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  1. Will He Come Back???

    move on
  2. by team co-operatoion do you mean Massa being told to cede to Kimi? lol the title of this thread is apt!
  3. Even though team orders are illegal and McLaren had a steward in their garage to ensure they did not do what the FIA have allowed Ferrari to do....
  4. Appeal Date Set...

    it cannot be proven that McLaren used the so called stolen documents either but you finished it PERIOD and then admit there is some doubt but not provable - we all know he ceded his position, but yeah its not provable - but that does not make it any better if you get away with a crime, you are still a criminal
  5. Appeal Date Set...

    not so much period really massa gave kimi the championship - illegaly
  6. sorry mate, i left school many years ago I am correct in what I say - Massa was hired because of his 2nd tier skills. Someone who knew he would never get a drive in a car as good as the Ferrari on merit, rather the lack of it and the inability to challenge the supremacy of Schu. As was Barichello and Irvine before him
  7. Indian Gp

    i said it in another thread, but I cannot help but feel uncomfortable with a country that has so much poverty and a country recieving so much monetary aid from the rest of the world spending so much money on an ego trip that very few people in India are interested in.
  8. Marriage And Relationships

    Ive been married twice - the first time to a bitch and the in-laws from hell the second time to the greatest woman on the planet (she earns more than me!) its all about reeeeee sp ect without it, there can be only one
  9. Make A New Logo

    cool - ive done several for several other sites
  10. S

    you are quite correct - CHamp Car teams can make tweaks to the car to gain an advantage and knowing that Newman/Haas (Seasbass's team) have a wind tunnel whilst no other teams do, gives you an idea why they have dominated. Expect to see the same next year if Wilson gets Seabass's seat.
  11. Brawn To Honda! What The??

    Its great to be right on things now and then yes cheap sarcasm is not so great
  12. Appeal Date Set...

    The flexi floor was not legal, there just was not a test in place to catch it it is like saying smoking pot is legal until everyone if forced to give blood to test for it Team orders are against the rules - check the FIA website. Again your premise is like saying that it is legal to break into someones house as long as you dont get caught. Massa was rewarded with a 3 yr contract for his cheating. Kimi set fasted lap in the part of the race where Massa slowed down. Massa was faster than Kimi in the first half of the race - until he took his foot off the gas to stage the Kimi overtake in pits trick! Massa did indeed brag about helping Kimi - and the FIA allowed it - and the FIA put people in the McLaren garage to ensure that McLaren did not do the same The whole appeal was a sham because McLaren were not allowed to make their case - and they were not allowed because they did appeal directly after the race - another analogy for you - that would be like the police being told that thay could not arrest someone for murder because at the time of the murder, they did not know it was happening scandalous - please try and look at it without red tinted glasses and you will say the same
  13. Brawn To Honda! What The??

    lol I smiled when I read that he was going to Honda, I predicted this on another forum about 10 month ago and was met with derision from Ferrari fans who said that no person would consider going anywhere else other that Ferrari if he/she had that choice! Aint that a poke in the eye good times ahead for Honda i see my paduan!
  14. Alonso was a boil on the backside of a team only willing to give him equal equipment to his team mate. Alonso is a great driver, and the fact that Hamilton makes me optomistic that we will have an English WDC soon Alonsos behavior at McLaren has been shameful
  15. India's Chandhok To Test For Red Bull Racing

    It looks like Indian money is paving the way for an egotistical Grand Prix and GP careers for somewhat talentless drivers. I find it sad that in a country with so much poverty and a country that is constantly begging for fiscal aid from the more affluent parts of the world that millions of dollars a wasted on a race that few Indians are interested in. I mean no disrespect to the Indian people, just the elite few who hold the check book of such a poverty stricken country. But Bernie is happy to take the money that should be going to the starving.