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  1. isn't leaving TF1, but he won't be posting anything until the next time he posts something.

  2. This. Though no American dreams of Indy anymore. But besides Kimi and Valentino Rossi, NASCAR drivers are the highest paid racers, so it's pretty clear where I'd want to go if I was a Yankee pursuing a racing career. F1 money without leaving home.
  3. Quiet One speaks the truth, I think. Our best talents in go-karts make the transition to local stock cars when they turn 16 and go to NASCAR. No one pursues F1, just like no one pursues soccer. If all our best drivers like Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, etc from day one went to Europe and, in Stewart's case, didn't gain 100 kg, they'd be well-qualified and they would succeed. We have a lot of talent, but it's just being wasted. If F1 was more popular in the USA, there'd be better US American talents. Watch out, though. There are two guys for the future that might just be good enough. Josef Newgarden, and to a lesser extent, Alexander Rossi. Newgarden is racing in Formula Ford UK right now and has a crapload of wins. He also ran the first three Formula Palmer Audi races and won two of them, but didn't have funding to continue from there. He's only 17 so in a few years we could really see him progress through the ranks. Rossi isn't as impressive, but he won the Formula BMW Americas championship in 2008 on 10 wins in 18 races, including F1 circuits Montreal and Interlagos. He then won the Formula BMW World Final. He's fifth in International Formula Master this year with one win in Brno. As for drivers from Champ Car...for whatever reason, it just didn't add up. I think part of Bourdais' problem and maybe some of the others (def Michael Andretti) was commitment. In CCWS/CART, most of the drivers just met the bare minimum of physical fitness to race (look at Paul Tracy, he wasn't exactly slim). They took things less seriously in CART than in F1, they actually had fun off the track, but to do that, they weren't as serious about going to the gym every single day (that's not to say they weren't athletes...Tony Kanaan weighs 65 kg and can bench press 136 kg). Bourdais was definitely one of the least as far as interested in going to the gym, he's just not that kind of guy, he's older, he has a wife and a kid. He had other things to do and wanted to enjoy his time a little more. Now, all there is is the IRL, which is a pathetic series with slow cars that don't turn right very well. You won't see anyone get hired from there, and rightfully so. And yes, an F1 driver could easily dominate the IRL, even Piquet. In Champ Car, if you were a winner in F1, you'd run with the big guys. In NASCAR, it's just so foreign. JPM's finally gotten the hang of it but hasn't finished in the top five yet this year.
  4. It SHOULD always be the winner. Don't care if Sutil puts a Force India in P2 on an eight-stop strategy in the dry whilst pregnant and battling with AIDS. If he didn't win, he didn't get the 10 points, so he's not the DOD according to the F1 rulebook, and I like rules, and following them. However to p**s people off I deleted my vote for Webber and changed it to Alonso.
  5. Dear Shaliq, Have you ever noticed your surname is in your forename? I found that cool. Also, don't be offended that it's a girls' name. The girl I know with that name is a very nice person. Also, please never design something that looks like the Fiat 500. Design me a rusty Dodge pickup truck instead. Or a lawn mower. Or an aerodynamic carbon fiber bred-for-racing donkey. Thank you, Cinco (which means five. If you put Cinco and Burro together, you get 5 Butter, and 5 is the number of kilograms of butter I put on my fried chicken, so it makes a lot of sense).
  6. Don't take it the wrong way...but does anybody really care who wins DOD, or gets a single vote in DOD, or anything? We aren't exactly voting for president of the universe. (BY THE WAY VOTE FOR FISICHELLA HE'S THE BESTEST DRIVERS EVER!!!11111111111)
  7. Elgo. Here is a sexy pic of Canadian guy who loooves his Tim Hortons for you: I hope it makes up for the pain and injustice Argento has caused you by posting that other pic.
  8. Dear Shaliq Double-A (your surname is also a girl's forename in my part of the world, isn't that soooo funny and cool? I didn't think so either), Design pretty cars. Recent studies show the next gen of car buyers (MEEEEEEE!!!!!) only care about cars looking good and have supercool technology. They don't care about performance in the very least, that's only a select few like Danny. Cars are become like cell phones for the next gen car buyer: you want one that looks cool and does stuff, but no one looks at "oh I have 9308492384923 gigabytes of memory" just like no one says "well I have this much torque" anymore. Cars have gone from status symbol to a must-have appliance. If you offered the next-gen car buyer a new iPhone or a new car, a large amount would take the iPhone. It's an accessory that does cool stuff. So make pretty cars that look awesome and have cool stuff like that Microsoft Sync deal where you can call people without being distracted. Don't make fast cars, those are for baby boomers who still think cars are all about status. Best of luck. Give me a free car when you design one. Thank you. Eric
  9. I saw 30 seconds of Transformers 2. I didn't enjoy it. Don't see it. Someone I know dressed up as Harry Potter and went to see it. I'm embarrassed to live in the same town as that person. I don't intend on seeing it. It said it was the best one ever. So it probably wasn't good if it enjoyed it. There's my review. Hope it helps.
  10. Dear canyouhandleit, I would like to apologize for my not-so-nice reply to your post. Having re-read it, is is apparent your post was not spam, but just conversation. I am sorry for assuming you were a spammer. Please enjoy your television viewing tonight! Thank you. Cinco
  11. Noo. It is his fault. It's karma. For being such a prick and looking like a raccoon and whoring himself out to Red Bull.
  12. He's kind of a prick, already talking trash and he hasn't taken a lap in an F1 car. What he's saying about Bourdais is probably true, but for a guy who has a whole lot of bad things to say about other drivers, how's that 0 podiums in 2009 working out for you, honey? He'll get his a## handed to him. Bourdais says he'll be in Hungary, as does Nic Todt. Probably as a spectator, but it seems to be far from official who is doing what.
  13. Wow...Kimsi is mighty quick if he's already given his crabs to the new guy.
  14. Sideways move if they're lucky. Has he ever even taken a lap in an F1 car?
  15. Cinco

    Today In F1

    We can put the JayVee return rumors to rest now. Ol' Jacques was at it again in a lower-level stock car feeder series (NASCAR Canadian Tire) race on a small oval in Qu
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