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  1. Boing!! Time For Bed....

    FIA flippin nanny state, make as much sense as...............................well it doesn't make sense
  2. Team Orders Ban Repealed

    Alrighty then, just when I thought my return to modding would be a bore you have to go so off topic. Well now if you want to continue your immigration debate please go right ahead in THE CAFE!!!!!!!!! Now to get back to the topic, team orders have been around in one form or another since Ben Hur, to deny it is putting your proverbial head in the sand.
  3. Ban Maure

    It is fun seeing all of the jackwagons getting their panties in a bunch.
  4. Moderation Returns!!!!!!!!!!!

    That all depends young lady(?) if the wench is proper she can hog tie me and I'll not give a whimper
  5. Long Live The Chains!

    http://www.totalf1.com/forums/topic/11637-moderation-returns/page__gopid__327107 typing with one hand gets old.
  6. Moderation Returns!!!!!!!!!!!

    One thing I might add, those who know me know that I do have a sarcastic streak. I moderate with that in mind as I take the the flow of a thread into account. To be brutal and honest I don't have a thin skin and others who whine over every little thing will not curry favour. I'm just going to try to keep this place fun, as it has been for all of thease years.
  7. In a few short days I will return as a full time mod again, expect me to enforce forum civility etc. Everyone starts out with a clean slate but as of midnight on the 9th I'll be back. Not aa threat but a friendly reminder, sexist,crude, flaming again won't be put up with. My pm box is always open and I more than welcome your thoughts and ideas. Long live TF1!!!
  8. Long Live The Chains!

    Cav????????????????????????? what?? are you nuts????
  9. Long Live The Chains!

    Russ, I'll be more than glad. Just give me a day or so to sort thru the B.S.
  10. Long Live The Chains!

    From a mods perspective. When I was a very active mod I got much grief for doing the job, then I was told to not be so hard on the peeps, you can't have it both ways. I'll come back as a full time mod, but be careful what you wish for, because I will start banning peeps for flaming etc. again. Your choice my friends.
  11. I Still Pull Wit The Best

    I may be broke down but I still pull with the best.
  12. All I Want For Christmas Is....

    Kapitalist Kommie Komrade
  13. Rumours Of My Demise.........

    Yeah I'm still around, only have the use of my left arm and hand now. Here is a pic from yesterday.
  14. Blown Four Pots For 2013

    Grew up with Offy 4 pots in USAC Indy, great motors. I can still hear the buzzsaw that was the 1.5L turbos. Great days if I may say so. If this is a plan to have more than one lump style I'm all for it.