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  1. Alms 2009

    Congrats to Audi on their win with the new car. Although i can't wait till LMS kicks off. It's a much stronger series imo.
  2. Alms 2009

    Yes it was. And they had some giant killing performances, even beating Audi several times. As Don panoz said "You never saw a horse pushing a cart"
  3. Rfactor

    I wondered what that red and black car was....... Anyway, i'm defo going to get F109 when it comes out. First F1 PC game for a long while.
  4. Gp2 2009

    Taken from wiki: "He signed for the Jordan Formula One team in early 2004, but his season proved troublesome. He finished last in his first race in Melbourne, although did better than his more experienced team-mate Nick Heidfeld, who retired. He continued on racing, never managing to qualify or finish any higher than around the back of the field, and retiring on several occasions, failing to grab much attention. He was replaced for a one-off by German debutant Timo Glock (due to financial reasons) at the Canadian Grand Prix, who scored two points finishing seventh, ahead of team-mate Nick Heidfeld who was eighth. Pantano returned to his seat in the team for the next race in Indianapolis, but went out at the first corner after colliding with other drivers. He continued on with more disappointing results until the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, whereafter he was replaced by Timo Glock for the remaining three races of the season."
  5. Wdc To Be Decided On Wins

    Another thing. The current point system was designed to stop Schumacher dominating, well with these new rules, it means that someone cana ctually domiante a season again, althoguh seeing how close the teams are in testing, this is unlikely.
  6. Wdc To Be Decided On Wins

    F1= Fiasco 1 as ever. Has anyone in the WMSC actually seen an F1 race before?
  7. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    It's much more than that as i'm sure you'll find out if you are interested. And Hi Eric.
  8. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Admins have their own way of finding out if they think i am this "Superkimi" person. Until then i'm remaining tight lipped.
  9. Pre-season Testing

    Yeah i was agreeing with you, i said it didn't suprise me either.
  10. Pre-season Testing

    No fun, but i'm happy with that!
  11. Pre-season Testing

    I don't see the problem with the "Welcome to the forum" but each to their own i guess.
  12. Alms 2009

    Monday morning test results: 1 - #1 Audi Sport North America - Audi R15 TDI - 1:44.855 2 - #2 Audi Sport Team Joest - Audi R15 TDI - 1:45.24 3 - #08 Team Peugeot Total - Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - 1:45.437 4 - #07 Team Peugeot Total - Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - 1:46.156 5 - #66 de Ferran Motorsports - Acura ARX-02a - 1:47.903 6 - #9 Patr
  13. You clearly have never met an F1 driver before then. I have.
  14. Pre-season Testing

    Now, i appologise in advance to everyone else, because i don't normally swear on a forum, but f*ck off! What's your problem?!