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  1. I only just saw this! Sorry Ruslan. I don't know my friend, did you hit multi quote by accident? You have to click it again once you've selected the quotes you want. Other than that, I'm afraid I can't help you, sorry. Welcome Fastcars84, enjoy your time here. It's a nice group of people here I have found A fellow Seb fan eh? We'll get along.
  2. Hey pob, good to see you my friend
  3. Hi Ruslan and all. I know, I feel like a newbie, I've been away so long. I've been a with Ruslan where I was a mod (as was Ruslan and he's a seriously nice guy) I meant to come back but things happened and, well, you know how it is. Anyway, it's good to see some of the same old faces about the place. I hope you can forgive me for abandoning you.
  4. Welcome Andy from another Vettel fan who joined up here recently Have fun.
  5. I appreciate that Brad, thanks In case your wife sees this, she doesn't have to worry, I won't take it as anything other than the nice comment it was meant as I'm sure.
  6. I know it sounds odd but I happen to love watching F1 and I also enjoy pottering about in my garden between races that's all, I have another hobby I enjoy too but I'll spare you that one, I wouldn't want to put you all to sleep. I keep on seeing lots of different plants I'd like to have, I just need a bigger garden now to put them all in!
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys Yes, I am a woman, at least I was last time I looked Quiet One I do sort of like Kimi but he's never been my favourite, I like Vettel more. Yes he has his faults, they all do but at least he's honest about why he's racing the way he is. I used to like Alonso but I can't support a driver I don't respect and after the whole Singapore crashgate episode I went right off him the day he stood and looked straight down the camera saying he had no idea what had happened when we all know he did. Oh and I did read the forum some before I signed up, I think you're a nice bunch who I am hopefully going to enjoy spending some time with
  8. Hi, I'm a big F1 fan, watched every race since 1995 season and some odd ones before that. Decided at the end of last year I was done with the sport and went off to watch the bikes of motogp instead. Four races in and I was missing my fix like hell so I'm back to watching F1 again. You can see by my avatar who I am a fan of no doubt. Look forward to getting to know you all and chatting about the racing
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