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  1. Hello I am a new user. I have a complaint. This forum seems extremely limited in the features it offers and I wonder if someone could please add some more features to it. I cannot seem to use #hashtags and have my posts autoposted to twitter, my 'Fernando crashed out w00t w00t #burn #driveslikeasianlady #takethatbaldy' post just doesn't have the same impact otherwise. I also wondered how I can apply instragram filters to my post, they look a bit too modern and people can't make out that I posted with an iPhone, and how will everyone on Instagram know. Do you also have a mobile app so I can have a loud ping notification that goes off every time anyone posts anything anywhere on the forum? There is only one profile picture. I find that extremely limiting. Where can I add a big cover photo and a timeline photo to go with my profile photo so they can cover at least half the screen. How do I add and delete friends - I want to add baldy and then delete him when he says something mean about schumi-wumi. Doesn't even seem to have graph search, I tried searching for 'hot girls in my neighbourhood who like to get naked and watch f1 with a companion' and it gave me no results. And I want to make a page for save the bangladeshi children so we can all click like and feel good about ourselves, how do I do that? Where is my wall?
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    something that might be educational for you, if 97% isn't enough.
  3. Yes of course it is now that I re-read it. Jean-Pierre obviously meant that Alonso would never literally backstab a teammate. I quite agree. He would never do that. He would never walk up to Massa in a dark corner of the garage and stick a freshly sharpened dagger into the back of his neck, watch the red blood shower onto his red overalls that perfectly camouflage it, drive Massa's car onto the grid and leave him sitting there and hand the grid girl a wet paint board to hold up. And then no one would notice in the whole race that he isn't moving, except when Fernando goes past, when his earphones would crackle into his lifeless ears 'Fernando is faster than you. Fernando is faster than you...' Am I morbid? Please don't analyze it that carefully, just ramblings of an insomniac.
  4. Of course, for example Alonso would never intentionally wait in the pits to block his teammate from putting in a qualifying hot lap. No sir, he would never do something like that.
  5. HE SPEAKS? HE CAN SPEAK? WOW! These speech generation programs must be getting pretty good, that's probably Stephen Hawking's next voice folks.
  6. You're being played. His words are carefully selected to arouse maximum outrage, because Bernie is that rare individual who is rich and politically powerful if he wants to be, while being completely free to say absolutely anything he wants without the least chance of it coming back to hurt him. And I would rather have him than the snivelling idiots who suddenly think they care for Bangladeshi garment workers. The world works in funny ways. Maybe F1 should never come to India because of the way we treat women. But then the higher profile India has around the world due to events like F1 may have partly helped highlight the issue because suddenly it's something the world wants to report on. Women have been brutally killed raped murdered here very regularly since India has existed as an entity, it was just never something the BBC found worth reporting as its top headline. I am not crediting Bernie with social change. But maybe bringing F1 to Bahrain has indirectly done no less than armchair critics in other countries for highlighting the problems there. Maybe I am growing cynical with age (at least I still have all my hair), but maybe they should just move an important European football match to Bangladesh, and a constant reminder to the rest of the world of its existence will do more than facebook petitions. Change comes slowly in small steps. Revolutions almost never work out the way you hope, look at what's happening in all the 'Spring' countries. Things get a little bit better or a little bit worse.
  7. I think if Kubica never existed we could say that unreservedly. But now there's the nagging doubt that none of the current drivers ever quite beat Kubica at his best.
