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  1. Why exclude guys when the more the merrier is a universal truth? There's an ultra-sketchy motel down near Piotr's favorite city (Scranton), it's essentially a sign that says "MOTEL: VACANCY" and has an arrow pointing across the street to a slab of concrete surronded by woods. It's vacant, alright. And I can't think of a better place to make love. If the swimwear portion includes TF1's hottest woman, Rainmaster, I'm there.
  2. Naah, I've been done with school for a few years now. I do have an interest in civics, though, even if I'm not too bright at it.
  3. Well that's why I said technically. As a non-US citizen you have no representatitves in the government and shouldn't. (Though I do have rants about citizenship and holding office and stuff, I might blog on that sometime). BUT technically if you wrote a letter to one of the Illinois senators I highly doubt they'd know if you were or were not a citizen. But please don't because I will cry myself to sleep for the next 10 years as I pay for someone else's pension when I don't even have my own.
  4. Technically you do but don't contact them because your opinion sucks and therefore shouldn't count
  5. My thoughts: if you are against the bailout, write to your Senators/Congresspeople. If you are for the bailout, don't.
  6. I wish I could buy an American car. I would love to buy an American car. BUT there aren't any I want that aren't too expensive (Vette, CTS-V) or bad on gas ('Stang, all of them suck on gas but that's the only one I'd want). So, I'll stick with paying the big tax on imports and helping the US waste money that way. I had an older (2006 ish) Acura TSX for a day a little while back when my RSX was in for routine service, it's not a bad car at all. I don't think I'd ever consider owning one but it was pretty fun for a sedan. I think the best four-door I've driven was another 2006-ish Mazda6. Not sure what trim but it was pretty awesome. Mazda makes nice cars. I would love to drive the 400hp Tasca Mazdaspeed3 that's only sold at a dealer local to here. I don't feel like taking the happy fun awesome Pics of U thread and turning it into a political debate, so I'll share my views in my blog soon.
  7. You forgot another one of our girls, she posts as Murray Walker from time to time.
  8. I agree with Bruce. CTS-V over RS6 anyday. Drive both and give me a verdict then instead of your German fanboyism (I'm just messing with you, I couldn't really give a damn which is better, I'll never get within a mile of either). I'm beginning to dislike it now that I've seen more angles, actually. And I support saying no to the Europeanification of the design of the Stang. They have it perfect right now, so they shouldn't mess around with it too, too much. Other than making a 4-banger one for me And I also think using the words "heart" and "love" when talking about cars is a bit "interesting." (Then again, I've only had one non-Japanese car for daily transportation so I'd know nothing about enjoying your car). I feel dirty. I agree with the Repubs. I might blog on this, but I might not. I had some good views when I discussed it earlier with some non-forum people, but now I'm sick of talking politics and the economy. It's getting annoying when you can't do anything without it. You can't even come and talk racing without "oh this team and that sponsor and these races won't survive." I know, I know, it's happening but I'm sick of hearing about it already. It's all an overreaction, I mean, there are serious problems, but some people are going way too far right now. Thanks to the news, of course, who want you to believe the world is going to end tomorrow. Okay, I'm good now, continue.
  9. But the RS6 isn't very attractive. It has rather bland lines and looks a tad bloated. I look at a CTS-V and I see BMW-killer all over it. I look at the RS6 and I see a couple of older, overweight blokes toddling around the streets of some blah town looking for a Starbucks. Also, I don't know how much it will cost, but I guarantee it's a lot more than the $50k for a CTS-V.
  10. Yeah, but they didn't need to make corner-capable cars. That wasn't the American automotive consumer's desire. But it doesn't matter now anyway. They're going under. $10 bil in federal aid will buy them 10-12 more months. And then what? Please sir, can I have some more?
  11. Challenger only goes in a straight line, but that's what it was made to do, and that's what makes it cool. So don't diss it. ZR1 isn't the only one that can corner; CTS-V was fastest around the Ring for four-door sedans, beating those pussy German cars like M5
  12. I hate the Guigiaro... 2010 'Stang More 2010 'Stang
  13. In my dreams, mate. I could never afford one. And besides, the Mustang is the best looking, in my opinion.
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