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  1. Ive decided that i desperately need a gun. Im going on a Pope hunt
  2. Every country has its wack jobs.
  3. The World is mourning today as the best character in formula 1 retires. Now all the F1 paddock is left with are mindless robots like Hamilton and Raikkonen. He is my favourite driver so it is a sad day for me but it isnt like it is unexpected as 37 is a rather old in formula 1 terms. I hope he gest a job in the media as a formula 1 would be worse of without Coulthard who like i said eariler is one of the only drivers in modern formula 1 who has a personality. Coulthard had a great career and he has the record for most wins by a British driver and most points by a British driver which isnt bad. Coulthard is a proven race winner and has managed to win in uncompetitive cars which is the true sign of skill. On another note it shows how long its been since Senna's death as Coulthard was Williams test driver when Senna died so Coulthard took Senna's race seat afew Grand Prix later. Then Coulthard was a young man begining his career and now he is 37 years old and about to retire.
  4. A gun would have been a worse thing for this monster to have. Im just glad they caught him and he will spend the rest of his life in a tiny gaol cell.
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    I know next to nothing about Basketball but i do recall hearing on the news that Harry Kewell is no longer Australia's highest paid sportsman and he has been replaced by someone who plays in the NBA. Basketball in Australia is dying at a very fast rate.
  6. Hey. I wont hear anything negative about Gladiators. It may not be the most intellectual show around but its good light hearted entertainment. Plus one of my favourte ex Footballers is one of the Gladiators as well as a Russian/Australian pole volter who ive always liked
  7. They are also aking a Australian version. The hosts got announced afew weeks ago and it will be airing after the Olympics.
  8. Astronomers find 'super-Earths' - Trio of "super-Earths" orbiting nearby star - Suggests Earth-like planets may be very common - Planets discovered are bigger than Earth RESEARCHERS today said they discovered a batch of three "super-Earths" orbiting a nearby star, and two other solar systems with small planets as well. They said their findings, presented at a conference in France, suggest that Earth-like planets may be very common. "Does every single star harbour planets and, if yes, how many?" asked Michel Mayor of Switzerland's Geneva Observatory. "We may not yet know the answer but we are making huge progress towards it," Mr Mayor said in a tatement. The trio of planets orbit a star slightly less massive than our Sun, 42 light-years away towards the southern Doradus and Pictor constellations. A light-year is the distance light can travel in one year at a speed of 300,000km per second - or about 9.5 trillion kilometres. The planets are bigger than Earth - one is 4.2 times the mass, one is 6.7 times and the third is 9.4 times. They orbit their star at extremely rapid speeds - one whizzing around in just four days, compared with Earth's 365 days, one taking 10 days and the slowest taking 20 days. Mayor and colleagues used the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher or HARPS, a telescope at La Silla observatory in Chile, to find the planets. More than 270 so-called exoplanets have been found. Most are giants, resembling Jupiter or Saturn. Smaller planets closer to the size of Earth are far more difficult to spot. None can be imaged directly at such distances but can be spotted indirectly using radio waves or, in the case of HARPS, spectrographic measurements. As a planet orbits, it makes the star wobble very slightly and this can be measured. "With the advent of much more precise instruments such as the HARPS spectrograph ... we can now discover smaller planets, with masses between 2 and 10 times the Earth's mass," said Stephane Udry, who also worked on the study. The team also said they found a planet 7.5 times the mass of Earth orbiting the star HD 181433 in 9.5 days. This star also has a Jupiter-like planet that orbits every three years. Another solar system has a planet 22 times the mass of Earth, orbiting every four days, and a Saturn-like planet with a three-year period. "Clearly these planets are only the tip of the iceberg," said Mr Mayor. "The analysis of all the stars studied with HARPS shows that about one third of all solar-like stars have either super-Earth or Neptune-like planets with orbital periods shorter than 50 days.",23599,23873...5011761,00.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I decided to post this as i find astronomy and life on other planets to be a fascinating topic. I honestly believe that within my lifetime we will find life on other planets. It may only be single celled organisms but i do believe that it exists as the bulding blocks of life (atleast on earth) are far too common for life to have only been created on 1 planet in the entire universe. Life is out there and all we need is the technology to find it and abit of luck aswell.
