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  1. Oli


    Can't believe you are all still arguing about this.....
  2. Oli

    Five Years On

    6 years ago I was single, in a job I hated, in a country I was bored with. Then I moved to San Francisco, the job I had previously hated became more interesting, and most life-changingly of all got married to a beautiful, wonderful girl who makes my life a constant joy. It's been a blast so far, but since then I haven't had much time to post around here, although I occasionally take a look. Rare is the time I can laze around reading forums these days- I have to do it at work instead. It's good to see you guys doing well. Maybe I might come back more often.
  3. All football is completely random. Everyone knows the outcome of every football match is 50/50.
  4. Just checking. I hate people who count General Studies :-) Do they have A*s for A-level now then? I thought those were only for GCSEs?
  5. Are you counting General Studies?
  6. Last sentence is particularly enticing- 7 year deal for Silverstone?
  7. I found Gore's to be even more ridiculous. Whether or not you believe in GW (which as you know I do, but let's not start that again) he definitely did more harm than good to it. Making an inaccurate and over-alarmist film detracted from the real issues and was IMO ultimately harmful to both sides of the debate. My feeling on Obama was that he was never going to be able to live up to any of his promises- in such a divided country it's hard to effect such changes. But I do agree broadly with his motives, unlike Gore. Fundamentally though, the prize should be about achievement, not motive. He has yet to achieve. But he's still got time.
  8. It's a pathetic choice which utterly undermines any shred of credibility the selection committee may once have had (which wasn't much).
  9. I must be missing something.......
  10. I think it's Demogogy, but I've no idea how to pronounce it.....
  11. Oli

    Ferrari Fan

    If you switch allegiances based on the driver lineup then I don't see how you can claim to be a fan of any team.
  12. Whilst I respect your position I must vehemently point out that so is your mum.
  13. That would make me spit at the screen. "That there forruner must be a towelhead"...... I see the Christian right is mounting a half hour infomercial to try and prove Obama wasn't born in the US. If I actually knew anyone like that I'd almost consider moving back to England.
  14. In my experience as a Brit living in the US, Brits say "Asthma" and Americans say "Azma". Just had to defend my homeland there, even if it is a sh1thole.
  15. Actually even at its worst this forum is better than most. Usually forums are just 200 12 year olds shouting OMG U R LIKE THE GAYEST PERSON EVER at each other. I on the other hand am positively Wildian. I only use the word "bender" ironically.
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