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  1. See that dog poo over there? Thats you, that is.

  2. stephs been in accident have put on forum [email protected] i will be on later nobody but family and close ones allowed to hosp will keep u updated i will take stephs phone off her mum have to go meet her with some clothes

  3. yes they are but stoats never will

  4. feels like dancing, baby

  5. I'm glad ducks are catching on.

  6. I only like them on my plate, with pancakes and hoi sin sauce.

  7. Thanks for the welcome, herewith, answers to your excellent questions: 1. Stoke on Trent 2. Christmas 1993 3. Yes, but the only mime he does is of someone who isn't playing charades. 5. five.
  8. How extraordinary. I quite like ducks too.

  9. Hello to all. Supporting: British teams & British drivers. About me: I once met Lionel Blair Interests: extreme photocopying, upwards skydiving, synchronised walking. Favourite colour: yes.
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