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  1. Current standings

    Just speculation,nothing has been CONFIRMED
  2. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Whilst Hamilton goes,from strength to strength. Where IS his competition???????? Vettel is hardly PROVING himself as a World beater, away from Newey designed Red Bull Alonso IS off to Indy Who ARE the NEXT Champions - where WILL they come from??
  3. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    It IS kind of obvious, are you a paint by numbers kind of guy, VicVenom
  4. Honda

    OBVIOUSLY they WILL B In the GOOD old.days of Ron - He HAD a dream. The British Ferrari But things take time. And he $old out to Honda
  5. I wouldn’t expect any miracles

    Cosworth a BETTER option Works status AGAIN The BEST of British - MARKETING options available Renault deal WERE good, it KEPT Alonso. But Alonso OFF 2 do other projects
  6. Honda

    5 year plan to solve McLaren problems, starting from WHEN??
  7. Race 15 - F1 2018 Singapore GP

    Kimster showin Ferrari just what they WILL B missing !!! On target in FP, can he deliver Where it counts !! Qually AND the race
  8. Honda

    Alonso AHEAD of BOTH Torro Rosso Honda in FP1 Redbull Renault showing Mclaren powered by Renault that there is nowhere to HIDE. What happened to the BEST car on the grid, NOW no Honda to blame
  9. 2019 Silly season

    Now it IS a Ferrari !!! B team, Alfa Romeo - Ferrari WITHOUT the prancing horse
  10. “We’ll continue to push on this car, but unfortunately we’ve produced an extremely poor race car that is not that responsive to changes, which I think tells you inherently, we just don’t have a good race car. Ultimately, Brown asked fans not to expect any miraculous improvements between now and the end of the campaign. >Is THAT code? Obviously will ALWAYS play-down any expectations, so NOT to look foolish if it goes, tits-up Why would he openly comment? He was not specifically asked, he VOLUNTEERED the information
  11. 2019 Silly season

    Kubica though WILL bring marketing and awareness WHEREVER he IS in F1
  12. Current standings

    NO conclusion just sayin I REMEMBER the Glory years of William`s Renault Designed by A.Newey Challenging Mclaren Honda for race WINS
  13. 2019 Silly season

    So MANY people in the KNOW So MANY different VERSIONS of what IS happening It probably aint so - Kimi to leave F1 at years end
  14. Current standings

    At THIS time. Mercedes occupies FIRST and LAST in the constructors. FIRST with the works / factory team LAST with Williams team
  15. Mclaren-Renault

    Mclaren SHOULD have some links to/with Torro Rosso. After swapping Honda WORKS status