Wait, isn't it illegal to pass before a start of a new lap? Then again, F1 rules don't make sense in the first place.
  9. Dod Melbourne

    Kubica for the beforementioned reasons.
  10. Australian Grand Prix Thread

    If Button hadn't made a mistake with cold tyres he could've been first by now.
  11. Boring-Gate

    I would wait till Melbourne before giving an opinion.
  12. Dod Bahrain

    Nando for me(P1+fastest lap), though Vettel did a good job too keeping Rosberg behind him in the end.