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  1. Alonso Hinting Raikkonen Must Improve

    Kimi's problem is that he requires a strong front to the car, and the F14T has anything but. He should obviously be able to work around the issue, but a great deal of his speed comes from his ability to sense traction through the front end that lacking that feel, he loses a lot of his speed. This is also why he is so particular about his steering. I think Peter Windsor had a good piece on that a couple of years back when he was struggling with the steering, though I may misremember.
  2. Hungarian Grand Prix

    A great race, especially considering it was Hungary. Ricciardo has really surprised me this year, he's much better than I gave him credit for (and I didn't think he was a sloch last year either). Bottas got screwed by the SC, he might've had a shot at victory too today. What a lucky escape Vettel had!
  3. Austrian Gp

    Finally a race where Mercedes need to fight others, great to see Williams there! Hopefully they can stay up top for the rest of the season.
  4. Today In F1

    I wouldn't be surprised if Domenicali got the boot soon, but, in my opinion, Briatore has no place in F1 (nor any other racing venue), the sooner everyone forgets about him the better.
  5. The Ferrari engine seems to be seriously under-powered, I wonder if there is anything they can do to fix that. Given that the top-10 went almost team-by-team seems to indicate that everyone got the most out of the car and these results give a faithful representation of the order of the teams. It looked like Ferrari may have tried to split the strategies between Fernando and Kimi, Kimi's middle stint was quite a bit longer than Fernando's, making him lose 10+ seconds there... I wonder if they were thinking of trying to pull a 2-stop with Kimi had the safety car not come and give them a free pit stop. Or maybe they are just trying to figure out what is the optimal time for the mid-race pit stops and little variation helps them do that (lose time mid-race vs. have worn tires at the end).
  6. Maldonado... sigh... when will they take his super licence away.
  7. Malaysian Gp Qualy And Race

    I'd put Bottas to the same generation as Kvyat and Magnussen, and Hülkenberg is not that old yet either.
  8. Malaysian Gp Qualy And Race

    Hülkenberg being the real deal is not really news anymore, is it ;P. I'm quite impressed with Kvyat and Magnussen as well, maybe more so with Kvyat, because while I expected Magnussen to be good, I wasn't so sure of Kvyat. Magnussen's incident with Kimi was unfortunate, but these things happen to everyone.
  9. Malaysian Gp Qualy And Race

    Same here, alarm set for 3.55 to watch rain fall.., might explain some of the crankiness on my part ;P.
  10. Malaysian Gp Qualy And Race

    You are perfectly right, of course, but given that this weather (and the time of day when the rain occurs) is perfectly predictable in Malaysia this time of year, it's ridiculous that there is a race now. It's the same every year, the quali gets delayed or the race gets delayed or cut short. Just don't have the race there this time of year!
  11. Malaysian Gp Qualy And Race

    The genius of F1... Lets race in Malaysia but delay everything if there happens to be any rain. Better yet if the track will be designed to collect standing water... Brilliant!
  12. Heikki's Two Races In 2013 Cost Him Seat.

    If I recall correctly, he did outscore Fisichella. Unfortunately, by all accounts, his rookie season was his best (well, he had great seasons with Lotus/Caterham too, but it really doesn't count for much when you're not fighting for the points). He had a good start at McLaren, but then some bad luck and things went downhill from there. Too bad, as I really like Heikki, and I think we didn't see the best of him in a good team.
  13. New Cars, Much Slower Says Kimi.

    NBC just is incredibly talented at missing all the crucial moments of the race to commercials (and this is not just bad luck, they obviously have determined beforehand when to have the breaks, and there's no flexibility with that, no matter what the action on the track is, but given that more or less half of the show time is spent on commercials, it is kinda unavoidable).
  14. New Cars, Much Slower Says Kimi.

    LOL, and I thought NBC here in the states was bad!
  15. Testing Starts...

    I wonder if we're seeing the advantage of being a factory team here, with Mercedes and Ferrari having the car out and running for some laps while Red Bull and McLaren have not done even installation laps yet. Putting the car together must be easier when you've been the one to have designed and developed the power unit.