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  1. Not you, WebRic, I thought you would spot that immediately, which is why I did not differentiate. I value your opinion, you know that. The person who says I have lost the plot needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror and see if what he sees is the person he would like to be. I( agree, Jem, that comments about his popularity would not mean one jot. He has been, though, rather astute about picking drivers and I think it is fair to say that he nurtured Lewis Hamilton to success, for example. The same is true of other drivers, but less obviously so. McLaren were not the same in terms of the car in the Whitmarsh years. I cannot be bothered with the stats, but we all know that is true. It was fast but fragile, mediocre and reliable but never fast and reliable.
  2. I am confused. Caterham have made 230 people redundant but will race two cars at Abu Dhabi. How is that credible?
  3. Just not the GP tyres, a non spec tyre. There was a furore about Ferrari testing a double diffuser and Mercedes testing an engine cover in 2010. After that, the teams came to an agreement that PE days (limited to promotional and marketing) would not include any new parts not used that season. Fair enough, except that the Honda PU is probably defined as a new component.....
  4. Would you mind keeping your personal comments to yourself? Thanks. By all means disagree with me, but try not to be rude. I have views on your enormous self belief and your knowledge but I choose to follow forum rules and keep them to myself. I did not say Ecclestone was jealous of Dennis. It is best to read all of a post before passing opinion on it. There was no evidence that Ron Dennis did anything wrong, which is why McLaren was fined, rather than the individual. Innocent until proven guilty, right? I realise that you want him to have been guilty, but the fact is nothing was proven, despite enormous efforts by Max Mosley. Coughlan was dismissed, Stepney went to prison. Having an opinion is fine, but passing that opinion off as fact is not. Citing non existent evidence makes me laugh.
  5. If so, why did he report it to the FIA when he found out? If that had been the case, Mosley would have hunted him down and had him banned from the sport.
  6. Jealousy is such a negative emotion. The villains in that case were Stepney, Coughlan and Alonso. Once Dennis knew of the breach, he reported it to the FIA, who responded by fining McLaren $50M (not $100M, it was revised). The former two were responsible for transferring the information, very clumsily, I might add. The latter threatened to blackmail Dennis, whose response was transparent and honest. The only thing that Dennis did wrong was trust his employees.
  7. There was a remark in the media that Horner will no longer have the worst voice in the Red Bull Christmas Karaoke Contest this year. Made me laugh, anyway.
  8. That crack about kids demonstrates that he is interested in the short term only, which makes sense, at his age. Someone needs to think about the longer term, otherwise F1 will cease to exist.
  9. McLaren were well and truly in the doldrums when Dennis joined in 1980 and took over. Four years later McLaren won the WDC and WCC. McLaren have won approximately 24% of the Grand Prix they have ever entered, despite a dry spell under Whitmarsh. He turned McLaren into an international brand, developed some fantastic drivers, as WebRic says, and is worth half a Billion dollars. What an idiot!
  10. Those statements are inaccurate. The vendetta against Dennis is very sad.
  11. Ecclestone now says double points at Abu Dhabi is stupid. Apparently double points at the last three rounds was a good idea, though. I have no idea what he is on about, but I know where the idea for double points came from.
  12. There is probably some truth in that, Honda want a superstar. I agree, Rodders, he is almost certainly not popular, a very hard man. I like that.
  13. They have said that one of the things they were testing was data communication between the circuit and Woking and the circuit and Japan. I do not believe that, the car does not need to be at a track to test the links. I can find nothing on the net to suggest that they ran the car at sub race speed, but the fact that it ran 100km without fault is good news. Interesting that there was talk of Honda being months behind on PU development. I think not....
  14. No, you are not, but when you want to perform a character assassination on someone, the facts do not matter. McLaren are improving, Button's performance at Interlagos demonstrates that. Did Whitmarsh engineer that, I wonder? The one thing that Whitmarsh seemed to lack was strength of character. Ron Dennis has that in spades. My belief is that McLaren has has lacked strong leadership in recent years. My expectations for the future are high, for one reason only, Ron Dennis.
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