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    Formula 1, movies, music, burlesque (I like to try, anyway - have abandoned the idea as a career option ;)). I am a science geek working on hair dye chemistry so I guess I'm interested in that, partying, beer gardens, the list goes on...
  1. Hmm. For a minute there I thought you were making some sort of sexual innuendo, but you say only for after dinner so I guess I must be wrong...
  2. Resident womaniser?? Who's that?
  3. Thanks for the welcome folks! OK here goes: I've been a Williams girl at heart ever since I got into f1. That was about 1995 so I (sadly) kinda missed out on the Senna/Prost years. Here's an overview of where my loyalties have been over that time. Damon, Jacques (I know, I know, but I was 14 and he was pretty), Heidfeld and Kimi at Sauber, Jenson, a breif foray into Trulli at Renault, Montoya, Alex Wurz... Yeah, a bit fickle in terms of drivers maybe... Now my top drivers are Rosberg and Heidfeld - there have been a couple of years when I've thought maybe Nick wouldn't be on the grid at the start of the season so it's nice to see him where he belongs. I really think Rosberg is the next big thing and fair play to him for staying at Williams when he could have maybe moved on. I reckon he's holding out for a Ferrari drive though - let's wait and see whether I can handle the sight of him in red!!!
  4. I'll give it a go, anyway!! Pumpdoc eh?? Dare not ask where you get your name
  5. Hi everyone! I'm Milly and I've been an F1 fan since the mid nineties. I'm looking for some good-natured f1 chat and a bit of banter and this seemed like a good place
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