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  1. I can't tell you how much fun I've had with being BettyBoop Bruce - helped me keep in touch with my feminine side, so it did Funny, Russ had me rumbled on the first post, but the funniest bit is how the male 'members' that hadn't twigged behaved completely differently to Betty as they do to Meds, it's true, us blokes are led by our knob I'd promised myself I'd come clean today anyway, I think I could have been tempted to go for a bit of girl on girl action... I'd also thought of telling Argento that I'm a 72 yr old grandma with tits round my knees RIP BettyB............ but she might be resurrected for replying to complete twats Cheers Bruce, and keep the avatar will ya? John
  2. I translated 'bonito culo y nada vulgaris' in Babelfish, and it says "tuna a## and nothing vulgaris". I will need to give this some thought. Maybe I need to douche?
  3. Hello Elgo. I am Fanny to English, Fennel to Americans and Foeniculum Vulgare to pepole from other places. For shortening, you can call me Vulgare if you like. Unless you prefer Fanny? I can make exception for you. I am very pleased you are saying I am a hero for you but I cannot, because i am girl too and I see that men here get excited by girls together. Do you think they are very young or just very cheerful people with sense of humour? Abbas is James Bond and has a boy friend called Mr Aston Martin. Do you know if Abbas is truthfuly speaking or, as they say in English 'trying to get into my knickers'? He won't succed in this venture because all of my knickers are in Moscow. All of this is not good because I want to talk about my favourite drivers and F1, and technology. I find DOF of interest. He is kind of man I can spend time with talking about such as diffusors and suspension belts and the bump and rebound and how the ground effects make cars grind on the floor and how modern cars are missing technology, I miss grinding mostly. I have been seeing some of your posts and see that you are from Spain? Is Mr Alonso your favourite driver? I like him too, but I think his eyebrows would distract intimate moments so he would need to shave. I could shave him. What is Jocasta? Is this new coffee shop in city? And Kutty K? Are these enjoyable pills?
  4. Yes, is common for men to think with d#ck. I not being cheeky, but have you looked in your pants Mr Pumpdoc?
  5. I am giving you a wink Mr Gorilla
  6. I am sorry Quiet One. If your post count is high you should take some tablets. My mother had a high blood problem count (in English I know not), and she had a high stool count too. But that is gone now. It was windy.
  7. Thank you Quiet One. I know from board watching that you are the one they make the fun from with regard to your hair. This is silly, many women like men with head like yours. Personally I like something to hang on to, but you seem to be nice man, but not very quiet. Is there any dating on this site? I don't think I could date you if you know that Kimi sucks. But I won't hold it aganst you, we should all be happy with our sexuality.
  8. Thank you Abbas, sorry to have made remark of matrimonial website, I spend long time translating for my friends about what they say to western gentlemen. They always ask me to lie about their measurings. Naturally my accent is Russian. I am Russian, that is why. Why do you drive Aston MArtin? Doesn't he mind? I am sorry Tifosi if I made you laugh in the wrong time. Please tell me when I make a mistake, i am always liking to learn more English and especially I am fascinated with English slanging. Your welcomes are warming me very much. I have a friend who is from China and I have told her about this website and that it is very funny, and good for Formula 1 sport. I will tell her to join and enjoy you all.
  9. Hi everyone I am big fan of Formula 1, I am translator from Russia, but I am not looking for western husband on this website. My name is not really BettyBoop, so please call me Fanny. Unless you are American, I hate to think you were thinking of me as bottom. So if you are American, please to call me Fennel. If you're from Canada or from any other countries, you can call me Foeniculum Vulgare. Any way, I have been a fan of this site for a while now, so thought I'd join in, please be gentle with me! My favourite driver is Kimi, as you can probably tell from my avatar - they don't call him Ice Man for nothing! I take this picture of him breaking ice with his big chopper when he was in Finland recently, and I couldn't resist slapping it up there to let you all know I am sucker of the strong silent type. Other drivers? Over time there is a few I have been up and down on for a while, but Kimi was the one that stood out for me. I can't wait to see him getting down to it this season, when we are finished, where do you all think he'll come? I like many sports, but mostly like I like anything fast and furious with with big strong men in it. Well, as they say where I come from, I look forward to imparting of the cheese with you.
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