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  1. Jokes

    I set off to go to the gym this morning but I realized I lost my membership card. A new one costs £10. Cheesecake and Pepsi is £4.00. Guess who saved £6.00?
  2. Strategy

    Does this company want 2 B associated with, being the organization that KEEPS quitting - again and AGAIN
  3. Strategy

    >There is NO such thing as bad publicity. Brand awareness Raising awareness of a brand - F1 HAS a world wide audience - THAT brand IS seen around the WORLD
  4. Strategy

    It is NOT difficult at ALL to say today what they decided It IS LOGICAL, Honda produce and sell a number of products. If they left AGAIN. The knock on effect THAT would have on the OTHER products WOULD B affected - Leaving F1 AGAIN would damage the Honda brand. I am unsure of the statistics but, Honda WOULD join Mercedes in the Record times for leaving F1
  5. Strategy

    U MISSED out Ferrari. What about Ferrari in all this?
  6. Strategy

    Renault - will they, won`t they ? 50/50 Phone a friend? Rumours surrounding Renault, stayin or leavin F1 ? As a supplier (to Mclaren) or a works team. Red Bull got out, after years of success - picking up Mclaren`s Honda leftovers
  7. Jokes

    I had amnesia once.... ....maybe twice
  8. Jokes

    You can tell a lot about a person by their car For example, if it's in a ditch, it's a woman
  9. Strategy

    Re: Inept are regulations holding them back from day one ??? Strange concept - Mercedes have NOT had ANY issues, along with others. These - inept regulations R NOT inept to OTHERS
  10. Jokes

    Most people write "Congrats" on cards, because they can't spell congrashulashuns
  11. Jokes

    A Scotsman and Irishman walk into a bar. As they walk in the Scotsman proclaims loudly for all to hear “Drinks for the house, on me!” The next day in the newspaper the headlines reads ‘Irish ventriloquist found beaten to death”
  12. Strategy

    Ruslan Re: You want airtime....hit a Mercedes or a Ferrari !!! >Following the theory of, there is NO such thing as bad publicity There is NO longevity in THAT suggestion (hit a Mercedes or a Ferrari !!!) A really GOOD strategy IS LOT`S of pit stops WILL B replayed over, and OVER - whatever
  13. Jokes

    My sister prayed for snow on her wedding day. Even though this didn't happen, she did get 8 inches on her Honeymoon night.
  14. Strategy

    In a DIFFERENT era. That WAS the V8 era, so can NOT compare - it is NOT like 4 like Next U WILL B sayin that 4 apples R better than 3 oranges
  15. Strategy

    There IS an idiom for that, Jack of all trades Master of none