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  1. How to Recover Hacked Gmail Account

    This ^^^^^^^^^^ has NOTHING to do with GF1. Why am I seeing this, OBVIOUS information
  2. Difficult times for Honda

    Re:Honda say that Mercedes and Ferrari's ability to bend the rules of engine development without overstepping the mark has been a crucial factor in their dominance of Formula... >Seems to me that Honda are having difficult times adapting to the new regulations. Also forgetting that Renault has ALSO managed a period of dominance. Honda HAD a period of dominance with McLaren AND Williams. Renault came along and dominated with, Williams (designed by Newey) then further down the line. Renault dominated with Red Bull (designed by Newey)
  3. Hype

    It seems by recent reports that McLaren HAVE found something. A lot of people were beginning to question the appointment at McLaren of Zak Brown. When, what can he deliver?? This mornings news suggest he IS about to deliver something big. Coca-Cola, have already become sponsors. Though it is thought that something bigger is about to be announced regarding a McLaren and Coca-Cola partnership. Many have tried to lure Coca-Cola in the past. Zak Brown managed to get his foot in the door on the 2018 McLaren. What will officially be announced and confirmed?
  4. Re:...turn off the lights on their way out >Bonjour as they say in France
  5. McLaren need to go "back to basics" in 2019

    Indeed McLaren DID have a concept, some time ago now. A THIRD pedal, to brake the front and rear wheels separately. A nice idea but the FIA banned it, declaring that it gave 4 wheel drive ability. People/teams HAVE looked at different wheel configurations, notably. Double wheels/tyres, and the tri-concept - 3 wheels
  6. Give U my word

    I promise to drunk, I am NOT god
  7. This is a phrase OFTEN booted around, need to go "back to basics" It does NOT actually say ANYTHING Lets look at that again. Go back to basics,; isn`t changing the PU going back to basics? Isn`t installing a new CEO, and team leader/manager, whatever U want to call it. Going back to basics Isn`t having a new driver pairing going back to basics? McLaren HAVE done all these things, consistent with going back to basics With little success. So going back to basics will NOT guarantee ANYTHING What McLaren actually NEEDS is a concept !! Something to build on, instead of just making it fit, and hoping for the best.
  8. Williams Signs AT&T As New Title Sponsor

    cavallino Re:Teams don't rise out of thin air > RedBull Racing DID Where/who were, RedBull Racing until Newey? Then suddenly out of thin air, finger boy (Vettel) and RedBull Racing DOMINATE for YEARS and soon disappeared off the radar. NOW partnering with Honda and their $$MILLIONS hoping for a similar impact.
  9. Williams Signs AT&T As New Title Sponsor

    ykickamoocow Re: Red Bull has a extremely experienced design >Is this why these people ARE in sport because the ARE so dumb, didn`t they go to school? The correct saying SHOULD have been; >> Red Bull has AN extremely experienced design
  10. Hype

    There IS a LOT of media coverage, and hype surrounding Red Bull Honda. Does anybody think that this is real progress by Honda? When Honda FIRST returned to F1, reuniting their partnership with McLaren There were also a lot of hype and speculation. Considering the original McLaren Honda partnership won all but 1 races in a full season The reunited partnership quickly eroded and ended. With McLaren and Red Bull swapping suppliers The Renault partnership has provided McLaren with the reliability that they desire, but not the speed/performance. Will the Red Bull Honda hype deliver? Will the guys in Woking come up with something. After all Newey DID work in Woking, designing the MP4 That powered Mika Hakkinen to 2 WDC`S (1998/1999) Somebody must have picked up a few hints, tips and tricks !!
  11. Champagne

    A breathalyser !!!
  12. 2018 F1 season - discussion

    >Have to PAY for it - NOT free ...^^^ are you talkin about sex or, F1 ??
  13. KIMI

    Re:... a GREAT ambassador for the sport of F1 >Kimi IS leaving F1 - 1 race left for Kimi !!
  14. Brazilian GP

    The 2018 Brazilian GP, marks 5 years since Mclaren`s LAST win. Jenson Button winning for Mclaren Mercedes. When will Mclaren win again? They tried the unknown with Honda, but the Honda project were a disaster Maybe try something different again? Bring Cosworth BACK into F1, like did with Honda. Be the Cosworth works team. Only rookie drivers now at Mclaren, Alonso leavinf F1. DON`T have to try to keep him anymore in the F1 team
  15. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Indeed Hamilton has had an enormous run of success in the Mercedes, winning four of his five titles with the Silver Arrows and his first title came in a Mclaren Mercedes.All of his 5 word championships have been powered by Mercedes