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  1. Hahaha it's neither actually. I have used the name 'Papa Lazarou' (from the BBC comedy The League of Gentlemen) in forums in the past, so it's sorta like a shortened version of that... But I wasn't aware of the God thing. Interesting! I have seen the name in various games, never thought to look it up. Nice to meet you all the same!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm an F1 fan from the UK, in the middle of a design project for uni, which relates to future motorsport. You'll probably turn away in disgust at someone putting a survey link in their first post, but I assure you I'm not a troll. It's just 6 very simple questions. It may even promote a discussion regarding the future of electric vehicles, who knows! Anyway if you have an interest in the sport, which I assume you do on this forum, I'd be very grateful for a minute of your time:
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