  8. Well I think Mr. Moss lived in the middle of the 20th century, decided he rather liked it, and plonked his anchor down for a nice rest and a spot o' fishing. The problem is the anchor didn't work and he's bee slowly but surely dragged about 60 years ahead of where he wants to be. The point is, being exceptionally good at driving a car doesn't automatically make you more informed or smarter than the average person at anything, not any more than kicking a football better than anyone else or running fractions of a second faster than anyone else does. So when you read the story as '83 year old gentleman born in 1930 says women are mentally weak', it isn't that surprising. Moss' opinion is obviously rubbish, obviously he didn't watch the London olympics, where it's human muscles doing the work not a car engine. And women regularly participate in activities far more dangerous than modern F1. Does make me wonder about something else though. Is one of the factors that women are less likely than men to have the sheer bloody minded obsessive narcissistic bordering on insanity bent of mind needed to make it in F1? What I mean is, you've got to be slightly daft to dream of driving in F1, and actually work towards that single-mindedly from a very young age. There are probably lots of kids around who have the natural talent to drive in F1, and even the inclination, but don't end up pursuing it in the way required, not letting it consume their lives. And you see those personality issues in so many F1 drivers, the good and the bad. Look at someone like Karthikeyan, so clearly out of his depth, and yet so desperately eager even to make a ludicrous spectacle of himself driving for the bunch of clowns at HRT. You never see or hear or read even an inkling of self doubt from him, not a word that suggests an honest appraisal of his own ability, a moment of reflection. And yet maybe that's the kind of stubbornness that you need to get into F1 when you're starting off in India. It's probably the same thing that drives the best drivers to keep driving after they win a title to win 2,3,4,5, or even 7. If I ever drove in F1 (), and won the title, I would probably hang up the wheel, walk out and never come back. I mean, what is the fun in doing it all over again when there are so many other things to try out in life, especially when you have all the money in the world? But then the ones who have the drive to win once would never be satisfied with whatever they have achieved. F1 is different from other sports in the sense that it's a series of gambles instead of being just one gamble. You can become a marathon runner and keep improving your time all through your sporting career, by doing the same thing better and better. Motorsports doesn't work like that, each time you move to a new category there's a chance that you'll struggle even if you were the king in another category, even an equally competitive one. And there are so many holes to fall through. Ok, maybe with the top 5 like Vettel, Alonso etc. their being in F1 is inevitable. But for the rest, you can't help thinking that there is an element in luck that decides why they are still here when so many other good drivers can't get a drive in F1. You can be 100% good enough for F1, and never get in, or not get the chance or time to prove yourself and end up in the worst F1 limbo, where teams would rather get a young untested driver than go with a proven experienced solid midfield driver. If you are someone who is fast enough to run the marathon in the olympics, you will get to run the marathon in the olympics. It's pretty much a guarantee. Or the special kind of insanity, where your fans assume that after a near fatal rallying accident that took a chunk of your arm off, the first thought on your mind will be when you can get back to F1, and they would be right. Are women insane enough for F1? Or to not put it in the form of a bait headline, are women significantly less likely than men to have that special kind of insanity? (Bored, can't sleep, checked all the websites I can. Writing this hasn't made me any sleepier darn it.)
  9. Not going to take the responsibility for raising the tone my friend. I pop by occasionally to see if anything interesting is brewing in these parts. No luck so far. Crying shame actually. The racing yesterday was probably the most incredible I have seen in a long long time, and none of that DRS assisted Sh#t. Would have spawned about ten fascinating threads in the good old days.
  10. Well usually tributes wait till retirement, but with Fernando it is clear he will never win another championship and his best days are behind him. For a change, lets do a tribute when he still near the top of his game, where his skills have just faded enough for him to be embarrassed three years in a row by Herr Schumacher's heir, but haven't quite hit the ludicrous depths that he will touch in the coming years. When he finished a creditable second (again) in a championship, pulling an Irvine by losing the championship in the final race despite his teammate driving far better than him all race and in the end virtually pulling over for him to go past. It is clear from this season, where he blew the championship through numerous unforced errors, that his best is behind him, and his best was never good enough to beat Vettel in his prime anyway. IT was embarrassing to watch him potter around today, making mistakes and driving off track, having to ask Massa to stop on track and twiddle his fingers waiting for a while until he managed to catch up. Wet races bring out the best in driving ability, and it was painfully obvious that Fernando isn't even in the top 5 best wet race drivers on track. Unlike Jenson Button, Alonso unfortunately has never had the IQ to make up for his lack of pace or racecraft. What he did have was a d#ck-Dastardly-like ability to get away with anything, and a dictator like charisma to inspire his team by making them believe that he has supernatural powers. Thus, it wasn't hard to convince Nelson Piquet that it was god who put Justin Bieber on repeat on his pit-to-car radio, forcing him to crash to escape the agony. So let's all have a drink, to Fernando, you were sort of good once, when Schumacher was past his best and Vettel was still a virgin, and being two seconds faster than Fisichella was good enough to win championships, when Ferrari actually imagined you were good enough to lead the team to the point that they let your grandma drive the second car (skillfully disguised as Felipe Massa, who tragically died from a head injury in 2009). Ferrari totally believed that they didn't need Adrian Newey when they had you and your six tenths. You were going to be the