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  1. Now I'm just a little afraid. I see there is a "get stuck in / sink or swim" vibe here. I must say, ^ that was some rather superb "twisting right there though" Thanks again.
  2. Thanks. I like to at least try and support my fellow Brits (seeing as I don't in any other sports lol). The impending prospect of next seasons Mclaren team is most appealing to me, Jenson and Lewis. If I really really had to choose one between them, ah I can't lol, I guess I have more respect for Button, but would prefer to watch Hamilton race for some reason Next season, if they are both at Mclaren will be great for my viewing pleasure.
  3. Hello all. I've been lurking for a few weeks & felt a bit dirty about it so I signed up. (couldn't see any of the pics either lol) Great forum, very entertaining to read and wanted to get involved. I'm a UK-kinda-part-time-love-hate F1 fan, which seems to change from season to season to be honest.
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