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  1. Fi drivers used to be the best when they got the drives on talent. In recent years the need for sponsorship money has changed that I'd say. It's sad but true.
  2. Okay, I'll agree with number 1 Number 2 I'd dispute, some women are like that but not all of us are
  3. I thought you might Purring Sakae? Seriously? So I'm a cat now?
  4. I only just saw this! Sorry Ruslan. I don't know my friend, did you hit multi quote by accident? You have to click it again once you've selected the quotes you want. Other than that, I'm afraid I can't help you, sorry. Welcome Fastcars84, enjoy your time here. It's a nice group of people here I have found A fellow Seb fan eh? We'll get along.
  5. Thank you Kool Monkey, you saved me a lot of typing there. I agree with you 100%
  6. See the one point where we disagree is that you don't believe Hamilton should be a role model and I do. I understand what you're saying about Mercedes and so on, and I'm sure he's done wonders for them in many ways, but someone like him shouldn't be out there breaking the rules in such a public way. That to me is wrong, he does plenty of other stuff that generates publicity, law breaking can't be seen as a good thing for him or the team. The whole 'there's no such thing as bad publicity' is a myth, some of it can be very bad and who wants that? You're right Brad, we do all sin, you wouldn't be human if you didn't, but some of us just try to do it less often than others.
  7. Again, in his position it's up to him to know the rules and not break them, for me that comes with the job and the big payday. Some he might have broken without realising, others I'd wouldn't be so sure about. I'm a Christian too and honestly, I've never broken the law in my life that I'm aware of, I'm a proper goody two shoes. Oh and I don't drive either, so I've never broken any rules of the road, I never learned and now I have a health issue that would prevent me from doing so even if I wanted to.
  8. I did read your response and you're right, it's not his fault they let him get away with it. The thing is, in his position he should be more careful and not be breaking the law in the first place! As I said people like him, footballers, movie stars, singers etc. they're all supposed to set a good example to their fans. As I was always told, 'if you can't be a good example, you'll have to be a terrible warning'. Maybe that is what he'll end up being if he carries on the way he is.
  9. I might regret this but I'm going to say it anyway. I agree with Emmcee when he says it's unfair that Hamilton breaks the law and gets away with it. Laws should governe all of us, no one should be above the law and well known sportsmen who earn the kind of money Hamilton does should be setting the right example to his fans, particularly the younger ones. Most of the time I ignore Hamilton as that's the best way I've found, but when I see him (or any other famous person) doing stupid/illegal things and being allowed to get away with them, that does annoy me.
  10. We women have our own special way of getting what we want
  11. Me? Little old me? As if I'd do something like that!
  12. They have listened, they've backed down
  13. Well would you believe it, Bernie and Jean Todt have backed down?!! We're reverting to the 2015 version of quali as of China once the decision has been ratified. That is a dangerous thing in some ways, the teams now know if they work together they can force rule changes, what will they try to change next I wonder?
  14. The teams have united and sent a letter to Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone telling them they don't want aggregate qualifying, they want to revert to the 2015 version. I can hardly believe they've all found something they agree on, that's a first for a start! The big question is, will it do them any good? I really hope so.
  15. No thanks Actually you're right, he is/can be a good driver rodders, but I can't stand the guy and I can't want someone to win if I don't like them. Hence I could never be a fan of his on track.
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