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  1. Schumi16 infact. I'll keep Schumi13 though!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm not new but I'm back this year after a few months of the forum.
  3. schumi13

    Pics Of U!

    It's Kimi Raikkonen!
  4. schumi13

    Pics Of U!

    Yeah she's got all the males at her uni fighting over her!
  5. schumi13

    Pics Of U!

    Lets not forget Antonia!
  6. schumi13

    Pics Of U!

    When I find one of me that I want to post up lol then I shall post it up!
  7. schumi13

    Pics Of U!

    Although I prefer my hair quite shorter honestly.
  8. schumi13

    F1 Videos

    If you could AutoRacer5, I wouldn't mind having that either.
  9. schumi13

    Itv F1 Intro

    The intro to the programme they had before 2003 was the best. The one during 2003 until the end of 2005 was ok but now they've just ruined it.
  10. It looks a bit like the Minardis. (on the picture the grey looks black)
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