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  1. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hope all 4 of us Americans had a good Thanksgiving. I know I did. What a good holiday, if it wasn't so damned cold it'd be right up there with the 4th of July. Tough day at primary school, eh, Jem? Sorry about honoring a tradition started by the first Americans. And sorry about taking a day off, you know the average American works a lot more hours than the average Brit, and has less public holidays? The US is the ninth hardest-working nation in terms of that stuff. I think it's nice to have a day to remind ourselves how grateful we really are and how good we really have it when all you ever hear about is how tough the times are and how the world is going to end tomorrow morning. Oh well, the 28th day of everyone's favorite cycle happens to all of us.
  2. F1 To Be Decided By Wins

    Right. Because we've seen so many instances when one driver was running behind another and decided not to overtake because they were having a "good points day." Oh yeah, remember all those times when they were running nose-to-tail, and you thought "if only Lewis would just pass Massa," but he was just doing math in his head and held back. Oh so many times. And don't tell me it's a two-pronged approach with this AND spec cars because you're wrong. Spec cars work so well that IndyCar, A1GP, GP2, etc are the most viewed series in the world with the best racing. Clearly. And NASCAR's US TV ratings have been WAY up since they went spec. Oh yes, nothing excites me like spec cars. It isn't like ALMS, dirt late models, midgets, sprints, supermods etc have the best racing and the most variety, no, that would never happen. I agree with you, DOF. The trucks are great because they are a lot like the older stock cars in terms of aero, but driveable enough that you can run side-by-side. The trucks had some great shows this year, made Sprint Cup and Nationwide look awful. The Whelen Modifieds and Camping World East/West Series are also really fun. Exactly, it wasn't like they were running single-file because they weren't motivated. There's no where to pass. Yep, drivers will always overtake when they can. They're young and driving fast cars, this isn't Mama Murray driving her Toyota Prius home from King George's Royal Tesco. Okay, now you've gone too far. Keep the drivers. Just because I said so.
  3. Mark Webber Seriously Injured

    You mean...Mark Webber will gain 50 lbs during his recovery time and go to NASCAR?! Montoya can sit on me any day, any time, any where. Connie, that is.
  4. Pics Of U!

    Why exclude guys when the more the merrier is a universal truth? There's an ultra-sketchy motel down near Piotr's favorite city (Scranton), it's essentially a sign that says "MOTEL: VACANCY" and has an arrow pointing across the street to a slab of concrete surronded by woods. It's vacant, alright. And I can't think of a better place to make love. If the swimwear portion includes TF1's hottest woman, Rainmaster, I'm there.
  5. Ecclestone Wants To Medal Around

    I am all for that. Bernie will kill the excitement with this move. Was it not the current point system that just provided the most epic end to a season ever? If we were playing the medal game, Felipe would've clinched the title beyond reasonable doubt after the first corner. If the cars can't actually "race," and if there aren't any battles for the win, you'll never get a dramatic title finish.
  6. Bmwtf??

    DOF, the lack of winglets isn't what's making the car ugly. If you took the winglets off of last year's cars you'd have something good. It's the rear wing (for everyone but me) that's ugly, and for me it's the nosecone.
  7. The Most Beautiful Cars!

    How right you are, Oliver (sort of). The Citroens and old Stangs rock, and that is a very gaudy rendition of the Stang there. I do like the current regular non boyracer one. BUT. The Stang is ruined. 2010 Stang revealed I don't like it. Why did Ford have to get all American on us and stick cheap plastic cladding all over the grille and front. Blech.
  8. A Boring Year Comes To A Close

    I'll try the new regs on, Shaliq, but we'll see. I'll never be as passionate/emotionall attached ( ) to F1 as I was to NASCAR from 1991-2003. Oh well, short track racing starts again in May, so I'll just have to tough it out and watch hockey. And sorry Danny for having interests that differ from your's
  9. The Most Beautiful Cars!

    GM was number one buy selling rental cars and other "commercial" vehicles, as well as trucks. Most of their sales were lame Malibus no one wanted that they unloaded to Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, etc. Another tidbit about GM: there's a Pontiac-Buick-GMC dealer right by here, pass it on the way to work every day. I keep track, because I have no life, of their sales by just doing rough estimations. Sales since January 1, 2008...I can count two. They sold a G8 and a Vibe. That's it. Sales are so good, in fact, a 2002 Pontiac Aztec (ugliest car EVER MADE), is in the lot. And it's not used. It has been there for 6 years. Not sure how, but it's hidden off the back with the gas-guzzlers and it still says new on it. And, the best part of it all is that they have a little display in the front corner of the lot showing off their best vehicles...a used Nissan Maxima and a Nissan Versa are there, taking priority over the new GM cars. Ouch. (I really have it in for GM...) Yeah, I tried to get into the Ferrari dealership near here but they wouldn't let me, so I had to look from the Wal-Mart parking lot next door.
  10. Bmwtf??

    From the side, it looks great. Stupid forum won't let me post it... I don't mind it, though. So it's a bit wide in the nose. Better than bridge wings and aero s##t and all that, in my opinion.
  11. The Most Beautiful Cars!

    Race the Innova Yeah, GM still has one Toyota, the Pontiac Vibe is a Toyota Matrix. The ads are still there. It's a very strange area, I have countless stories about things that are so unfunny they're funny, including a guy accidentally neutering himself on a fence. Ahh, good ol' PA. Get one of each
  12. Pics Of U!

    Naah, I've been done with school for a few years now. I do have an interest in civics, though, even if I'm not too bright at it.
  13. Williams Reveal 2009 Wing Package

    Gah, F1 cars stopped being F1 cars somewhere in the 90s. All I care about is if it's fast and if the racing's fun.
  14. From a small team in the then-Busch Series, often overlooked and with only one-victory to his credit, two big names noticed the California kid: Jeff Gordon and Rick Hendrick. Now, 7 years later, Jimmie Johnson has one less title than the man who gave him his first chance, and has tied NASCAR legend Cale Yarbrough by becoming just the second driver in the sport's 60-year-history to win three championships in a row. Jimmie Johnson and Hendrick Motorsports, 2006, 2007, and now 2008 champions after 7 wins, 15 top fives, 22 top tens, and 6 poles in 36 races. Congrats to JJ and his team. I'm not a fan of either, but he's a damn good driver with a damn good crew chief. He's a stand up guy, too, with all the time he puts into charity. It gets old to see him win so much, but there are few guys who are better champions to represent the sport. Well done, boys. On a different note, Edwards took 9 wins, Busch took 8, Johnson 7. That's 24 out of 36, 66.66%. What is this? F1? Also, there wasn't a single pass or moment of side-by-side racing this year. What's happened to this sport? Brian France might be as good at driving organizations into the ground as Rick Wagoner. Oh well, I watched as many races in their entirity as my favorite driver had top tens...two. It's a bad feeling, though, to feel like DOF. How I long for motorsport to come back to me... I need hockey. Or some sleep. Or both. Carry on.
  15. Webber Vs Vettel

    It's not about winning for Red Bull. It's not about winning for any team with a sponsor. That's the trouble with it. If Red Bull sells a couple cans of urine energy drink they'll keep racing. But from a competitive standpoint, I agree. It's hard to get better than what they have team-wise so they better do something special.