  9. You dont really mean that. Deep down all New Zealanders love Australia as we validate your existance
  10. Dont be so sure. This is Australia's defence at the moment
  11. Its not so much funding but more to do with legislation. Currently i think there is a law in place which limits the percentage of ethanol allowed in unleaded petrol.
  12. I just saw the tv ratings for this week and ive come up with another thing i will do when i become Prime Minister. - I will instruct the CSIRO (Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organisation) to develop a way to shoot low level radiation through television sets throughout Australia. Anyone who watches "Australia's funniest home video show" will get a burst of low level radiation at them which will render them competely sterile.
  13. What really annoys me in Australia is that we are one of the biggest producers of sugar in the world (per capita atleast) and the sugar industry would love nothing more than to start producing mass amounts of Ethanol but for some reason the government wont fund it. It wouldnt be hard to copy what Brazil has done (which is brilliant) but our government just couldnt be bothered. Top 10 sugar producers in the world 1. Brazil (30 million tons) 2. European Union (22 million tons) 3. India (20 million tons) 4. China (10 million tons) 5. United States (7 million tons) 6. Mexico (6 million tons) 7. South Africa (5.7 million tons) 8. Australia (5.4 million tons) 9. Thailand (5 million tons) 10. Russia (2.7 million tons) Top producers that also export the highest percentage of their sugar production are Australia (76%), Brazil (59%), Thailand (52%) and the European Union (37%). In contrast, India and Mexico each export just over 5% while China, U.S. and Russia do not sell processed sugar to foreign markets. Tpp 10 sugar exporters 1. Brazil
  14. 3 out my 4 grand parents are already dead and i can tell you they died as atheists (well 2 of them atleast).
  15. It is a ok article but i dont really like the person who did the study as from memory he has also said some rather racist things. I do however believe that the smartest people in our society (scientists, mathematicians ets) generally do not believe in god and that has to mean something.
  16. - Decline in religion "linked to rise in intelligence" - University academics the "most likely" not to believe - Study portrays religion as "primitive" PEOPLE with high IQs are less likely to believe in God, according to a new study. A leading psychology professor at Ulster University said many more "intellectually elite" people in the UK, especially univeristy academics, identified themselves as atheists than the national average. Prof Richard Lynn said a decline in religious beliefs over the last century was directly linked to a rise in average intelligence, the Telegraph reported. The study, published in the academic journal Intelligence, has been called "simplistic" by critics. A survey of Royal Society fellows, the independent academy of science in the UK, found that only 3.3 per cent believed in God - at a time when 68.5 per cent of the general UK population described themselves as believers. A separate poll in the 90s found only seven per cent of members of the American National Academy of Sciences believed in God, the Telegraph reported. Professor Lynn, who has provoked controversy in the past with linking intelligence to race and sex, said most primary school children believed in God, but as they entered adolescence - and their intelligence increased - many started to have doubts. "Why should fewer academics believe in God than the general population? I believe it is simply a matter of the IQ. Academics have higher IQs than the general population. Several Gallup poll studies of the general population have shown that those with higher IQs tend not to believe in God," he told Times Higher Education magazine. He said religious belief had declined across 137 developed nations in the 20th century at the same time people became more intelligent. Professor Gordon Lynch, director of the Centre for Religion and Contemporary Society at Birkbeck College, London, said the study failed to take account of a complex range of social, economic and historical factors. "Linking religious belief and intelligence in this way could reflect a dangerous trend, developing a simplistic characterisation of religion as primitive, which - while we are trying to deal with very complex issues of religious and cultural pluralism - is perhaps not the most helpful response," he said. Dr David Hardman, principal lecturer in learning development at London Metropolitan University, said: "It is very difficult to conduct true experiments that would explicate a causal relationship between IQ and religious belief. "Nonetheless, there is evidence from other domains that higher levels of intelligence are associated with a greater ability - or perhaps willingness - to question and overturn strongly felt institutions.",23599,23859947-401,00.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I thought id post this article as it is quite interesting. Im a atheist, born from a long line of atheists (3 out of 4 of my grand parents didnt/dont believe in god and the other one did believe in god but no enough to ever go to church). It may be controversial but i believe that people who dont believe in god are smarter (or atleast less ignorant) and i also believe that religion has held back society for thousands of years. Imagine where the human race would be now if we didnt have the dark ages which held humanity back for nearly a 1000 years.
