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  1. Has the magic of Newey finally fizzled away? Has the benefit of Ferrari's stolen data now rendered null & void for this season's rules? Is the team missing dishonest Dennis? What's going on at McLaren???? I doubt that they are sandbagging. I think they're in trouble.
  2. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    Hello, is anybody home. Abbas, abbas, are you there!!!? Anyway, judging from the final testing times, I think we can all unequivocally agree that MaClaren are totally screwed this season.
  3. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    [quote name='Argento' post='284783' date='Mar 18 2009, 03:11 PM']I think you
  4. Pre-season Testing

    1. that is not your hip 2. you're the resident expert And I have nothing against lewis being a complete c*ck
  5. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    It seems my signature is inconveniencing a few consciences glad it wasn't in vain. And I do value yours and dribs interests, really! Einstein, Oli, died terribly disillusioned because he got all the way down to the atom, all the way down to splitting the atom, and he still couldn't understand what the hell held it all together because it was nothing that could be measured scientfically. I mean the incomprehensibility of that alone is just absolutely staggering
  6. Pre-season Testing

    1. Did you know that Oli and dribbler are actually siamese twins. 2. And did you know that they are actually related to Lewis 'the c#ck' Hamilton. These will answer a few of your questions
  7. Not 'can't'. 'Dont'. life on earth's too short
  8. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    It seems the ostrich still has its head in the sand. Why would anybody dislike McLaren? That's a tough one!!!
  9. Brawn Gp

    that's funny
  10. Brawn Gp

    Considering 'honda's' inconsistencies from seasons past, I have to wonder (if their current performance is genuine) if this is simply a fluke. Will they be able to develop the car (if their current performance is genuine) with the same astonishment. From the back of the field, to the front....I'm having problems with this. I'll be happy if their performance is real but I seriously doubt it. We must not forget that this is the same useless 'honda' team we're talking about before we get too carried away
  11. Beware The Fastest Car Of The 2009 Field

    ok i accept it... but I'm scared
  12. Beware The Fastest Car Of The 2009 Field

    Sounds like they too, are looking for new sponsors
  13. Brawn Gp

    Have BGP disclosed the buyout fee?
  14. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    Wednesday test times: 1. Jenson Button GB Brawn-Mercedes 124 1:19.127 2. Felipe Massa BR Ferrari 109 1:20.168 1.041 1.041 3. Robert Kubica PL BMW Sauber 109 1:20.217 0.049 1.090 4. Timo Glock D Toyota 99 1:20.410 0.193 1.283 5. Fernando Alonso E Renault 107 1:20.863 0.453 1.736 6. Sebastian Vettel D Red Bull-Renault 102 1:21.165 0.302 2.038 7. Nico Rosberg D Williams-Toyota 89 1:21.324 0.159 2.197 8. Giancarlo Fisichella I Force India-Mercedes 97 1:21.545 0.221 2.418 9. Sebastien Buemi CH Toro Rosso-Ferrari 140 1:21.569 0.024 2.442 10. Lewis Hamilton GB McLaren-Mercedes 82 1:21.657 0.088 2.530
  15. Pre-season Testing

  16. Brawn Gp

    [... but there are harder rivals than Real ahead. ... such as Man Utd.
  17. Pre-season Testing

    I'm very impressed by the brawn!
  18. Formula 1's New Champion: The Blackberry

    Yes, and they're deluded.
  19. Happy Birthday, Yhr

    Happy birthday YHR
  20. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    'MCLAREN ARE BEHIND FERRARI, BMW, TOYOTA AND RENAULT' Wednesday 11th March 2009 At least four different teams will start the 2009 season ahead of McLaren unless the Woking outfit can produce a sudden improvement in performance during the few remaining days of winter testing, according to F1 broadcaster James Allen. Now an observer rather than a commentator following ITV's exit from the sport, Allen attended the opening two days of this week's test in Barcelona and departed concluding that McLaren are currently trailing Ferrari, Toyota, BMW as well as Fernando Alonso's Renault. 'I come away from the Barcelona test feeling that this is going to be a great season of racing, but in a very different way from the McLaren vs Ferrari battles of the last two years,' he wrote in a blog on his website, jamesallenonf1. 'The testing performances we have seen so far suggest that McLaren has, if not a mountain, then certainly a big hill to climb, while Ferrari, BMW and Toyota look very strong, one might almost say equally strong. 'If the performance we've seen here is carried over to the early part of the season, as it has been in recent years, then you could see Kubica, Heidfeld, Raikkonen, Massa, Trulli and Glock fighting for wins and podiums early on. I don't think it will be too long before Alonso joins in either, as the Renault team made a big step forward this week thanks to a new front wing and underfloor parts. They started behind and are still a bit behind, but closing in fast.' McLaren's repeated insistence that they are satisfied with their performances in testing has convinced few and it would appear that they are having particular problems with the rear-wing on their MP4-24. Lewis Hamilton will be behind the wheel of the McLaren for the final two days in Barcelona, with the team then scheduled to return to Jerez next week for the final major test of the winter before the season begins in Melbourne at the end of the month.