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  1. What a job by bottas, I didn't expect him to strike against Lewis so soon, good stuff.
  2. Lol, why? Might not want to come back lol.
  3. Nah the Redbull seems quicker in the heat IMO, but Ferrari are just on another planet ATM.
  5. Emmcee


    Yeah I don't understand why they went went an entirely new engine for this season.
  6. Ohh yeah because they knew they weren't going to be as dominant? What a load of crap.
  7. Sweet, cheers sakae. Be Intresting to compare lap times and top and average speeds.
  8. Emmcee

    2017 Redbull

    I mentioned a few weeks ago I suspected more than engine issues.
  9. Emmcee

    2017 Ferrari

    I think Vettel will have him to for the simple reason he would be that more hungry for it.
  10. Yeah probably puts a hit out on the head.
  11. Emmcee


    People are forgetting that late last year the Honda engine was actually not to bad in top speed. Alonso got a couple got real good results based on speed and so did jenson. This year a completely new engine I beleive yet again.
  12. Good point sakae, I've always thought f1 would do what ever it takes to lure the U.S. To f1. Iam not saying Austin is a failure but it's a far cry from what they dreamed before building the circuit. They have had multiple tries at different locations to try get it going but it just doesn't and that's because the rules in place denying flat out racing.
  13. That's still Spain what another two races away?, Vettel or Hamilton could potentially have an extra 50 points by then. Redbull are to far behind already IMO. Like Schumacher said, to win a championship, you have to be more consistant than ever in the early round of the championship when teams are giving away points due to errors and reliability.
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