  17. With the rising prices of fuel i thought i would post the prices of fuel of various countries around the world. All prices are using US Dollars and per Litre. Iran - $0.11 Saudi Arabia - $0.12 Egypt - $0.32 UAE - $0.38 Mexico - $0.62 Indonesia - $0.65 North Korea - $0.71 China - $0.74 Russia - $1.05 United States - $1.07 South Africa - $1.23 India - $1.36 Canada - $1.45 Australia - $1.48 Japan - $1.54 Brazil - $1.59 Singapore - $1.60 New Zealand - $1.62 Greece - $1.95 Israel - $2.10 France - $2.13 United Kingdom - $2.26 Italy - $2.32 Finland - $2.35 Portugal - $2.35 Germany - $2.43 Netherlands - $2.67 Norway - $2.74 Sierra Leone - $4.87 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to know why some countries are getting dirt cheap petrol while others are paying through the nose.
  18. Every western country in the world helps out other countries when they are in need. For example alot of countries offered alot of money to the US government after Katrina but for some reason they refused to accept it. Even after a cyclone which happened in the North East of Queensland and had claimed 0 lives the Australian government was offered money from at least a dozen countries. Though i did hate that cyclone as it wiped out a large large amount of out banana crops. Banana got really expensive the next year. Who likes paying $10 a kilo for banana's, certainly not me
  19. We had gun control but it was rather relaxed. The new laws brought in after the massacre banned the type of guns which as capable of killing lots of people. The guns used at the massacre were banned and we havent had a problem since. Alright if your going to use that arguement you should find statistics to back it up. What are the rape rates per capita in America compared to contries with strict gun control laws, how many mass muderers do America have per capita compared to countries with stricted gun control laws?
  20. If i were your government i would tighten gun laws so nuts like that couldnt just go and buy a gun. You may not be aware of this but Australia has one of the largest massacres by a single person out of any country in the entire world. Back in 28th of April 1996 a man named Martin Bryant went to a popular tourist where he killed 35 people and injured 37 more. The entire country was up in arms about this and serious questions were asked about how such a unstable person as Martin Bryant managed to obtain such deadily weapons. The solution was to tighten gun control laws and ever since that tragic day Australia has not had a single massacre. If we were like Americans our reaction would have been to make guns easier to obtain and if that were to happen then im certain that we would have had quite afew large massacres in the past 12 years.
  21. Yes and that could never go bad could it. Maybe you should research the Russian revolution. So your saying that gun voilence is the answer to stopping gun violence. You have been brainwashed if you believe that tripe.
  22. Dont know. But i am certain that Australia, New Zealand and Canada all had free will. All 3 countries were not at risk and yet they still decided to declear war on Germany.
  23. Well i dont know alot about Indian history so i will have to take your word for it. All the others though were independant countries capable of making their own decisions. They still decided to go to war with Germany.
  24. Not always. Lets look at WW1 and all the countries which were nowhere near the battle and were not in danger but still decleared war on Germany. Australia Canada India New Zealand South Africa None of those countries were anywhere near the battle but they still decleared war on Germany to help out the Allies.
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