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  1. they ip banned me bcause my poems are erotic.i dont wanna risk another ip ban...
  2. got an ipban on a poetry forum...but apart from that ive never been banned.
  3. yes but mclaren wont be that good in 208.kovelienen will suffer over there
  4. hello again.ive been reading some threads on the froums and i now understand ur always kidding and u were kidding when welcomin me!(abt fisi and so on) i appologise if ive been rude to you (esp on my last post on this thread)
  5. fyi he's doing an extremely good job with fi and he'll get a seat with them,which is what he wants btw... oh so it was humour...okay then thankx!your kind!
  6. y?arnt Fissi fans welcome here? i'm confused with all these replies
  7. why not? Why won't I have a nice time here? Fish and chips.And yours? My fave driver is Fissichello.I don't have a favourite team.I suppose whichever team he races for...
  8. HELLO! I'm Meatball.A huge F1 fan.Hope2 have a good time here
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