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  1. Bahrain is certainly more appealing as a night race. Hamilton finishing ahead of Rosberg when he was actually slower said more about Hamilton than Rosberg. Hamilton's racecraft is just much better, in terms of car positioning and tactics. It's not that Rosberg is bad, it's that Hamilton is one of the best ever in that regard and I think a lot of drivers wouldn't have got by him. One of Hammy's best races and an important psychological victory. He won't always be able to win on speed against Rosberg, but if you can win on racecraft/strategy sometimes, that surely helps. Other than that: Hulkenberg is always very impressive and seems to have realised the promise he showed in lower categories. Watching drivers like Alonso and Kimi fight so hard and finish so far down is quite painful, actually. At least Vettel can be optimistic that Red Bull will move forward, something it's really hard to see Ferrari doing. Re: Maldonado - the guy does not use his brain and that's been a problem on several occasions, even in practice sessions. The rest? I can't remember. Great race.
  2. Lewis Uploads Pic Of Himself In Skiing Gear

    Some people might find it offensive but being offended counts for nothing. I could say I was offended by everybody uploading pictures of food on Instagram because millions of people are starving in the world. In most cases being offended says more about the person than the actual thing they're offended by. If Lewis thought about Schumacher's condition, he might have predicted the reaction and not done it. Not because it's actually wrong in itself, but because other people were bound to misinterpret it. More likely, he didn't foresee the reaction, which is dumb on his part. Either way, there's nothing wrong with uploading skiing pics, and nothing wrong about being dumb in this context. Case dismissed.
  3. Singapore Gp

    As for the race, yes it was a boring masterclass. I'm sure it's true that when you take away unpredictability from sport it becomes boring, and that's the main issue with people being bored and booing. On the other hand, I have absolutely no idea why it should be the case that being bored is considered some terrible negative aspect, and that's for at least two reasons. First of all, our boredom or happiness from watching sports isn't actually based on anything meaningful. It's just based on arbitrary things like whether you like the driver who is winning, or how much you appreciate the technical aspect of F1, or how much you like overtaking, etc, which are again based on base level arbitrary things like which country you are born in and your cultural sensibilities and so on. I suppose what I'm saying is (which is completely contrary to the point of watching sport for most people, by the way) that we should not consider our boredom or happiness particularly important when it comes to sporting events, which is counter-intuitive because we always give our own experiences the most weighting because it's all we have "experience" of, and we should just accept the fact that other people would find it interesting or boring as we found it the opposite. I'm sure someone like Adrian Newey would find any motor-race interesting, especially an F1 race, because he has such a great level of insight into the mechanical and aerodynamical working of the car that simply seeing the cars working is enough for him to be captivated (obviously he has other reasons to be interested, but you get the point). The other sense in which saying it's boring doesn't really mean anything to me is that you couldn't have sports events without having boring sports events, so in what sense exactly is boredom a negative consequence of predictable sporting events or championships that become predictable? We might as well say that lack of heat is a negative characteristic of snow or that draws are a negative characteristic of chess. It just doesn't mean anything to say that. I mean so what if it was boring? It hardly gets you any further descriptively that just saying it was a race you watched. But yes, I found the race largely quite boring, almost falling asleep at times (was a beautfiful warm day here), but people should deal with that and accept boring sports events are part of reality just like snow is part of a weather system, and our own experience of stuff like this is not so important. I don't think I am explaining what I mean too well and again, rambling too much...but just get over it
  4. Singapore Gp

    Excellent. His 3rd Grand Slam, indeed.
  5. Alonso To Mclaren In 2015?

