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    *blinks* the big one would be F1, after that comes books, then comes chocolate :)
  1. lol, well, he was going for 50 to 1, so I thought I'd make the most out of a good situation
  2. I'm now confused (and my eyes are now going square), I hope it's about being Cornish, I don't think I have a funny accent, but apparently I do, it'll get even more strange when I spend 5 months in America next summer (gonna miss so much F1, had wanted to go to Silverstone, but that won't be happening if I go to America ) And now I'm going to bed before I sit here all night and my eyes really go square.
  3. I'm just enjoying being able to read and post so far (even though this is only my second post). Have found that it takes ages to be able to post, or you're far too heavily moderated in your opinions, so am loving it here already
  4. Hi, I'm Rees, English girl so a fan of the English lads that are currently driving. When I was a child I'd be put on the floor near the TV when my dad would watch the Grand Prix, so been interested in F1 for a while, my interest peaked last year, because there wasn't much on the TV and I also worked in a bookies so would follow the odds and that lead me to following the sport. The team I like is McLaren, because they're English. Dislike Alonso, especially after this year, he's a complete buffon and is now resembling a chubby hamster in my eyes (although not to be confused with the Hamster god-like creature from Top Gear) Out of the ex F1 drivers I still like Mika Hakkinen and have put money on him to be Hamilton's team-mate for next year (took a while to get the price, which is smaller than the price I got for Button!) So, hello!
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