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  1. F1 Songs

    Who's going to be the genius to write their own lyrics about their team or driver?
  2. F1 Songs

    Has anyone noticed that we have a lack of worldwide known F1 songs. Football fans are great with their songs for their players and teams but why isn't it the same in F1? Post your lyrics in here!
  3. lol yeah he wouldn't be impressed at all!
  4. He said something about a girlfriend being too much of a distraction in F1 racing I think. I don't think that means he's a homosexual but you know, we believe what we want to believe.
  5. Mclaren Conspiracy

    The stats and facts suggest it isn't isolated and instead of being rude you should realise there is freedom of speech aswell as healthy debates. Rather than slagging of a topic that makes some attempt of trying to get people talking sensibly you should either keep your opinion to yourself or share it in a more productive way.
  6. Mclaren Conspiracy

    I can only say I regret making the topic. The replies are an illustration on how the board has changed since 2005 when I would want to come on everyday because people like Senna and others had intelligent debates going on. The hostility and over defensive nature at the moment is incredibily corrosive which is why some of the old regulars no longer bother and the highest number of posts is significantly less than a few months ago. I doubt this has anything to do with the fact there is a 3 week break aswell.
  7. Mclaren Conspiracy

    This forum is pretty much dead from what it used to be a year ago thats why I've posted the conspiracy theory that is. It always leads people to share their view on it.
  8. Mclaren Conspiracy

    What's that suppose to mean?
  9. Mclaren Conspiracy

    Fernando Alonso recently suggested that towards the end of last season, my bet is after the Italian Grand Prix, the McLaren team that have a philosphy of equality with their drivers favoured Lewis Hamilton over himself. So what do we think? Alonso sliced Hamilton up twice in the opening corner at Spa which signalled out loud and clear, these two were at war. Hamilton was actually 1 lap heavier in the first stint therefore staying behind Fernando would have been fine, all he would have had to do in hindsight is push when Alonso pitted. The team decided to give him an additional 3 laps of fuel in the second stint which suggests that McLaren wanted Hamilton to beat Alonso. Another telling sign of the cracks came after a disasterous grand prix in Japan where Alonso crashed out and Hamilton won. At the Chinese Grand Prix, Ron Dennis let the cat out of the bag by saying 'we weren't racing Kimi, we were basically racing Fernando.' Now whatever way you look at this, it tells you that Alonso was at war with his own Team Principal and his own team. The team however screwed themselves over and lost the championship because of their inability to handle two competitive drivers. Now it is true to say that Alonso kick started this himself in Hungary during qualifying, but Hamilton was requested to let Alonso through in Q3 and he failed to do so. Alonso wouldn't have expected Hamilton to be so fast in his rookie season however being moulded in the McLaren family, Lewis was always going to be extremely fast. He however as I believe, became too ego-centric and instead of obeying Ron in Hungary, he lost the team the world championship.
  10. It's definitely lost some steam. I don't have the urge to post much anymore. I believe its because there aren't any wild claims or controversial moments to talk about.
  11. Disturbing In So Many Ways

    It is quite disturbing but the younger members on here will know that contray to what the media say, GCSEs and A Levels are not getting easier. They are actually getting harder and being a pupil that just say the May/June 2008 round of papers I know this. Citizenship Studies is not even offered in our school its a soft subject for the academically challenged. What one must remember is that exam boards need to provide courses for all types of students so they leave with atleast 5 A*-C GCSEs.
  12. Trio Back Introduction Of Kers

    Very true. I'm not sure though what game Brawn was trying to play when he said Honda was retaining their drivers for next season. Then you had the legend that is Nick Fry saying they are in negociations.
  13. Trio Back Introduction Of Kers

    I'm definitely excited by the prospects of KERS. This in conjunction with slick tyres will see a transformed grid and a transformed season next year.
  14. Fuel Fires

    Stopher83 if you think you can just join to promote your forum you have another thing coming. You will find that your marketing antics are flawed!