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  1. isn't leaving TF1, but he won't be posting anything until the next time he posts something.

  2. Eric isn't that funny, you should know better
  3. You won't have to wish too hard, meds. The real Eric is right here. Welcome to gos27, looks like 15 year olds are taking over this poor forum, and BettyBoop.
  4. It's best, anyway. I just don't feel you should tease me with those pictures. Now that the board of health shut down the KFC in my town, it just wouldn't work. I'm of no use to you now anyway. I don't even have your Teddy Tennis card anymore. And besides, I never really expected you in the Tails costume. Your physique is best suited for that spherical guy you had to beat.
  5. He was referring to...actually, I'll just let you find out when he posts them. It may or may not pertain to the image below.
  6. I always knew you had a thing for Ankit and his rupees. (Come on, they have Internet in India, let's get back here, eh AJ?)
  7. Yeah, I've been seeing a trend here. I'm glad it's all cool for the most part. I should've known, it's not like Graham and Bruce didn't know I was a total faker all along So I told another lie. I won't be leaving for a little while. I'm going to dive right into my usual business of 100 posts per day about everything and nothing at all. So there
  8. Okay guys, I've done my PMs. Now I feel it is the right time to make this public. If you wish for details, or to cuss me out, or to do anything drop me a PM. But, I'm 15. Not 25. And I told a whole hell of a lot of lies. So, yeah. Now you know. I'm sorry. And now I'm moving on. (I'll probably stick around, if anyone cares. We'll see. I think I'll take a little time off between now and then, because it's still a little bit uncomfortable for me. But I do want to thank everyone who has been understanding for all that stuff).
  9. Whoever Craner Curves is, it's not Eric. That's me. But I'm here for a reason. And I wish the reason was to post and have fun with you guys but it can't be. I'm here to tell the truth. About things. I figured that you guys would know by now, but you do not, and I need to accept responsiblity. I did what I did, and now I will tell you. I would love to be able to continue to post here, but that is solely up to how you feel. I personally wouldn't forgive me for this. I know for a fact Craner Curves/SuperKimi/James didn't. And I do not hold that against him one bit. So, drop me a PM and I will explain to you what this whole deal is with me suddenly leaving, and me being guilty (well, sort of, I mean, I never think about it, things have been abosulutely great for me, so I might as well just take this final step in telling the truth so I can just...move on). So I hope you'll be seeing more of me, though it'll be awkward, and I doubt most people are going to take this very well. Like I said, I wouldn't. I hate to bring this all up again, but I'd rather do it before James does. Nothing against you James, you've been a great friend to me back in the day when we used to talk and all, but because it's for me. I need to be a man about it and no matter how damaging the consequences are, I need to tell everyone. So enough of this garbage, send me a PM, and I will tell you the true story. NOTE: I will be offline from now until about 8:00 PM (20:00) GMT, so yeah, I won't reply by then. Or something like that. Also, [email protected] is the email I've been using to send Geo fun stuff. I don't know why I mentioned it, but, it's there for future reference (i.e. I decided it's best that I leave). Oh, and, welcome to McGrubbin, Craner Curves, Meanioni, freaky2, and everyone. Stick around. The forum could use some life.
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