    It's no good complaining about the gutter press and continuing to read gutter press websites. Okay, maybe nobody who complains is actually reading the stories or visiting the URL's regularly and they simply hear about the story and comment here (like I am, in this case), but that is my starting point on the "gutter press" issue. As for what I can gather from the story: it was merely a confirmation of the obvious. Any team would be looking to sign Alonso if the circumstances were right. That the question is even being asked is indicative of a percieved tension between Alonso and Ferrari which has at least some basis in reality, including a public scorning from LdM and a complete reversal of strategy regarding driver policy (something which Alonso may well be unhappy with as most other drivers would be if they went from having a team centred around them to bringing in another strong driver). Add that to the fact Ferrari haven't given Alonso a WDC winning car, which is the main underlying issue behind all of this, and you can at least see why the question is reasonable from the media's POV. I agree some of the headlines and conclusions may be sensationalist, but that's the media perogative. Media sensationalism and poor journalism is a dangerous thing in other areas, like politics, but not so much in sports, and shouldn't be something for anyone who sees through it to actually be too concerned about. Do you really care that there are people who lap up bad F1 journalism to confirm their pre-existing opinions? I think it's a shame but I don't. In terms of the story, I do think it's a fanciful rumour about 2014 but then again, stranger things have happened. But I expect Alonso at Ferrari in 2014. 2015 is a much more valid question. That's because contracts don't mean anything (esp. in F1) and Mclaren-Honda might be the start of a powerful combination that might be more attractive than Ferrari in 2015 and the only option available to Alonso. That will all depend on how Ferrari's new engine turns out and how competitive Raikkonen is against Alonso. I personally think the determining factor for whether Alonso stays at Ferrari in 2015 is the strength of the 2014 package/percieved strength of the 2015 package, rather than any issues with Raikkonen. I think Alonso will have Raikkonen covered on track, and their maturity and experience should help off the track, should any flare ups occur. That said, Raikkonen's performance could be a factor too.
  6. What Now For Massa?

    I didn't want to get into the fact that supporting role meant pretty much nothing
  7. What Now For Massa?

    Massa says he won't play a supporting role for Alonso for the rest of the year. No doubt just a meaningless sentiment, but an odd thing to publicly announce, in my opinion. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/109920
  8. Kimi To Ferrari

    Funny to see LdM's change of stance regarding Ferrari's driver policy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgnyr0YZs-w The problem for Alonso isn't beating Kimi on the track. That he can do, and I think he might even do more comfortably than we'd imagine. The problem comes if the reason LdM's position has changed is because he wants to put Alonso in his place or there is some issue there. Alonso can handle a strong team mate but he won't handle a fast team mate in a team that doesn't support him properly anymore. That isn't the case yet, of course, but he really doesn't need to give the media any more ammo for the rest of the year.
  9. Kimi To Ferrari

    Alonso and Kimi, what a dream team. Thank you, Ferrari, although it seems like you wasted years giving Massa a seat and now you've gone too far the other way to make up for it, putting two titans in the same team. 2014 just got so much more exciting, even if Ferrari don't produce a great car.
  10. Today In F1

    A fair article from DC on some current issues, I think http://www.bbc.co.uk...rmula1/24025611
  11. Massa To Leave Ferrari

    About time. He's a nice guy and a hard worker, but I hope he goes to be nice and work hard in another racing series. He had plenty of chances already and I don't like a sportsman who suddenly finds his talent around contract time. Guys like Alonso and Vettel are also nice guys and hard workers too, and much more entertaining to watch. (As you can tell, after beginning to watch F1 effectively as a Kimi fan, 2008 still burns ).
  12. Kimi To Ferrari

    Well, I wouldn't deny for a second that there are plenty of other examples of this kind of thing and many quite recent ones. Some not as bad, some much worse. But for once I don't think the media is all that responsible, although yes, it has been sensationalised. I don't think there's anything that wrong at Ferrari that Alonso winning a race wouldn't go a long way to heal, if it's true that there is some tension there (which I think it is).
  13. Kimi To Ferrari

    You think I'm completely right really, you just don't want to admit it in public No, I demand you explain in 140 characters or less.
  14. Kimi To Ferrari

    Bah. The President of the team publicly corrected his driver. That's not the media fabricating a story, that actually happenened. And Alonso has seemed frustrated at times, as well he might.There is tension at Ferrari to one degree or another, more so than at Red Bull or Mclaren or most other teams. Obviously the media want to play on it, and it might not be all that bad (I doubt it is), but it is there to be played on. Nobody came out and tried to deny there was tension at Red Bull in Malayasia and for a little while after, because there obviously was. Same story here. As for the Raikkonen rumours, well if they sign him you can take it a number of ways. Obviously Raikkonen is a fantastic driver and so you could look at it and say "Ferrari just wanted the best driver available". The problem is that isn't how Ferrari has been running for a long time and it isn't the policy of many top teams to hire two top line drivers. So we are back to those tensions again. If you wanted to take that angle, you could go two ways. Either some of the problems at Ferrari are caused by Ferrari telling Alonso they wanted to hire Raikkonen, or Ferrari want to hire Raikkonen because of the difficulties. Either way, it would show that the driver has no control over these things, only influence. And influence is something you can lose once other interests take over. Btw, I still expect Ferrari to sign Massa or Hulkenberg.
  15. Is Webber Going To Win At All This Year?

    Yeah, I could see that happening (and will probably get criticised for it, naturally ).