driver who would overtake Schumacher's record of 7 championships. Alas, that was not to be. As you potter around in a red car, and then for a few more years in cars with increasingly unattractive paint schemes, we will remember that you once overtook Schumacher around 130R. However, this year you crashed out on the first lap from your very own mistake while you were leading the championship, and you haven't hit rock bottom yet. We will remember that once you managed to convince people that you don't make mistakes, but I think the wool is being pulled from Ferrari's eyes as we speak. This is the last chance to celebrate your better drives, which allow us to gloss over the c#ck ups that cost you three championships you really should have won. Sadly, there will be no such highs in the coming years as you will be routinely embarrassed by your teammate as Ferrari will soon put a real Formula 1 driver in the other Ferrari - this is perhaps not the best time, but I have to inform you that Ferrari have rejected your offer to let your one-legged nephew Felix drive the other Ferrari. They didn't quite buy the argument that since Senna's nephew is good enough for F1 and you're better than Senna, your nephew is the best they can do. Nor did they give much attention to your stories of how he will be good as he is used to being behind you, tied to the back of your tricycle usually when you were young I have heard. This would be a good time to start sucking up to some sponsors, though I heard the Spanish economy isn't doing that well. I have heard that HRT will have a vacancy or two soon, and they would be ok with your dog driving the other car if he comes with sponsorship money. Or you could just buy the team with the money Ferrari have paid you in the hope that if they pay you as much as they paid Schumacher, you will be as good and win as many championships. Then you just need to pick a teammate who has driven in F1 before and is agreeable to driving two seconds slower than whatever you can manage - chap called De La Rosa I heard has been looking for a drive, does not need to be paid, and will do your gardening as a bonus. That way, your fans will be spared the trauma of watcihng your spiralling decline as they can always blame it on the fact that your car was not good enough because nothing else would explain the fact that your teammate is way slower. Or you can do the right thing Fernando. Retire now. You're 31 and your skills, even as they are, will inexorably decline. Vettel is at his peak, a mere 25, and was a better driver than you from before he discovered masturbation. Some as cerebrally challenged as you can't pull off a Button either. You'll be a curly haired disappointment to a nation that's already going through a lot. On the bright side, you managed to convince the whole world and the press that you're better than you actually are. Getting away with cheating without a whiff of scandal was also incredible, you pulled off the caper of a lifetime by feigning innocence of the Piquet crash scheme. You can be proud. I am glad to see you take your defeat gracefully, acknowledging your mistakes by saying ""The championship was lost when Vettel surprisingly only got a reprimand after qualifying in Japan." Indeed Mr. Alonso. And the championship was nearly won when Nico Hulkenberg received a ridiculous penalty, which may have ended the career of a talented driver about to achieve a career-saving podium finish, but well that's collateral damage, just the way Piquet was. So much for the best laid plans...
  11. I'll do India. Live. If it happens. And if this forum still has anyone around.
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    Steph, as an old timer, I can tell you you're not the first girl mod here, but I am sure you'll be great because you have shown great capacity to grow as a person in the time I have known you. The same goes for Eric. Insider is the best person to succeed Bruce as the wise old man of the forum. Craig, you know well enough that you will make no better a moderator than I would, that is, a terrible one. I implore you for the sake of the forum to stand down, as the chances for a revival of the forum are slim as it is. You have too many skeletons in the cupboard in your time on this forum. You are too arrogant, too divisive, and your buttons are too easily pressed for you to inspire any respect as a moderator. Unlike the three people above, you are extremely vulnerable to being corrupted by power and you know that. Be the bigger person and do what's best for this fragile community. You can't resist stirring the pot, taking a dig, insulting someone or mocking a serious discussion. Most importantly, you are utterly incapable of admitting that you were wrong. Steph and Eric has repeatedly shown an amazing capacity to do that, which is why any past transgressions are easy to forgive--they have become better persons as a result. Moderators have to walk a fine line, which you know well you never could. To the rest of you, all the best, you guys aren't just moderators. With you lies the only hope of bringing this place back to its glory days. Maybe I'll drop by in a few months to see what's cooking. cheers, Cav
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    Pumpdoc was possibly the first time I encountered someone who I thoroughly disagreed with on fundamental issues, yet could not help having enduring respect for, and it is pretty amazing to be able to inspire respect through forum posts. And I had more than one experience like Eric's in greener days. As a moderator, he managed to make you realize the utter childishness of most forum fights, petulant kids like me would calm down simply due to the fact that it was impossible to p**s off pumpdoc, the fact that he never found an annoying forum kid something worth getting worked up about made him pretty much ideal for the job. If a person can inspire respect on an internet forum, I can only imagine the feelings people who lived and worked around him would hold. Bruce is also the example I'll remember should I ever feel like indulging in self pity, by the time he became a moderator he had already gone through a near death life experience, and he managed to see being alive itself as a bonus, making health problems that the younger among us would think debilitating appear relatively insignificant. He's one of the people from whom I learned things that will stay with me through my life; there are very few people I can say that about. Amazingly there is more than one person on this forum I can say that about, they know who they are. Bruce was someone who would call you a kid without being condescending, because it was a simple statement of fact.
