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  1. Sorry, I did not mean to ruin anyone's favourite holiday destination. I like Torquay, nothing wrong with it at all. Just different from what you see here, not worse, just different. I had a nice weekend at Palazzo Versace in Main Beach/Southport, Gold Coast. The task now is to stay awake for the GP tonight. I did OK last night for qualifying but there is work to do tomorrow.
  2. I think the Falmouth thing was about fond memories being a little rose tinted. Maybe also the contrast between it and things like the beaches over here, Sydney Harbour, the Reef. As for the accent, I get revenge on them by treating them to my dulcet northern tones every day. I used to like Blackpool when I was in my teens. What you said, namechanged, is exactly what Pat said. About fifty times. I just kept laughing at the expression on his face. He was nursing his first ever hangover, which probably did not help.
  3. Thanks everybody. I was born and grew up in a tiny little village called Hodthorpe, near a slightly larger village called Whitwell. Hodthorpe is so small it has no pub. The nearest town is Worksop, Sheffield being about 12 miles away. I doubt any Australians would let me get away with not being a Pom, but here is most certainly home. I did not go back for 19 years, then my son got interested and we went for two weeks. He loved London, was underwhelmed by the midlands, loved Edinburgh, could not believe the fog which lasted all day in the Lake District and loved Dublin. The place which rocked his world was Blackpool. We were there for a flight over to Dublin and had a few hours to kill. He was simply stunned that such a place exists. I used to love Falmouth, but we should never have gone back. It was looking so tired and washed up, everyone seemed so miserable, the weather (summer) was terrible, the harbour was full of filth, mainly plastic bottles and fast food wrappers. There is no real downside to life in Australia, for me. I was fishing on the Great Barrier Reef last week, a great privilege. I never thought I would even see it and now it is an hour away by plane. the Australians around may disagree with me, but making a good living is a lot easier here although the cost of living is supposedly higher. You could have fooled me. It is hard to compare, really, you pay more for a house in Brisbane than Sheffield, but then you would, wouldn't you? Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking the UK, Australia just suits me better, for all sorts of reasons. It probably boils down to my career and the weather.
  4. I joined up because it seems to me that topics can be discussed without rudeness, unlike most forums I have viewed or joined. I am an ex Pom living in Brisbane. I have been fond of McLaren for a long, long time. As for drivers, Button, Raikkonen, Ricciardo (of course) and Rosberg appeal. I find it hard to warm to Vettel, despite his stellar performance on Top Gear. He seems quite humble, definitely humorous and engaging. I can only put it down to the finger. Hamilton frustrates me, i wish he would just drive the car and drop the mind games and XIX. He has sublime talent but I cannot help but think he squanders it, at times. I am watching the Ecclestone trial unfold with interest. Like many, the sound of the current F1 cars disappoints me. I was at the Australian Grand Prix in March and was astounded when the cars first came out. I am not keen on the rule tinkering and the ridiculous noses. I guess that puts me in the majority. Anyway, g'day from sunny Queensland.
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