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  1. hahah! I feel as though it is a bit too late for my sanity, but thank you for the warning. And thank you all for the warm welcome. Oh, and LabradorRacer, I get mistaken very often for being Indian, especially because of my name, but I am not :) And I will post as much as I can so you can change your name to 'Maure Walker', which I think is a pretty good effort ...And aren't we all gay for Sutil?
  2. Hello all, I'm Shani, and I'm a McLaren supporter from Sydney. I've been in a few F1 forums before, but they all tend to turn to everyone attacking each other, so I thought I'd start afresh I've been following F1 since I could barely remember, because my father is a crazy Ferrari fan. Interesting dinner conversations/arguments followed. (aka attacking each other's teams) So yeah, that's really about it
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