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  1. @Insider Now you owe me an apology.
  2. Let's put DRS to bed. DRS activation is controlled by race control via ECU. ECU is produced by McLaren and Microsoft. SInce DRS is new feature in ECU software there are bugs that can appear in some circumstances. FEw more races and bugs will be cleared, but in a race or two we might still see DRS at wrong places. No team/driver will ever be punished for DRS activation because they should not be able to activate it. If they were able to activate it, it is mistake of race control or bug in ECU software.
  3. All cars have same control electronics produced by McLaren. So if it was cheating it must have been conspiracy between Ferrari and McLaren
  4. Ferrari Flexing Fluffy Flu Flu

    I think it is time for Sergio Marchione to act.
  5. F1 Round Two - Malaysia

    Well, impact popped the wheel So, failing of the steering triggered chain of events that lead to his death...
  6. F1 Round Two - Malaysia

    Why is nobody worried about steering wheel falling of Petrov's car? Senna was killed when his steering failed.
  7. Rbr Cheats

    There is sentence in Technical Regulation that all tests are done on the car when not moving and on the flat level surface. So, it is irrelevant what happens when car is moving.
  8. F1 Round Two - Malaysia

    This season is not so typical, yet - looks like genuine development screw up. In 2007, Jean Todt was in charge - Kimi won WDC. In 2008, Massa lost because of catastrophic pit crew and pitwall. In 2009, Ferrari decided to ignore Brawn warning about DD. In 2010, pitwall decisions were to blame for lost championship; not only in last race. So, pitwall is to be blamed for two lost WDCs in last 3 seasons. Who is highest ranking guy sitting there? Domenicali. QED If football (soccer) team does not play well, you change coach, you do not fire all players. If F1 team is not performing well, one should first try changing team boss. But I do not want to go to war about these. Since I am not in position to change anything, it is irrelevant if he is the one to blame or not, result is that Ferrari has entered dry season....
  9. F1 Round Two - Malaysia

    Third season in a row that Ferrari is lost at sea. It somehow coincides with Domenicali running the team... Makes me extremely sad, when I see it and Montezemolo does not see it.
  10. Ferrari Ace Pays The Price

    If football team is not playing well you do not change team, but the coach. In case of Ferrari coach is Domenicali. When coach was Todt (including 2007) everything worked. In 2008. SFM started having problems with strategy decision and pit crew performance. One of the blunders was Domenicali not reading his e-mail thus Ferrari being only team starting race with wrong tyres. Ultimatelly it is Domenicali's decision to assign roles within a team. So if Dyer was wrong man that is his decision, especially if he was wrong man for two and a half seasons..
  11. A1 Ring = Red Bull Ring?

    I heard that they spend 2x10^9 dollars on marketing, annually.
  12. I Checked First, Alright?

    Well, if someone with balls and intelligence would be running that team (Todt/Brawn) that would be seriously considered as tactics. With idiot-it-charge we can only pray for straight forward race without any need for extraordinary decisions from the pitwall.
  13. I Checked First, Alright?

    ....Vettel hangs in Ferrari garage...just after press conference.
  14. Happy Birthday Mr.Wapi

    Thank you all on nice words. You have put smile on my face. Cheers!
  15. Happy Birthday Pumpdoc

    Happy birthday