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  1. Recovery Winch

    How about Warn Winch?
  2. DF Goblin

    I was convinced by my cousin to try building a DF Goblin kit. Although we already found a donor and in 30% of the building process, I haven't decided which tires to use. A friend of mine suggested trying street tires specifically Proxes RA1 of Toyo tires. I need more suggestions since I'm also eyeing Nitto tires as an option. Thanks!
  3. Lawnmower Racing

    Odd but looks fun.
  4. Most Beautiful F1 Car

    Ferrari F2004
  5. Crocodiles

    I don't particularly hate crocodile but I think sharks are better.
  6. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Hello, Paolo here. Looks like I'm the first new member for 2018.