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  1. Thanks for the welcome! As far as the "not take things too personally," I'll try my best. I know that we all can be a bit irrational when we have certain passions about things, but if you all remember my reasoning is always correct, we should be good. As far as that Piquet fellow...who's that? I kid. I kid! BTW, Quiet One, I love the sig. Brilliant.
  2. Hello all - I've been lurking about for months now and I thought I should post a little sumpin sumpin here. I come from the land of IRL and NASCAR. I'm quite ashamed to say I'm a relatively new fan of F1 (my first full race viewing was of the 2003 Australian GP). Before SPEEDTV enlightened me, I stumbled across a race that was on at some ungodly hour and my first impression was, "GAWDDAMN, those cars are fast!" I was so hooked. Although I was never a fan of NASCAR (my apologies to NASCAR fans) upon seeing the technological grace of an F1 car, I realized that my assessment of the M&M (Gibbs racing) car being a "clown transportation device" was correct. I'm sorry. I really tried to like NASCAR...I really did. But that is neither here nor there. Although, I'm new to F1 I've delved into it's history and it's political BS and I find it all fascinating. I must say it's been pretty interesting to lurk about on this forum and most of you have My favorite driver is Alonso. I think he's brilliant. My other favorite drivers are Kimi (and his attitude is superb - I wish more drivers weren't corporate automatons) and Vettel. I have a tendency to cheer for Ferrari if Alonso cannot win. My least favorite team is McLaren. /shrug I'm very excited about the upcoming season especially since Brawn GP has been blowing them away in Spain. Sad that there's no North American GP - that's really a shame for all of us fans over here. We'll see if USF1 is gonna be the real deal or not. Anyway, sorry for the lengthy "how to do." Cheers to a good upcoming season!
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