  14. <summary: this is Cav's goodbye thread, if you're not interested, pass along thank you> Well I just got angry over this forum, and I haven't been angry over an internet forum in a long long time. I have never denied I can be rude, condescending, abrasive, impatient and I can't complain if people react to that. I do however take great pride and make great effort to have well thought out opinions and go to huge lengths to get my facts right, and until now, I have never been mocked for that. Until now I felt there was a place for me here as I had something worth saying, and there were people who would read it, and there were some interesting discussions to be had. That's clearly not the case any more, apparently, entertainment consists of winding up someone making a huge effort to get facts right by quoting sources. I admit, that got under my skin in a way nothing else would. And life's too short to let an internet forum do that. If there is no room for serious discussion about F1 here, if pointing out an error, and being right means getting mocked and told I am colour blind, then, this isn't the place for me. I guess I have no sense of humour At the start of last year, the Sunday Times rated this site and this forum as one of the top 5 Formula 1 sites on the internet: "It’s the buzzing forum here that gets you hooked. Dive in and stir it up in debates ranging from season predictions to rule changes, and a hundred other hot topics." I wonder what they would say now.. As a parting gift, I have updated the 'Consolidated F1 Resource Thread' for anyone who still cares. Someone else will have to update it in the future. This is goodbye. I won't be back, this isn't temporary, and I have no grand delusions about how much everyone will miss me. There's some good people here that I have really enjoyed my discussions with, you know who you are. The best compliment I can give is it would be a privilege to know you in real life.
  15. "I am a troll and I don't care because it's allowed on TF1, I have no interest in having a discussion, I am just here for wind up comedy" - I know that already. You have a strange definition of an apology...
  16. Wow your sources of entertainment must be limited in China, is pornography blocked too? I hope the pay is good, or did you move there looking for cheap sex? Or maybe it was impossible to find employment to find gainful employment in the civilized world being a rude sycophantic lying cheat. Sometimes it's nice to have some grace and come out and say hey I was wrong I am sorry, try it sometime. But hey, if you learned that at some point in life, you wouldn't be the insecure creature you are today. You and your buddy stuffed up and went on to abuse because you couldn't consider the possibility that I was right because you have a grudge against you for making you look stupid before. Don't try to pretend it was a coordinated wind up, it's just two sad old men who can't admit to being wrong and with no friends in real life, who stay awake at night defending their internet buddies.
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    I am not sure the wing was a hazard. Yes they were slow in handing out DTs. Hamilton is the closest we have to an all out driver right now which makes him entertaining, he is ruthless on track could have been the next MS, and I would have been a fan, was he not just a little bit thick.
  18. I'll be right back, just going to buy a colour TV as whatsisname suggested, mine shows yellow as red!!
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    I actually disagree there, except perhaps over the rear wing and that is marginal, it's not clear whether it was actually a danger or just affected his pace. Sure, give him drive throughs and stuff. But he was one of the two drivers actually trying to overtake on the track today, compared to the rest who were just pathetic, with DRS and everything sitting behind cars 2-3 seconds slower than them.
  20. So for those who don't want to trawl through the race thread, both Nico and and MS did their fastest Q1 laps on the super soft option red marked tyres. Apparnetly, the TF1 mob disagrees. Well here is a screenshot: Uploaded with Oh look, a RED tyre!!! That doesn't matter of course, it's more important to gang together and pick on Cav!! Here's a few examples: This is a great example of why it is impossible to have a decent debate on here. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong, to admit to a mistake, to try to have a decent debate, just stick up for your buddies. It's a crying shame that the forum is dominated by such members.
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    Uploaded with do I get an apology? Do I? Do I? Do I?
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    At least they could show us more of NIcole Scherzinger. Apparently if she dressed up as a mechanic and came to the grid to give Lewis some 'encouragement' it would be perfectly legal.
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    Actually DRS did, it works just right here, letting the driver behind overcome the dirty air handicap. Also show's you can overtake at Monaco, but it takes guts and commitment, basically shoving your car in and hoping the other guy doesn't crash into you. But you CAN overtake at Monaco, all the drivers who spent so long stuck behind slower drivers have no excuse, they're not trying hard enough.
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    THEY DID NOT SHOW HIS LAP! I don't know what you were watching, maybe you have a special stream.
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    You can take it up with James Allen.
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