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  1. Get ****ing prepared girlie. I'm home tomorrow. I want red carpet, lots of food and a glass of bubbly, NONE OF YOUR Sh#tE MUSIC, and I'll even let you manicure my nails! Luv ya, you big daft bird. See u at home tomo xxxx

  2. come on girl get better asap the world misses you

  3. cant post Steph is alright she is doin well in intensive care she may be allowed back to ward tonite if anythin else will let u know Larissa.

  4. Hey. You still coming to see me on Sunday? Don't forget the fudge. And also, you need to get on here more. Call me after 1pm. Miss ya. Hope I'm outta here ASAP.

  5. stephs been in accident have put on forum [email protected] i will be on later nobody but family and close ones allowed to hosp will keep u updated i will take stephs phone off her mum have to go meet her with some clothes

  6. Larissa. You don't have to message me on my profile. Send me a private message. Thanks.

  7. hey and ur txt stop worrying will u nothing will change ur ok and person will contact u when its cool too ok, xxxxxx

  8. well u know i mean details, plans???

  9. come on girl details

  10. I got your txt. Yes. Its on like Donkey Kong. Thank you, that is all.

  11. shut up, you freak!! you deserve a slap you tart!

  12. havent touched ur jd but its tempting i know its not urs either so ok ok ok i know lol

  13. yes they are but stoats never will

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