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  1. Embarrassing

    Indeed Sakae, I TOTALLY agree. But to paraphrase Ron Denis; Second IS first of the losers Formula 1 WILL always be, a WINNER (in the current format - a format that we KNOW - AND love). However anything ELSE would just, come SECOND (first of the losers).
  2. Embarrassing

    Where IS the competition in THAT ??
  3. Hello everyone

    Re: I haven’t seen any new posts this year from anyone else. ? Well U DID post THAT New Years DAY !! lol - just sayin, some people HAVE jobs
  4. Jokes

    Did you know that 97% of the world is stupid? Luckily I’m in the other 5%..
  5. Jokes

    Why don’t libraries have books about suicide? >They don’t get returned.
  6. Jokes

    I'm opening a gym called "Resolutions" It'll have exercise equipment for the first two weeks, then turn into a bar for the rest of the year
  7. Embarrassing

    What's with McLaren? Are they closing the door? >Back when Ron WERE running the show. Ron had a dream - the British Ferrari, Formula 1 team, and road car. Ron ACHIEVED the dream, B 4 being outstead. There is NO passion anymore within Mclaren 2 B the BEST. The failed Honda project, could have moved Mclaren BACK to the TOP of F1. Though the Japanese did NOT deliver what were hoped. Renault have just stabilised and brought reliability. If U do the same as everybody else, U will B the same as everybody else.
  8. Embarrassing

    Point I was making, that a decision by one may or may not necessarily mean their partner will follow. If Honda DO leave AGAIN. WHERE does that leave RBR ? Put ALL their egg`s in the Honda basket. Burned bridges with Renault
  9. Embarrassing

    RBR technically IS Honda, well what were formally Torro Roso
  10. Embarrassing

    Just read a comment regarding Renault: They R half pregnant - U R either pregnant OR not pregnant HOW can U B half pregnant ? That IS Y Red Bull HAVE gone 2 Honda - Honda knows what it MUST do, but will it B able?? Renault IS neither or - HAS been that way for some time now. Back in the day of the Alonso glory years for Renault - SEEMS the impossible But it is only impossible until it IS done
  11. Embarrassing

    The POINT in the above ^^^ Post IS ???
  12. Jokes

    Porn is fake as hell. Tried to fcuk my Step Momma and now I'm homeless...
  13. Embarrassing

    Re: team appearing to have aced pre-season testing > appearances CAN B deceiving
  14. 2021 Rule Changes

    one of the brightest among us It IS a dark room
  15. For the few

    Rimming WOULD have a double m. Like bubble HAS a double b.