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I am Ferrari fan since 1976. when I was 7. First long article I read in the newspapers was about Niki Lauda accident in 1976. Since then I support Ferrari. Biggest poster in my room as a kid was Niki Lauda in his Ferrari with number 12 (I think he drove that one in 1977.) Along the way I admired great masters of the sport like Senna or Prost but I always supported Ferrari. It was easy to support them when results started to come in the late 90's and later. Now my realtionship with Ferrari enters difficult phase. I honestly think that signing Alonso was mistake and even bigger one was to fire Kimi, but...

IRL I am software engineer that enjoys strange projects (never did twice the same type of software), I system engineered some interesting stuff...

As a hobby, I like to travel (with the woman of my life) a lot usually in summer and for Xmass/New Year. I have visited all European countries except three Baltic republics, Iceland, Romania and Bulgaria. Out of Europe I have been in Turkey, Jordan, UAE, Iran, Egypt, Marroco, China, India, USA (East coast, West coast but not in the middle:). Lived in Gothenburg in Sweden as student for 4 months. Recently lived and worked in LA 2 times for 6 months (12 months total). Rest of my life I spent in Zagreb, Croatia.

My daughter Maya has been born on December 5th 2009. It is amazing miracle to watch new life learn about herself and the world and become more of person from one day to the other.