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  1. Dod Malaysia

    hey mates HEidfeld gets it for me! he (and bmw sauber) made the best decisions (strategy)and he deserves a 2nd place taking into acount his poor qualifying he did brilliant race!
  2. My Pictures From The Australian Gp

    Thanks for the pics,Nathan,brilliant stuff! could Buemi be any uglier?? uuugh
  3. Ferraari Ice Live!

  4. Could Schui Snr Come Back???

    no,half a year ago schumi didnt race so there... its true.but im guessin by your sig that your a fanboy of schumi so i guess you think hes perfect you dont even know what i look like... yes it was very rude esp to do that to a kid...
  5. Niki, Niki...

    thats right.i dont no what a lot of people have against him.hes proven a very good driver and has won 2 world tiltes!whilst what hamilton did at the last2 races hes still not the best,andwont be so as long as kimi and nando r on track!
  6. Do You Play Any Instrument?

    my baby
  7. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    they ip banned me bcause my poems are erotic.i dont wanna risk another ip ban...
  8. Wat Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?

    okay... hahaha... 1evening laughing bout a teeshirt that said:i luv nerds. _joints_
  9. A Seasonal Message

    merry crhistmas to evryoneee111
  10. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    got an ipban on a poetry forum...but apart from that ive never been banned.
  11. Wat Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?

    vry nice hobbies!rainmaister:what do umean by doing stuff thts generlly fun?
  12. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    yes but mclaren wont be that good in 208.kovelienen will suffer over there
  13. skateboard one day trips with my pals play saxophone (jazz club)
  14. Could Schui Snr Come Back???

    schumi is the most umpleasant person ihave ever come across.i used 2b a fan of his..asked him for an authograph and just told me:no.(i was 8 at the time so it was a terrible drama for me.i just cried n cried. :S