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  1. Championship Over?

    Hi! Its good to see the old gang from time to time...
  2. McLaren set to divorce from Honda

    Yes indeed..
  3. Championship Over?

    Don´t know... Lets put both with the same car and we´ll see... obviously this is a case of better hardware than driver.
  4. Championship Over?

    I think Hamilton will be champ again, he´s got the better car, he is more experienced and he doesnt have the enemy at home like last year... he now has a team driver that is always looking to help him and not to race him... he is more relaxed and focused. Vettel has the pressure on... and that pressure is getting bigger and bigger every day, with a car that is not the fastest all the races. Mercedes is still at another league.
  5. Mclaren problems

    Of course some things were unacceptable under Ron domination, but anyway things happened, he was though, but human at the end
  6. Mclaren problems

    Never is a word that you never have to use...
  7. McLaren set to divorce from Honda

    Well... the divorce is set and done... Don´t underestimate Renault Technology, they are following a plan, and the results are there... Mclaren chassis is good, they just need a better engine to be a better team and shake over the pressure, Honda needed a new team to work with too... In about two years, Renault and Mclaren will be fighting for the wins... you will see.
  8. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Sin duda!!! What happened to the was quite crowded, now I noticed it kinda lonely... Abrazo hermano!
  9. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    So its still the same old place...
  10. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Hi mates... just visiting the old friends... how is this place going? greetings!
  11. Happy Birthday Ecap!!

    Thanks everybody... is really good to see that you still remember me Lets have a great 2013 season! Go Kimmi!
  12. Happy Birthday Ecap!!

    Completely agree with you! Its not late... in mexico is still my birthday! hahaha greetings
  13. Happy Birthday Ecap!!

    Haha thanks... Its been a very good birthday today... greetings to everybody
  14. T Minus 1 Month

    Lets the party begin!...
  15. Today In F1

    at the end of the 1999 season Brawn and Fry sold the 75% of their shareholding to Mercedes... they still keep the 25%... ---edit--- ups... rainmaster with a better answer... haha... I didnt know that