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  1. Winter Testing 2010 Season

    Of course we don't know the fuel loads etc. but I imagine that they must all have run with their fastaest specs at some point in the day. Looking good for Ferrari so far. No major surprises, Sauber looking good though. Can't wait to see The big guns - Alonso and Jenson out tomorrow.
  2. Fear

    Failing my degree. lol Never seeing Rock &Roll in the charts again and never seeing Alonso win another race.
  3. Following In The Footsteps Of Monty

    There isn't much to say that he'll be anything like as impressive as JPM. Not sure which level he is at but if he is doing Trucks, he has a long way to go. His career as a driver is over at 24 (Guess at his actual age)
  4. Quick Nick

    I'd like to see him on the grid. I'm sure all he has to do is say he'll race for nothing. Can't see him at Renault as that partnership has proven to be ok but nothing special, you'd think he'd stay with his friends at Sauber really. USF1 and Campos have no money and probably no cars.
  5. Today In F1

    Awesome news about Silverstone. Still wanted Donnington though.... Michael will bottle it and Kubica will be in a Merc.
  6. Teams & Drivers 2010

    Well, not sure if Rosberg is capable of challenging for wins but we've yet to see him with a capable car. The Schumacher stuff seems to have cooled. Just want confirmation o the Lotus drive for JV.
  7. Kobayashi To Renault?

    Looks a good match. Sooner have him over most of the candidates: Heikki Nakajima and co. Outshone Trulli as well. I reckon they could give him a 1 year deal fairly cheaply.
  8. Happy Birthday Graham!

    Happy Birthday Graham!!
  9. Today In F1

    Great news that Sauber are back in. Hope they have a similar colourscheme to that of the 90s. Obviously it shouldn't look like the Red Bulls but... Hope Fisi gets a drive, probably with Nick.
  10. Kimi To Wrc!!!!!

    Don't know why Ferrari couldn't just have said "Yeah Kimi was great, we think Alonso is a very good replacement however." That would be an end of it. I think Raikkonen will do quite well. Probably 5th or 6th overall. Would love to see a return in '11
  11. Current Driver Market 09/10

    If Alonso were to go to Ferrari. I'm betting Massa will be chosen to stay on, unless they are allowed a third car. So do you reckon that if it came to Raikkonen losing his seat at Ferrari that he would retire/move to rallying for instance or would he be prepared to race for another team, as long as they were doing well. Brawn for instance?
  12. Current Driver Market 09/10

    I think it's a tough one with JV as the car was horrible in 98. Similar pattern to Hamilton in that respect. Excellent rookie in top car, then world champ in top car then a bit second rate, mostly due to the car. I think also that maybe he was just driving a bit like Raikkonen and was just a lot less hungry for it. Probably won the title too soon in his career. He met more hungry team-mates who fairly beat him, and he never recovered but there's no denying his talent imo. Nearly won le mans as well, just a shame about the venture into NASCAR. Pretty poor. At 38, he is getting on but Prost was still going at that age I think and rockin'.
  13. The Offical Game Thread

    Can't believe that we've had to wait over three years for a proper F1 game. And still nothing for next-gen. I went back to F1 97 recently. You can change the names of all the drivers so i've updated them so now Michael and Irvine are now Raikkonen and Massa etc. Graphics almost hurt your eyes but i'm having fun with it.
  14. Happy Birthday Pabloh

    Happy belated Birthday!!
  15. The Next Battle

    Dave Richards. That'd be interesting!
  16. Current Driver Market 09/10

    Villeneuve is awesome. Still. I'd have him in my team, a good half-way house to pacify the U.S market whilst having someone with experience, a WC and also appealing to the European guys too. Probably. Ralf has gone I think, i've heard nothing of him coming back. --- I think although everyone, bar a few are out of contract, most will play safe and stay where they are. It's hard to say which cars will be the most competitive next year after the mixup this season but I think with the rules being more or less the same, I think we'll see more ofa return to form from the big guns as it were. --- Here's a thought, possibly Alonso to Toyota.. Ferrari's doors don't look particularly open to him and he's been there and done that with Renault. They look like they'll stay where they are(4th 5th best) for some time. Toyota will pay a huge wage with the thinking that if they can't make significant progress with a double world champion like Alonso then what's the point? A last crack.
  17. Brawn Sponsor Leaving

    I think i'd sponsor them, and definately before the season is up. They'll display the car(should it win the WCC etc) in museums and stuff and it'll be on all the photos. It's never a bad thing to sponsor a winning car. I bet Brawn are being quite pricy right now. Virgin did brilliantly. Very surprised that someone doesn't just jump in again for the last few races and get all the glory. Next year I think although we'll expect sponsorship to be costly after a very successful 09. I think they'll be fine finding backing.
  18. Motogp

    Not an awful lot of action really. Capirossi's crash was quite spectacular and a bit of a shame considering how well his race was going until that point. Should be good for the title with Stoner and Rossi both getting off to a good start. Should be close if Stoner doesn't keep retiring. Was rooting for Hayden but 12th is a few points and i'm sure he'll improve. And yeah, Stoner must be a god at handling that bike since no-one else can get near him on the Ducati.
  19. Diffuser Saga Over Then!!!!

    They'll change the rules for everyone next year so now we can just let them run this year out. Very happy with this decision. But yeah, hopefully the overtaking etc doesn't suffer with them all having this type of aero stuff at the back.
  20. Ask The Expert

    Yeah great stuff. I've missed this fun part of F1. It all got really heavy with ITV and Hamilton and McLaren. Nice find!
  21. New Mclaren Controversy?

    What a sod that guy was. I don't think that Webber was at all cowardly. He had 1.5 precious points at stake too.
  22. To Mignulikz

    Woah, 7 years. Hot! Welcome back Thor! Yeah, I'd have quite liked to recieve a message like that. Ah well.
  23. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    9 pages commenting on his start. lol Yeah, a jolly good one considering the weight and fuel onboard. He does have KERS though. Good bit of defensive driving I thought too. Shame that I can see this happening until the end of the season (driving from the back and going for only a point or two.)
  24. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Welcome to all of the new guys joining in the last few days! "Only the strong survive" lol.
  25. Just Not Feeling It

    I'm enjoying F1 this year more than most. Principly because Lewis is having a hard time. Quite a fan of Button as well and that helps. I like the BBC coverage. The Stewards interfering has always been part of it and actually without those decisions, we'd have very little to talk about on here.