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  1. First race

    3 retirements in the first race. 2 powered by Renault That IS 66% of retirements, or realistically more than half of all retirements powered by Renault !!
  2. I did Monaco - Casino is REALLY good, can see the track easily and the screens are available so U can see the action around the other side of the track. I did it as a coach trip from UK. Saved a LOT of hassel - I didn`t use these for Monaco but I used them for Spa, try
  3. McLaren need to go "back to basics" in 2019

    So much for Alonso`s opinion. Alonso suggested that the 2019 Mclaren - MCL34 is it ?? unsure of the prefix, IS surprisingly good. ?? Strange idea, in FP2 ONLY Williams R WORSE, and they HAVE Mercedes PU
  4. McLaren need to go "back to basics" in 2019

    Next bite, aiming for the podium !!! Re: Maybe in one race or two >That IS a start, and obviously the next step of progression. But who knows what they guys in Woking have come up with ?? We will find out on Sunday !!
  5. Sneaky design

    The wheels are NOT round but, they go around Water is wet - except when it IS dry ice !!
  6. Showin their hand

    The Merc-Lewis combo IS borin NO entertainment - SO predictable
  7. So WRONG

    Why HAVE Williams got it, so wrong ? They have the current championship winning PU Yet they R last - the slowest
  8. Australia opener

    Whilst anything can happen. Pre season generally is a good indication. That said though, were there ANY indications in pre season before the dominance of. Red Bull then the current Mercedes dominance ?
  9. McLaren need to go "back to basics" in 2019

    Mclaren did NOT partner with Renault to WIN trophies. Mclaren DID partner with for, stability and reliability, after the disastrous Honda project Once Mclaren are regulars in the midfield THEN can start aiming for the regular WINS It IS like eating an elephant - U can NOT do it ALL at ONCE. If U make the elephant smaller, by cutting it up into smaller more manageable bites. When ALL the bites have been consumed, have eaten an elephant. To finish first, first you must finish. Mclaren powered by Renault are now regularly finishing races - a bite of the elephant Next bite, aiming for the podium !!!
  10. Brexit

    I respectfully DISAGREE. Arguably money - well spent That money WERE spent. Years LATER - still TALKIN about it Even though, the brands are NOT in F1 now and never ACHIEVED anythin in F1. Brand awareness is STILL created - WITHOUT anything tangible
  11. Gives U wings & ...

    Red Bull is FULL of Taurine Taurine IS an organic molecule (not an amino acid) named for the Latin taurus, which means ox or bull, because originally taurine was extracted from bull semen and ox bile. So drinkin Red Bull FULL, of taurine - bull semen IS like swallowin Bull Spunk !!
  12. Brexit

    Re: Go sell your p**sy drinks elsewhere! > Not at all, THAT would B a BAD idea. Red Bull HAS created awareness Sure Red Bull IS enjoyin the exposure of a fizzy drink But, Red Bull has invested heavily, CREATIN the on-going exposure - people R interested in F1 because of a fizzy drink People R interested in a fizzy drink because of F1 Energy drinks - WHATEVER label IS the new tobacco in F1 Caffeine Taurine ...
  13. Brexit

    Maybe but Money talks in sport. Why do U think Red BULL are here - world expose to a fizzy drink I am unsure why, Coke and Pepsi are not in F1 Though some of their brands are
  14. Showin their hand

    To finish first. first U must finish !! Can B as fast as anything but, if don`t finish - waste of time
  15. Showin their hand

    Why are Ferrari showin their hand? Pre-season testin is traditionally about bein cautious and secretive, NOT wantin to give other teams ideas, about where U R at. But Ferrari HAVE come out of the garage on full steam. It is NOT like Ferrari need the publicity, to sell a fizzy drink. The world ALREADY knows the Ferrari name