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  1. I read on so many boards the desire for "better" (closer) racing and more equity between cars. I don't understand why anyone, watching the best the racing world has to offer, expect 10 different constructors to design, fabricate, and develop individual vehicles that run at the same speed. A preposterous thought when it's supposed to be the exhibition of who can create, and who can drive, the highest tech race cars on the planet. Why does anyone want to lower the bar for this demonstration, when there are other series that have diluted themselves to put on the desired "show". . If a "better "show" is required, may I suggest the spec/kit car populated IndyCar for you. The cars are all off-the-shelf Dallara DW12s (for the passed 12 years and on into the future) with mandated body panels and other components for your. Can't go wrong with exactly the same cars playing follow the leader, and pass and re-pass since they're so equal. How exciting.😒 How about sports car racing that has diminished to another "choreographed" show with it's BoPing (Balance of Performance) from race to race, and other gimmicks to keep the "competition" (tee-hee, that's funny) nice and close for you. Of course, there's also NASCRAP....excuse me.....NASCAR.....for the uninititaed masses that think they're watching a "sport"...... Leave F1 alone, please.
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