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  1. Happy Birthday, Mr.Abbas

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Question

  3. Current Driver Market 09/10

    Updated the original post now to include new rumours.
  4. Parab

    Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had a great day!
  5. As I said elsewhere it begs the question did Nigel Tozzi script it? And yet {Ferrari} didn't pass over the opportunity to demonstrate once more how one can open one's mouth before engaging one's brain. It's like when one of their arguments against the diffuser retrospectively meant they were declaring that they themselves had broken the rules in the past. And the response: Brilliant.
  6. Question

    Ferrari's response is, well, begs the question did Nigel Tozzi script it?
  7. Happy Birthday Oli

    Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your work free evening!
  8. Happy Birthday, Insider!

    I always seem to miss everyone's birthday... I hope you had a great day!
  9. Dod Nurburgring Gp

    I did cry and not ashamed of it. I wonder if it is all CAR how come Vettel wasn't even close despite the drive through... Webber was in his own league. Simples.
  10. Ze Nurburgring Gp

    Damn this feels a lot like Hungary 2006 only much more sweeter after the winter. Hilarious that so many were going on about Vettel vs Button missing the obvious. Loved his comments in the press conference "there are a few people who doubted me as well so hello to them" Sweet, so sweet. This season is the best. I really hope we fan see a Webber and Button battle, I might have a heart attack at a young age but boy...
  11. Ze Nurburgring Gp

    The record book would say otherwise i.e. the Red Bull / Williams unreliability.
  12. Ze Nurburgring Gp

    Can somebody pinch me please! I hope tomorrow is for Webber to decide and not any of this misfortune business. He deserves the chance at the very least.
  13. Happy Birthday Pabloh

    Happy Birthday... looks like everyone needs a hug!
  14. Current Driver Market 09/10

    Interesting about Pizzonia, I was wondering when he'd show up again in the rumours! Roberto Mehri is one to watch for the future. I love looking at the 'silly season' as you get a better idea of who you may see in the future of F1 (plus Webber and Button don't have so many years left in them...)
  15. Current Driver Market 09/10

    Ditto, but they've already said he needs another year under his belt, so I would expect to have another season with no drivers younger than you.