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  1. F1 General discussion

    For a beauty Mercedes. I HAVE a Mercedes 190E:2.5 16 IN my garage Mercedes Cosworth
  2. Alonso F1 return

    All teams R competitive, otherwise they would NOT B competing
  3. Alonso F1 return

    I started this thread, not because I have some idea of plans. Just 2 get other peoples thoughts, 2 discuss basically. Though I have identified sufficient reasoning for his return - 2 B in the record books again, and possibly do somethin that even Schumacher could NOT do. Make a successful return - that WOULD make HIM the better driver.
  4. F1 General discussion

    It is NOT workin for William`s - powered by Mercedes. Their chassis MUST B terrible - the current BEST PU 4 the past x YEARS - at the BACK of the grid. Mercedes NOT gettin ANY good publicity from Williams.
  5. Alonso F1 return

    Alonso HAS the possibility of bettering Schumachers records IF Alonso RETURNS to F1. Alonso has NOT thought his F1 exist through. OK Alonso would probably NOT win more WDC`s than Schumacher but. He could do somethin that Schumacher could NOT, which WOULD B BETTER. At this time Alonso HOLDS the record for, the youngest driver ... cant remember what for but, it IS on record that Alonso is the youngest driver to achieve it. Anyway Schumacher left F1 and returned, starting the Mercedes revolution. Until experiencing his injury. Now IF Alonso returns, that WOULD B something 2 better Schumachers records with. IF Alonso returns, he could achieve a record of his own - whatever that record is ??? If Alonso did successfully gain a record, he would B able to have a record for, the youngest driver to ... and a record for the oldest driver to ... BOTH at the SAME time.
  6. Zoos

    We HAVE changed things 2 PLEASE. But things are STILL the same, so the message RECEIVED IS clearly wrong. Zoo`s ... HAVE closed (renamed ...en-capture, ...park life, ...) in response 2 the message, and so Coca-Cola CAN make MORE $$$ So maybe God is NOT sending a message because Corona Virus STILL occurred EVEN though we pleased HIM.
  7. Which way?

    U do NOT understand my position correctly. Ron Dennis Made the statement about, only an engine manufacturer CAN win in F1. Thus followed the failed, Mclaren - Honda project. If U look most of the grid R factory teams or the sister team. There R NO truly independent teams. I would have liked 2 have seen a team bring back Cosworth into this era. Like Ron did with Mclaren Honda initially
  8. New member

    NOT F1 RELATED How CAN ANYBODY go on dates with LOCKIN ?? SAVE the country - help save the world STAY at HOME
  9. Which way?

    > Mclaren WERE unofficially the Mercedes WORKS team, under Ron Until Mercedes BOUGHT Brawn - Ron would NOT sell out 2 Mercedes. Honda WERE different. Also have separate company, Mclaren roadcar which like Mclaren F1 team, do NOT produce their OWN engine. Ferrari DO, Mercedes DO, Mclaren - CUSTOMER team
  10. F1 General discussion

    IF Honda RBR 2 continue then OBVIOUSLY AlphaTauri WILL AlphaTauri IS Honda RBR sister team
  11. Covid-19

    I was told it was ok to go shopping wearing gloves and a mask. But they were wrong, everyone else had clothes on
  12. Which way?

    Is Renault leaving Formula 1? 'Maybe McLaren had no choice >Reverse that, Did Mclaren HAVE a choice, and is Renault leaving F1?
  13. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    zF1 eSports race cut short by technical problems Virus gettin everywhere !!
  14. Covid-19

    Trust me, the worst hasn't even started yet. Just wait until the Jehovah's Witnesses realise everyone is stuck at home...
  15. COVID-19 and its effect upon F1

    Re: CAREY: WE DON’T NEED TEAMS’ APPROVAL TO REVISE 2020 CALENDAR > But U DO NEED teams, otherwise there will B NO 2020 Calendar