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  1. Dan's next move, Move or Stay?

    Good day one & all, it's been a while! If I was Riccardo I would stay at Red Bull. If he wants to prove himself a top, top driver he needs to show that he can deliver even if the odds are against him with the team favouring the other driver. He needs to shoe that no matter what the challenge he has what it takes to deliver consistently. When he does that Daniel won't need to move - teams will need to move Daniel.
  2. 2017 Shanghai China GP - Who will dominate ?

    All GP tracks have first class emergency facilities but they are limited in what the can do. If you need to see a neurologist and have emergency brain surgery there's only so much a triage centre can do.. The track facilities cannot be used as a suitable substitute for a fully manned and operational hospital which is much better staffed and prepared for all emergencies. What if someone has an awful accident, is taken to the track facilities for stabilisation, and then.. die because they can't be transferred quickly enough to a full medical facility? The helicopter is a necessity especially if the hospital is 50km away, as in Shanghai. Depending on traffic & weather conditions it could take more than an hour to drive to the hospital by which time the person suffering the injuries could well be out of time. I know its frustrating that sometimes sessions are cancelled for this reason but I have absolutely no problems with that as I understand the potentially fatal consequences of track action without sufficient medi-vac contingencies in place.
  3. 2017 Shanghai China GP - Who will dominate ?

    Also, I completely understand them cancelling sessions due to helicopter problems, it's just not worth gambling with someone's life if they need serious medical attention after an incident. They can't build a medical facility at the circuits to deal with any and ALL eventualities. Granted, the facilities are great but they can't compete with a fully functioning hospital.
  4. 2017 Shanghai China GP - Who will dominate ?

    Neck & neck between Mercedes & Ferrari - exactly what we need for the sport. All I'm hoping for is they can actually race each other on track and we'll be in for a great season. Vis a vis Red Bull - they're snookered by the Renault engine which has made them design a car to help it compensate for the relative lack of power. This compromise has limited the car's potential I fear. Give Newey a beasty engine and he'll design a monster of a car that will at least equal if not better the Mercs & Ferraris. Here's hoping for a good race tomorrow!
  5. 2017 Sauber

    I reckon there are two factors at play - One: His head has gone after being turned over by Bottas at Mercedes, seeing Ocon make the step up to Force India, and himself being parachuted into a Sauber with a 2016 power unit which is going to get progressively slower in relation to the other cars has all but killed his prospects & therefore his motivation. Two: Ferrari have a promising youngster and nowhere to put him (Gio). Throw him into Sauber, train him there for the season if possible and then look to the future. I said it at the end of last season when Nico retired and I'll say it again - I fear for Pascal's future in F1.
  6. 2017 Shanghai China GP - Who will dominate ?

    But the following Ferrari couldn't pass the Mercedes either! Not only that but it couldn't even attempt an overtake! Anyway, I promised I'd hold my fire until after Bahrain, let's hope Australia was a one-off or at the very least a minority in terms of on circuit excitement..
  7. 2017 Shanghai China GP - Who will dominate ?

    Merc lost because they were stuck behind Verstappen. Just as Vettel was stuck behind Hamilton, just as Verstappen was stuck behind Kimi.. The only movers in the top five were Vettel up one - only through pit stops and only after Hamilton (down one) got stuck in traffic..
  8. 2017 Shanghai China GP - Who will dominate ?

    I don't think the merc is worse at following another car than any other.. lets not forget Vettel couldn't overtake Hamilton and Verstappen couldn't overtake Raikkonen. Track position will be king. Sort your strategy and get fortunate with the gaps behind and you'll win. Ferrari or Mercedes.
  9. Bormula One

    Nor would I bud.. However, I shall hold my fire until after Bahrain!
  10. Bormula One

    Number 1 has always been in the sport. Number 3 needs to be seriously looked at imo.. front wings too complex, cars too dependent on downforce. Aside from Vettel jumping Hamilton in the pits, nothing happened up the top end of the grid. Not my idea of entertainment.
  11. Bormula One

    I will stand down.. For now..
  12. Bormula One

    Or Webber (and later Kimi?) up Eu Rouge!
  13. I see. I thought your point was about the degree of difficulty and competition, which was why I questioned Seb's four.. But point taken Mercedes have aced the recent regulations which have kept the opposition at bay.
  14. Bormula One

    Vettel was in the hunt yes, but never tried an overtake. When Hamilton came out the pits and cruised up behind Verstappen he.. didn't try an overtake. This isn't exciting for me. What we gain in Ferrari vs Mercedes outright performance we lose in overtaking.
  15. Bormula One

    I watched Vettel win every race of his era. I didn't turn it off because Vettel won, in fact I think it's great he did to at least provide some variety. My issue is that once the cars are in order, they stay in order. The race was done after the first pit stops around laps 18-24. In commentary they said there were around 24 on-track overtakes last Aus GP. This year I remember seeing 1 (ONE).