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  1. I think technically hamilton broke no rules as he moved before the following car did, but he was warned so we wont see it again.
  2. Downforce Restrictions, Wings And Fins

    My own thoughts are the reason we have less overtaking is due to it been less emphasis put on driver skill. I will give some examples. 1 - lower straight line speed combined with higher cornering speed means lower braking distances and some corners are now flat out when they were not before, fix would be less aero grip and higher engine power. 2 - semi automatic gearboxes means missed gear changes are not really a problem anymore, bring back manuals and mistakes will return giving overtaking oppurtunities. 3 - blue flags mean a car been passed has to deliberatly make space for the leadersm instead scrap the blue flag and simply tell the lapped car they not allowed to block the leaders, so the leader has to go off the racing line to lap rather than the other way round, if the leaders are fighting it out when they lapping this can create some overtakes. 4 - ban pit to car radios so the driver makes the call when to pit, and isnt told how to drive.
  3. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Posting here missed this thread sorry guys.
  4. Hi Guys

    I think it was more to do with I was attacking whitmarsh for the pit stop stuff. I am also a fan of alonso and was sticking up for kov for the stick he got of whitmarsh last year, so it was probably to do with my whitmarsh comments but I will never know as they dont want to tell me.
  5. Hi Guys

    thanks guys, yeah seems more free speech allowed here.
  6. Hi Guys

    Hi guys Found this site after searching for others who got banned of a certian planetf1, for anyone curious in my story, I was defending hamilton and been critical of whitmarsh on planetf1, and bam today got a message I was temp banned, however the next link I clicked on then said I was permanently banned, I was never given an explanation and my posts are still there. I guess they didnt like my opinion. I hope I am welcome here and will try to be polite as that is the only thing I reckon I did wrong over there was been rude sometimes.