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  1. 2018 F1 season - discussion

    >Have to PAY for it - NOT free ...^^^ are you talkin about sex or, F1 ??
  2. KIMI

    Re:... a GREAT ambassador for the sport of F1 >Kimi IS leaving F1 - 1 race left for Kimi !!
  3. Brazilian GP

    The 2018 Brazilian GP, marks 5 years since Mclaren`s LAST win. Jenson Button winning for Mclaren Mercedes. When will Mclaren win again? They tried the unknown with Honda, but the Honda project were a disaster Maybe try something different again? Bring Cosworth BACK into F1, like did with Honda. Be the Cosworth works team. Only rookie drivers now at Mclaren, Alonso leavinf F1. DON`T have to try to keep him anymore in the F1 team
  4. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Indeed Hamilton has had an enormous run of success in the Mercedes, winning four of his five titles with the Silver Arrows and his first title came in a Mclaren Mercedes.All of his 5 word championships have been powered by Mercedes
  5. Alonso

    Fernando Alonso has been cunning with praise for Lewis Hamilton who clinched his fifth Formula 1 World Champion title with fourth place at the Mexican Grand Prix, bagging enough points to wrap up the 2018 championship with two rounds still remaining. Alonso who endured a fractious year as Hamilton’s teammate at McLaren in 2007, but since then mutual respect has grown between the two drivers. He also pointed out that Hamilton has endured excellent service from Mercedes who have consistently provided the Briton with a race winning car and prior to that it was Sebastian Vettel who had the advantage of a great car when he bagged his four titles in a row between 2010 and 2013. Speaking to reporters after the race at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Alonso claimed, “I think we all could have a run in championships like Lewis had or Sebastian had – he won four championships and he had half a second or one second advantage to the next car.” “That was the right time and the right moment and the right car. You need to be on those places to win that amount of championships,” added the two times F1 World Champion whose own career was blighted by poor decision making off the track. When asked to rank the Mercedes driver among the all-time greats, he responded, “It’s difficult to rank in different times, different eras of Formula 1.” “Some of the championships you are fighting until the last race, some of the championships you are winning against your team-mate. Arguably Lewis lost with Nico one of those championships.” However, the Spaniard acknowledged, “He is one of the top so I think he should be happy with that. And it’s not finished yet. I think next year he starts as a favourite again so that is a good thing.”
  6. 2018 Mexican Grand Prix

  7. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    Re: ps. an honourable mention to Vandoorne for qualifying less than a tenth/sec behind Alonso. Probably his best quali. >But he has STILL been out qualified by him . SVD has NOT qualified better than Alonso ALL season in the sister Mclaren
  8. 2018 Mexican Grand Prix

    Alonso 1 second off of pole with the SAME PU
  9. 2018 Mexican Grand Prix

    4 of the top 8 in qualifying ARE powered by Renault. That IS 50% of the top 8., including P1 & P2 Front row lock out by Renault. Is THIS a return to form of Renault? Torro Rosso Honda are P14 & P15 The points are handed out on Sunday though
  10. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    If he SHOULD BE, he would be. BIG give-away that he is NOT !!
  11. Alonso

    US GP winner,Kimi-SHOWING that age is NO barrier, It saddens me to think, Kimi WERE Mika`s (Hakkinen) young up and coming replacement. Kimi is also Now about to retire. Alonso, doing the Ross & Rachel thing - we were on a break !!
  12. Vettel gets grid drop for red-flag speeding

    TOTALLY AGREE - stats PROVE the SAME thing
  13. Current standings

    Hamilton Vs Vettell IS the modern-day rivalry Like Schumacher Vs Hakkinen Prost Vs Senna And we have the likes of Alonso floating around, popping up, until he leaves, at end of season to pursue further
  14. Alonso

    As people we are never a finished project. We are CONTINUOUSLY learning NEW things. It IS just which end of the development scale are at
  15. Alonso

    Mclaren should NOT be compared with Red Bull. Mclaren WERE works Honda, but gave that up for Renault reliability. Torro Rosso are NOW the works Honda - what Mclaren dropped for Renault